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I have been making some real progress in just the last few days, using the Abraham Placemat Process. Startlingly good progress - I've been maintaining a fantastic vibe, and feeling really wonderful. It is radiating out of me, and I can see people around me reacting and enjoying it, too.

Just truly implementing the process - not only thinking about releasing - but writing down two lists, one for me, one for the Universe, has struck a chord. I love finding that circumstances have been quietly been arranging themselves to bring me wonderful things - people showing up, happy events occurring, synchronicity. Things I could not possibly make happen myself through any conscious means. It's confirmation that I really can create, I don't have to live an unhappy life, hoping nice things will happen to me. I'm calling them in to me, by letting go of them. I'm really kind of high on it. :)

I know these lovely, "while I wasn't looking" stories abound with all of you conscious creators - will you please share them with me? I would like to have them as touchstones and reminders that all is well, all will be well. I also want to celebrate your triumphs and happiness with you. I am hoping we all will be encouraged by your stories.

Thank you.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hey! Thanks for the edit, @Barry Allen. :) I should have thought of that!

(12 Oct '12, 22:04) Grace

My home faces a busy boulevard, but is open at the back to fields, trees and hills. It feels like I'm close to nature and to community. Perfect, but the traffic is noisy sometimes and bothers me. I've been noticing this now that I've got the house opened up again to the cooler weather.

While I wasn't looking last week, the phone company nearby cut down their big trees. All of the birds that lived in their trees came and moved into my trees. Now, instead of traffic, I hear birdsong.

(13 Oct '12, 23:58) Grace

I just feel so good, when it looks like nothing's happening, knowing that there are things going on that I can't see. :)

(13 Oct '12, 23:59) Grace

@grace-i am so glad to see you so happy dear...GOD BLESS you..all the time :)))

(17 Dec '12, 01:49) supergirl

Love this Grace , great to hear positives , uplifting to all , thank you ♥♥♥

(18 Dec '12, 20:40) Starlight
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I have had many minor wins using the system - retrieving lost items, getting great haircuts etc.

Two stories that come to mind immediately - I collect a specific type of vintage furniture and really wanted a specific set of tables in a particular finish. I duly put it on my universe list. I bid on several sets on ebay - each time convinced that I had done enough to "win" them and each time losing out at the last minute. Frustrated I decided to take a break. About six weeks later my near neighbour knocked on the door and offered me the exact same set in the same wood finish. Her husband had inherited them and didn't like them. She would only take a token sum for them in spite of me explaining their worth on Ebay.

The other story involved the loan of a piano from a music teacher who had moved away from the area. My daughter had decided to give up the piano and we were trying to track the man down to ask him what we should do with the piano but couldn't get him to answer phone messages. I tried various ways of getting in touch but it looked as if we were stuck with this huge, rather ugly piano. I was getting quite frustrated about the situation. We needed the space for some new furniture. I left one last message saying that we were prepared to transport to any address in the town where I live. My husband wasn't looking forward to moving the piano - they are a really awkward shape, really heavy and with an odd weight distribution. Anyway, nothing happened. I felt I had no choice but to just give up on it and hand it over to the manager (as Abraham would say).

By this point I had discovered that if you wanted X you may as well as for XX because it is as easy to manifest a castle as a button! I put on the list something like "organise for the piano to be removed with minimal effort on our part". Within three days a phone call came from a removal company to say that the owner had asked them to pick it up. Two men came and picked it up that week-end.

I find this process is very effective just before I got shopping for clothes - not a regular occurrence and one I don't want to spend a huge amount of time on. If I need a outfit for a special occasion I just put it on the list "Guide me towards a really great outfit". I used this recently and within ten minutes of arriving in town felt inspired to go into a shop I never normally go into and try on a skirt that wasn't in a colour that I would usually consider. I tried on the skirt and was looking for something to go with it when the assistant told me that the jacket was on sale but they only had one left ... I trotted downstairs to the sale area and naturally the jacket was my size! Job done. Prior to my knowledge of reality creation I would have spent days moaning to friends about how I could never find jeans that fit, the colours were awful for me this season, the styles didn't suit me, how awful I looked in that etc etc ... of course I found shopping time consuming and was never satisfied.

