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Hi, this is a new question from my practice of focus wheels and guidance scale

A user provided me some advice and as a result I have some questions on it

He has mentioned With practice (meaning you just gently ask yourself through the day "what am I feeling right now?"),”

So I checked in with myself what do I feel regarding this topic and it was impatience/disappointment along with worry.

But I guess since we all have mixed vibrations I find that my emotions fluctuate, at one moment time I may feel impatience while other times I may feel worry or disappointment I may even reach to pessimism at certain times

“You must reach for a better feeling thought and then focus there long enough for you to receive another better feeling thought and then another and another. This is HOW you move UP the scale.”

Here is what I have been doing, if I find myself feeling impatient then I look for a thought of pessimism, such as “ I usually find things do not work for me” or “ things always turn bad”

I will definitely watch the video about the focus wheel but I would also appreciate if you can provide an example of how to consciously move up the scale and how would you possibly do a focus wheel since I’m not sure if I’m doing FW correctly I have read somewhere that when using a FW.

It's important that an emotion included in the centre statement, because it will be used to guide us to that emotion. It's helpful if you don't try to jump up the whole Scale in a single Focus Wheel.

So, if you're depressed when you're starting your Focus Wheel, it would be unreasonable to use the emotions from the very top of the Scale in your centre "destination" statement for that particular Wheel.

So does that mean we don’t look at the issue that is bothering us but rather at the emotions and just write the emotion that we want to experience in the centre circle and write statements which feel better and match the emotions in the centre Let’s say I find myself having difficulty with Focus wheels.

The pivot statement could be “ I want to be good at focus wheels” Some statements I have made which feel true but also better are

1)In the last week I have learnt skills which I wasn’t able to do before

2))Im still learning it but it’s getting better and better

3)I’m watching videos and I’m more easily able to do it

4)I’m in a better place in terms of understanding it then I had just a few weeks ago

5)This could be true for focus wheels

6)Who knows maybe I could get better at this too

7)Throughout my life I have been leaning and I know of many things that I have got better at

8)Learning to ride bicycle, driving a car using a knife are all these examples In fact, riding a bicycle was hard for me at first but it got better

9)Perhaps driving the car better than my brother was a very rewarding experience

10)People have commented how good my driving is compared to my brother

11)I know that I can learn things and im able to get better at them

12)I shouldn’t really be concerned about people’s opinions I may not be doing the best but I’m working towards getting there

13)It’s good to know that the more I focus on these improved aspects of me the more they will grow

14)Driving is much harder than FW in a logical sense but I was able to drive better 15)Hence, it seems like I can learn things if it’s my true intention to

16)In fact even with focus wheels I’m doing much better than last week

17)I’m now finding more statements that make me feel better and they are getting bigger

18)It seems like my improved aspects will get bigger too in addition hence

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(04 Oct '19, 02:08) IQ Moderator ♦♦

If this is your first week of doing FW's you are doing really well!

I'm happy you're sticking to it. If you have not already watch the Abraham Hicks videos on FW's. Start with the one I mentioned and keep going with the other 4 that are uploaded on YouTube. just spend an hour listening to them and you will see your own questions being answered.

You seem very intent on learning this...and as Abe said, "THIS IS WORTH LEARNING!"

HOWEVER,remember Abe also says, "Words don't teach. Life experience does." So with that in mind, consider orientating yourself towards practicing the Focus Wheel process as opposed to gathering information about the Focus Wheel process.

My heart is so happy to see another person pressing into this amazing process. It will change your life! I'm settling into my chair to do FW's right now.


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Hi I guess my starting point when doing this FW was probably dissapointment/frustration , now I do feel better but I don’t know where Iam( e.g Am I on impatience, I don’t know). The only thing that I want to know now is how can I move up the scale through applying other processes, scripting or virtual reality and more importantly how to know where Iam on the emotional guidance scale

(15 Oct '19, 09:17) Rob_Palmers

Practice Practice Practice!Its literally the only way you'll begin to find out.

Practice estimating where you are on the scale. Observe the moods other people offer you. If you think you're on impatience but everyone around you is on lethargy/sullen...then you're probably a little lower on the scale.

Go out for a walk and hear your thoughts. Hit the mall and interact with people there. You'll discover soon enough where you are.

You got this. And congrats for having moved yourself UP!

(15 Oct '19, 10:19) Jacksontysonjordan

Hi thanks a lot for your encouraging feedback really means a lot.Now I’m thinking of doing a fun manifestation experiment of getting a dog

I think to start this experiment, 1)firstly identify where Iam on the EGS regarding the topic, I feel a mixed vibration on it(impatience-worry or even discouragement,powerlessness)

2) get into vortex and do a FW picking the emotion on the EGS (if Iam on impatience, then start an FW from there)

Please see next comment

(16 Oct '19, 05:42) Rob_Palmers

I’m using process 22 first then I will do FW

10) Impatience

I don’t see the dog I really wish the dog could come faster I’m looking for ways to have the dog come faster I really don’t like the absence of dog I wish that tomorrow I wake up to find the dog of my choice outside my house

9) pessimism I don’t like the way things are going I really want things to not go this way unfortunately they are going this way

(16 Oct '19, 07:40) Rob_Palmers

I want to gain more control of this condition but I’m failing I feel really bad when I see that I’m not making progress Things can’t go this way I will have to do something but don’t know what to do

Contentment I guess I can be content with where Iam, I’m learning new things and I may make progress faster No one knows I have seen many dogs around me My street has many dogs I can watch videos of the dog

(16 Oct '19, 07:43) Rob_Palmers

Although it amplifies it’s absence but I can still watch some dogs There are new places where Iam going amd there is a chance that I could come into contact with dogs that I like

I think I have now reached contentment.

Now I will FW from a place of contentment

Current story: I have seen many dogs but I’m looking for a whippet, I don’t have one yet

OOTV statement: I don’t have the dog I want ITV statement I want to have the desired dog

(16 Oct '19, 07:45) Rob_Palmers

I have been seeing/seen dogs around me There are different varieties I love to have some of them I know many dogs in my neighbourhood There are many which Iam not aware of I go to places where there is a chance I could see a dog of my choice The whippet is really a very good breed It’s very athletic and very friendly too I really like the way it looks It’s very fast as well

(16 Oct '19, 07:46) Rob_Palmers
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