I understand that there are a lot of methods that help one to clear up their own limiting beliefs. Personally I have tried a few of them and felt a bit or relief while doing them, but my life still seems to remain the same. But from what I read from most of the methods, it seems like most of these methods claim that your limiting beliefs can be changed or eliminated in a few hours or maybe at most a single day.

So is the process of eliminating/changing limiting beliefs supposed to take only a few hours or are they supposed to take weeks or even months?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

well guys I just realized the paradox to this question .. maybe a person might believe he can change his limiting belief in a day while others, weeks or months

(25 Feb '12, 07:07) kakaboo

@The Prophet - I can find a program myself if I need one thank you very much, I am sure there is nothing wrong with telling people you are able to help them in your profile but doing so in questions leave a bitter taste in the mouth @Barry Allen @Simon Templeton - please clarify if what he is doing is allowed on this site once and for all to clear things up (pimping his own products/services in answers to almost every question)

(25 Feb '12, 08:58) kakaboo

@The Prophet and you would also do better to at least take more notice that my nick name is kakaboo and not kakapoo if you are really sincere

(25 Feb '12, 09:00) kakaboo

@kakaboo, No. Using IQ for self-promotion is not permitted as outlined in our FAQ: http://www.inwardquest.com/faq/ . Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The postings you are referring to appear to have been deleted but we will take action if it continues. @The Prophet, please take note.

(25 Feb '12, 09:33) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen thanks for clearing things up

(25 Feb '12, 09:52) kakaboo

@kakaboo: I think the question may be paradoxical to a degree, but I think there is more to it that someone experienced might be able to address. I'm still hoping for more answers here. Either way, good question. =)

(25 Feb '12, 15:46) Snow
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well to answer your question if you have spent year putting stuff in a room do you think you can clean that room in only a fee hours? answer that question and you have your answer. i will also say that depending on one person to the next the room can be more clean or in order and could take a little less time. but yes it is easy to charm people by saying it is easy. if they would tell you it is not that easy or it might take you longuer you would not go for it am i right? but one neeed to use logic. if i say to you it is easy to built that(product x) some it takes year to built but with the method we use you will make it in 1 day. what ever is being built you know right there it is not the same thing at all right? you will lose on the quality or quantity the logic is there. or it could be a scam that is also logic. anny way you see if it makes sense or not.


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white tiger

white tiger, you no doubt have also a developing ego thirsting at first to flow out, then flaming to return
besides what is stuffed in the room

(25 Feb '12, 21:10) fred

Kakaboo there are two methods I know of that reach core beliefs and change them quickly.

One is a method from Avatar called Resurfacing. That is very good it is a work book, but there are also work shops if you would like. Next one that is similar is The Sedona Method. I have the both, they used to come with Tapes but now they have DVDs and work books.

These both have you examine your beliefs from a pop quiz type of asking. Example quickly list 10 items Life Is _____.

You have no time to think of your answers. You write the first things that pop out from your mind. All of a sudden you realize everything you just wrote and can see what is really on your mind most of the time. This is not the usual way but in an analytical way of seeing what you wrote from an objective view.


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Wade Casaldi

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There is a WAY...

The problem is, you want to do it YOUR way...

Your way won't work.

If you were a little less cynical, and a little more specific, I have no doubt that there are many people who would be happy to lend you a hand...


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The Prophet

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@The Prophet, you appear to be using your answers as a method of promoting the services you offer. This is not permitted on IQ. Please refer to our FAQ: http://www.inwardquest.com/faq/ . I am editing this posting to remove the reference. Please do not do this again.

(25 Feb '12, 09:41) Barry Allen ♦♦

@The Prophet - maybe my way doesn't work, but at the moment my belief system tells me that yours won't work either for me.. :( and of course I have no doubt that there are many people who would be happy to lend me a hand sincerely

(25 Feb '12, 09:51) kakaboo

@The Prophet: Oh, you're actually posting the exact same answer on multiple questions. That's unfortunate.. I honestly believed you were sincere. But the one person who actually showed interest [me] you responded to with "Oh, you aren't actually interested in." and you don't even take the time to give unique answers to completely different questions? How very disappointing..

Well, my offer remains on the table nonetheless. =) I wish you the best either way.

(25 Feb '12, 15:45) Snow
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