Suppose this situation: You and your friends have appointed a day to meet and have fun, let's say in your house. You have been looking forward to this day with 'great expectations' and 'joy'.

The day has come and you're Feeling Good, even better than good. Your friends arrive and it looks like someone (or several) 'got up on the wrong side of the bed', so to speak. They speak in an agressive way, nothing you seem to say suits them, and the day is a complete failure.

I have read that "people behave in the best way they can", but now you're feeling hurt, disappointed and mad at them. You're 'Feeling Bad'

In Ask and it is given, Abraham says:

Choosing a different thought will always produce a different emotional response. So you could say, “I will deliberately choose my thoughts so that I can feel better.” That would be a good decision for you to make. An even better decision, and really, an easier one to make is: “I want to feel good, so I will try to feel good by choosing a thought that does feel good.”

You cannot start a Focus Block as your visitors are still in your house. I would say, the best-feeling thought I can choose is "I wish they leave soon".

Here's my question: Does your best-feeling thought to raise your vibrational level has to be situation-related? Can I think of something else, something off-topic as: "Tomorrow I'll go shopping and I'll buy that book I've been so looking forward to!" or the like? Only in order to move to a better-feeling place...

This is only an example. It could happen at work with your work mates or in any other situation where you have company and they are behaving aggresive.

I'll thank all your inputs on the matter.


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Before answering your question, I would have to point out that there must be something activated in the vibration of you and your friends that is a vibrational match to this behavior otherwise it couldn't manifest.

In other words, if you and your friends were not a vibrational match in any way to this person (or persons) behavior then either that person (or persons) would somehow miss your day of fun or else you would attract different and more pleasant behavior out of them.

So unexpectedly is probably a word that could be argued with from a Law of Attraction point of view :)

Now to answer your doesn't matter what you feel better about as long as you feel better.

So you can think about other things, or play with a young child/baby in the house, or talk to some of your friends separately who are not behaving in this manner.

And, if you can genuinely start to feel better about the situation in that moment, one of two things will happen:

  1. The aggressive person (or persons) will probably start to get more and more annoyed for no obvious reason. This is actually clattering in action. And if you can manage to hold to your good feeling despite their increased attempts at dragging you back down, something will happen during the day that will cause you and them to go your separate ways.

  2. The other possibility is that you will uplift that person (or persons) and, despite their initial negativity, they will start to feel good too.

Either way, you'll still have your day of fun - whether with them or without them - so making the effort to feel better despite the situation is well worth it.

I'm not saying it is an easy matter to hold firm to a good feeling when someone else is downlifting you but it can be done.

However, as I implied at the start, as you naturally feel better and better about things that were previously bothering you in your life, you won't encounter such people and so the situation won't arise anyway :)

To quote Ithaca...

Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
angry Poseidon - don't be afraid of them:
you'll never find things like that on your way
as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,
as long as rare excitement
stirs your spirit and your body.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
wild Poseidon - you won't encounter them
unless you bring them along inside your soul,
unless your soul sets them up in front of you.


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"...there must be something activated in the vibration of you and your friends that is a vibrational match to this behavior..." What was activated in your vibration that was a vibrational match to Bashar's "no copying" message?

(21 Jul '10, 21:00) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius - I don't know. Clearly something was activated within me that caused me to focus on that particular issue. It really doesn't matter though what precisely is activated but rather that you always choose the path of feeling better. That question is a good example though of me taking action from a place of not feeling good and, as a result, what I asked came out sounding to others like a different question than what I intended. So, indeed, I was in fact doing exactly what I was saying that Mr Anka was doing, by drawing attention to something that made me uncomfortable :)

(22 Jul '10, 00:04) Stingray

@Stingray: I knew you would object to the word 'unexpectedly' :) You say "there must be something activated in the vibration of you and your friends that is a vibrational match to this behavior otherwise it couldn't manifest" I agree, & I have been thinking of what could have been, since I had had 'great expectations' and 'joy' ever since the date was set, & I wasn't harbouring doubts that we were going to spend a terrific time! So, was it my manifestation or theirs? I will take full responsibility if it was mine, but I fail to find the vibrational match to this. Do you have any idea? I am...

(22 Jul '10, 14:58) BridgetJones09

...really asking for help here! :) How could I have attracted such a disastrous meeting??? - I have read the post Vesuvius is refering to. You were upset too, maybe 'unexpectedly'? ;) It would be interesting to argue the use of that kind of words from the LOA point of view if you start a post on that ;) The poem Ithaca is FABULOUS! Thank you!

