It is said that we are unlimited beings. So, how can I walk on water and create bread from source energy?

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What about transcending personal limitations. Tell the boss to shove it and start you own business. Get a new girlfriend, or finish the project you have been working on. You get the idea, no? I can only say for me transcending smaller limitations is challenge enough. If I/we can put a real dent in our limiting views a new reality would come to pass. Try not to have one negative thought all day long. (For me) try to smile all day no matter what. In a way the limitations (of which there are none) are guiding me to find new power. It's one of those stupid contrast things hehe LOL without limits what do we have to learn or push against for a better reality. Many Blessings!


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Hi Brian, I think you have to believe at the very core of your being, without even a shadow of a doubt, that you can and you will. Most of us don't cultivate such unwavering faith and aren't able to adopt such a steadfast belief.


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There are two sides to the Answer for the Question. With Faith all things are Possible, but not all Outcomes are Possible within a Limited time Frame. (1) Narrow down what is to be done;(2) Focus on the most pragmatic and probable,(3) with Faith go forward. Imagine a Door of Options. Which door is the best one to go though with the Options behind it. With dedication and focus the Options behind the door improves but there will be many doors of options as the good or bad choices that a person creates.


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Sometimes, a case of "I'll do it and see what happens" is better. Don't think about it. Often, the more we think about doing something, we end up believing our limiting beliefs and find out the water isn't as solid as we hoped!

Happy holidays and many blessings everybody :)


answered 21 Dec '10, 10:20

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Whether you know it or not you have already done both of these things! You have walked on water several times, and you have made, or witness Bread being made from the source of energy all the time.

Water is above us, below us, most of our body is made up of water, and everything in life has to do with water. You are water and you are walking on your own water!

The weed that the flour is made from is a source of energy, and the bread is full of energy to nourish the body. So, this bread made from energy to produce energy and food for our body, is energy! Therefore, you are a source of energy, and you may have created other sources of energy around you in your family, perhaps children!


answered 29 Dec '10, 04:52

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do not have limitation in the first place and keep thing in balence! after you need only to deal with limitation put there by other!


answered 16 May '11, 08:16

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white tiger

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