How far do we take this "rule" of feeling good? If that taking a course of action will probably make me feel better (not good but just better), but someone else is going to feel more miserable as a result, do we still do it? Will it still work out for the best in the long run for everyone?

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Pat W

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The two things that come to mind are:

1) You can only affect others in a positive way if you raise and maintain your vibrational frequency. You can do this by getting in touch with your definitions and beliefs concerning how life is for you and how you'd prefer your life to be. Clarify and redefine your definitions about your reality and believe without doubt that a new version of reality is possible for you. Then relax and enjoy your life, while trusting and allowing the new version of reality that you've chosen to manifest as your life experience.

2) We all have free will, which in my view means a choice of what to think and how to respond in every moment of our existence. It's our own thoughts about anything that create an emotional response within us. Thus, it's each individual's choice whether or not they'll react negatively to someone else's words or actions and therefore how they choose to feel. It's not your job or your responsibility to make anyone else happy; that responsibility lies firmly within each person’s power of choice.

So definitely YES, always take action that helps you to find relief and feel better. And then through your better-feeling vibration you can't fail to help to assist others with the raising of their vibration, and hence their better-feeling. Everything works out perfectly and in perfect timing. All That Is doesn’t make mistakes :)


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i agree Eddie. experience and enjoy.

(15 Sep '11, 01:43) white tiger

Thanks Eddie this has actually helped me with question I posted re children in opposition to LOA :-)

(16 Apr '13, 19:00) Starlight

Isn't taking action when the action is not inspired a bad idea? For example what if you are chronically in a state of powerlessness and somebody "make" you angry. Does that mean you should take the action (as opposed to doing a focus block on the subject) and beat the guy? Help me clarify this please.

(05 Jul '13, 14:53) timmyy
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We can only change ourselves, we cannot change someone else.


answered 13 Aug '11, 06:43

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blubird two

i agree bluebird you can only leave foot step on the path.

(15 Sep '11, 01:43) white tiger

If you put the shoe on the other foot.How would you feel if (as I understand the situation) the person/people in question went way and it felt better for them? You would be glad for their sake. The persons /people sound like ones that care for you. That would also mean that they would want you to do something that made you feel better as would you them.

Don't try to protect people from life; just let them have their experience while you focus upon your own experience.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Tarrytown, NY on Saturday, May 8th, 2004 #650



answered 13 Aug '11, 08:13

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Hi ursixx, thanks. Sorry I haven't been so clear. I actually meant getting out of their life....maybe for a while, maybe for a long time, or for good. I haven't decided yet. :(

(13 Aug '11, 08:40) Pat W

If it doesn't feel good for you.You certainly are put forth that vibration to them. Leaving someone is always a trail for ones spirit.But in not feeling good yourself helps no one.

(13 Aug '11, 08:58) ursixx


(13 Aug '11, 11:54) ursixx

protect them from evil if needed.

(15 Sep '11, 01:45) white tiger

sorry white tiger I don't follow? Who from what evil?

(16 Sep '11, 08:40) ursixx

Most helpfull Ursixx , thanks :-)

(16 Apr '13, 19:02) Starlight
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The Bible teaches: “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”


answered 13 Aug '11, 06:54

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Inactive User ♦♦

Hi Vee, I'm not talking about doing something to hurt someone else deliberately. It's about going away for a while, which may make me feel better, but is likely to make the other one feel bad... hope this clarifies.

(13 Aug '11, 07:11) Pat W

@Pat W: Well do something very special for this person to take the edge off.

(16 Aug '11, 01:59) Inactive User ♦♦

I offer this quote from one of my favorite authors, Richard Bach.

Life does not require us to be consistent, cruel, patient, helpful, angry, rational, thoughtless, loving, rash, open-minded, neurotic, careful, rigid, tolerant, wasteful, rich, downtrodden, gentle, sick, considerate, funny, stupid, healthy, greedy, beautiful, lazy, responsive, foolish, sharing, pressured, intimate, hedonistic, industrious, manipulative, insightful, capricious, wise, selfish, kind or sacrificed. Life does, however, require us to live with the consequences of our choices.

Are you ready to live with and be aligned with your choice no matter what may happen? If you can answer yes to that from a place of knowing and accepting yourself with love and compassion, then you should do what you want because everything will flow from there. If you are answering from a place of what you should (sense of obligation) do or feel or what you think (overthinking and rationalizing) may help, then it will probably not flow.

Wishing you light and love :)


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Awesome quote passes so well to question ^5

(16 Sep '11, 08:41) ursixx

Thank you, I agree with ursixx! :)

(19 Sep '11, 01:00) Pat W

No, getting even only feels good at first.

Hurting someone to feel better or good is not good for you. What you do can and will return tenfold against you.

Forgive and you will not have this hanging over your head like a Sword of Damacles.


answered 17 Apr '13, 01:10

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Wade Casaldi

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I couldn't have said it any better than Eddie's post but would like to add that this subject came up in a channeling one time when Spirit suggested that if everyone kept their eyes in their own mirror that things would work out and flow more easily. Someone argued back that if everyone just did that then we would have complete chaos in the world. Spirit replied that looking out of our own mirrors causes the problems. Not only that, it gives our power over to others & tells ourself we are not as worthy.


answered 05 Sep '12, 02:09

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And it's true. You cannot experience life through other people's lives.

(05 Sep '12, 03:02) CalonLan
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