Jesus said that we can do what he's done and still greater things. How?

asked 19 Dec '10, 10:38

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By infusing our every action and thought with love. By realizing that we are all One and treating everyone the way we would like to be treated. By giving without expecting anything in return. By not always believing the illusion in front of us and trusting that Higher Power will answer our prayers for the greatest good of all.

Miracles happen around us all the time - we just aren't always able to perceive them because our attention is in the wrong places.


answered 19 Dec '10, 13:13

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great answer Michaela

(19 Dec '10, 14:32) Tom

Thank you Tom :)

(20 Dec '10, 12:47) Michaela

In order to be like Christ one has to be willing to give up all. Give away all your belongings and lodging and go preach to the multitudes. Do not ask what shall we eat or wear. But ask only what can we do for the Father. Then the healing would take place or you could be locked up as a nutcase HEHE LOL. If you have a strong enough calling and aren't afraid of persecution you might be able to get some desciples and spread the word of love and peace. Tell the masses their power is within. Many Blessings!


answered 19 Dec '10, 16:18

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the five commandments from Jesus to his disciples after the sermon on the mount, as relateded in the gospel of matthew describes his major thoughts for us,
he has attempted to share with all how to follow his footsteps, we do it with the full self-consciousness of our mind, not by pilgrimage alone


answered 20 Dec '10, 00:51

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Yes we have done greater things, just look around you and the world at large and see the advancement, and accomplishment we have made since Christ was here, and there is still more work to be done here by us, before Christ return!

So if we all do our part to make this world a better place for everyone, we are doing the work of Christ daily, and greater things to come!


answered 28 Dec '10, 02:35

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jesus is the man! christ is the spiritual part of the man!so master yourself! jesus said he is the father i am the son we are all brother and sister!so yes practice!


answered 16 May '11, 08:50

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white tiger

white tiger, yes the christ-type is a part of all of us, we may choose to spend more time there or seek to more fully understand it, or to ignore it.

(16 May '11, 09:43) fred

to ignore it is to blind yourself to the truth!yes meditate focus until you see the veil of the mind and understand those veils one by one put them to rest!that is the first part to reach!

(16 May '11, 20:23) white tiger
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