(22 Jul '10, 15:06) BridgetJones09

@Vesuvius: Great comment! Sooo to the point! :) - What did you do to write in Courier New???

(22 Jul '10, 15:10) BridgetJones09

@BridgetJones - Regarding who's manifestation it was, read this: Regarding what this was a vibrational match to, read this:

(24 Jul '10, 16:17) Stingray

@Bridget: To get the courier new style, surround the text with grave accent characters (the unshifted ~tilde).

(26 Jul '10, 17:27) Vesuvius

Thank you guys!!!

(27 Jul '10, 15:45) BridgetJones09
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Any thought that gets you to a better feeling place will work. It can be totally unrelated to the current situation or thing you want to improve but if it helps you feel better, then it will raise your vibration.

Remember that no one has the power to make you feel bad, it is only your own reaction that can do that and you always get to choose your own reaction in any given situation.

There is probably something to be learned in the situation and as soon as you realize what that is, you can thank those same friends for being the messengers and providing you with another opportunity for growth. Those negative interactions then take on a whole new meaning and become positive lessons on your journey


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Thanks for your imput, Michaela. It's very uplifting. I'll do my best for this to become a positive lesson. I haven't realized yet what went bad, but I am determined to learn from it. :)

(22 Jul '10, 13:15) BridgetJones09

Hi BridgetJones09,
It just happened to me a few hours ago. (Someone made me feel bad and not even on purpose).

As soon as it was over I replayed it in my mind as an observer, from outside my self. It gave me my strength back. I followed it by reading this on my phone

However, it still hurts.

Actually makes me a bit "deer in headlights" with curiosity of why it must be like that, especially because it was based on something I don't think I could ever change of myself and that the persons intent was not even malicious but it still hurt me.


@BridgetJones09: Ofcourse! Most people rather see you fail or feel bad. I think that is a very natural thing, unfortunately. Most people have to really try to be happy for others and raise them up. I have met very few people who do the opposite and try to cheer up or make complete strangers feel good. Feeling good again is uphill. Just one thing, people only have as much control over YOU as YOU give them. If it is something that makes you feel bad just by yourself as in my case, that is something I struggle with. But don't let anyone do that to you! Your friends are humans, they have bad days, can be jealous, selfish, rise above them when that is how they are acting!

See these:,-Fall-Or-Do-Something-Stupid&id=3762711


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Sometimes I feel that when people sees you doing well and feeling good, somehow they resent it. Don't you think? It has happened to me plenty of times, way before I knew about the LOA. The thing is, once you're hurt, feeling good again seems like all uphill. :P

(22 Jul '10, 12:54) BridgetJones09

Hi Bridgetjones, In my life I establish clear boundaries. There are things that you should not allow anyone to do to you especially in your own house. Never allow anyone to disrespect you in anyway and do not be afraid to tell anyone who does that to you that you do not appreciate it. And if it happens in your home tell them to get the @#*@ out. Later on when you have time then you figure out why you attracted that person or situation into your life. The LOA does not mean that you have to tolerate any nonesense from people.


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The idea of telling to get the %$#* out crossed my mind, to tell you the truth, but then the thought that I had to be a good host, etc. forbid me to. Even though I was in two minds for a long while...! :)

(22 Jul '10, 12:49) BridgetJones09

No one can make you feel bad unless you CHOOSE to feel that way. It really is a choice, but until one sees it as a choice, it will feel otherwise. Try to release taking things personally and know that regardless of what people say or do, they're too a part of God, it's just the way they are choosing to reveal themselves. Allow words and things that people do to bounce off of you...not in anger or attitude, but with the resilience of love and understanding and forgiveness. Focus on yourself and your Presence of God within and that will be all the strength you need. Your Kingdom resides within. When you focus on your Kingdom within, you will find that you are encountering people who are more in-tuned to your way of thinking and less interaction with those who try to make you feel bad. It's all about vibration. Change your vibration and situations and events will gradually change too. I know this to be 100% true.

All the best....


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Thank you, @figure8shape! :)

(30 Jul '10, 13:25) BridgetJones09

I always replace the thought with something more pleasant.Ive tried NOT thinking about negative things and i cant scrub them out.However if something comes along to spoil my mood then i think on something better.Normally i think about being on my boat or a better one and strangly it seems to negate whatevers been said. I cant think about two things at once so i switch thoughts.Its never hard to meditate on something you really like.



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Monty Riviera

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