I probably use this process in a more all encompassing way than Esther intended it - I literally put anything on the list from "Inspire me with ideas to sort out my filing system", "Guide me to a book on this topic" or "Bring me more patience in dealing with this difficult person", "Help me find a great fun TV show we can all watch together as a family" (We found the Gilmore Girls that way). I even use it to ask for my children to be kept safe or extra strength for friends going through difficulties. I use it all the time in my work - asking for creative inspiration and ideas on different projects.

I have to say that of all the processes that I do this is my favourite. I find by writing it down it is part of the process of handing it over - I just find that easier than just mentally asking for it and letting go. The act of finishing the sentence seems to signal to me that my work is done.

I am pleased to hear that you are enjoying it too Grace! Tell us about some of your wins this week!


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@Catherine, wonderful! It is just so much fun, when you don't see anything going on, to know that there could be any number of threads on your web being touched, bringing about answers and outcomes for you, isn't it? It sounds like you have got this working for you really well. I think that the more you use it, the less frustration and resistance you'd have to release in the first place. I can now see how it could get easier and easier, as people have mentioned.

(12 Oct '12, 22:11) Grace

Thanks for sharing your stories Catherine. Love them!

(14 Oct '12, 15:43) Eldavo

so let there be light be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.

(18 Dec '12, 17:48) white tiger

Thanks Catherine great read and GREAT results , you've won me over , gotta give this a whirl mmm , vortex ? lol

(18 Dec '12, 20:46) Starlight
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I would write a book on the stories I have. LOL

On a larger spectrum I really like how this happened in my life:

A few years ago I crashed! Hit rock bottom! I was broke and was being evicted from my apartment, unemployed, and starting to "sell" my belongings in order to be able to eat! and I was alone! Full of self pity.....I couldn't even afford to buy a cup of coffee....Sounds like the beginning of a novel but this was actually my life.

What happened? How did this come to this point? What am I going to do? Where am I going to live? My mother came to the rescue and said I could move in with her until I got back on my feet but I had to work for my room and board. self-esteem took a HUGE hit because I was unemployed and now lived with my mother.

Fast forward 2 years, and I was living in my 2 story executive apartment with 2 bathrooms. A good income as a Regional Manager and driving to work in my luxury car with the high performance engine and leather seats. I also had a beautiful girlfriend that I was madly in love with.....and I could afford all the cups of coffee I wanted.

A whole series of manifestations happened over this period. I wanted to know how this happened? The path eventually lead me here to Inward Quest.


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@Eldavo - this is wonderfully encouraging. I could live off this for a week. I'm so happy for you. It was certainly a great day when you found IQ, for you, and for all the rest of us who benefit from you being here. Thank you for sharing!

(14 Oct '12, 20:10) Grace

Those are wonderful words Grace! My mother actually called me today. Haven't spoken with her in about 3-4 weeks......she must have known I was talking about her. LOL!

(14 Oct '12, 21:50) Eldavo

@Eldavo - Thank you so much for posting your story! I can't tell you how much of a help it is to find people for who all this has worked. I hope to get where you all are soon. I agree with @Grace and I could live off this for a week as well! Thank you again.

(15 Dec '12, 12:23) searcher

This is a Great Thread and thank you so much for sharing Eldavo , already I can feel my vibe moving up into a better place , I hope more people add and add to this list :-)

(18 Dec '12, 20:49) Starlight
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I have two stories, although I'm not sure if they fit your criteria of "not looking" exactly. Still, I hope they can make for nice touchstones :)

My first discovery was after running through the Sedona Method once. I can't even remember what it was exactly, but it something with work. I went to work but released throughout the day and kept trying to move up the Abraham emotions scale best I could. There was this moment where I relaxed completely and then suddenly the answer to my work problem popped into view, almost like it was always there.

The second happened recently. I'm helping mentor two high school kids who've got hard circumstances but a lot of potential to do really well in life. I tried to "pay the love forward" by teaching them about manifesting, picking a better feeling and releasing. To get their attention, though, I first asked them to do an experiment: picture something they want but were okay about not getting (I just wanted to make sure there was no resistance). I firmly told them they would get it the next time I saw them. I was a bit nervous about this as I'd never really told anyone they would absolutely get something before, but I just kept reaching for better feelings and releasing. They each got what they asked for in four days! So now you have a really relieved and thankful mentor (whew!) and two kids with more confidence in themselves. Score!


answered 15 Dec '12, 12:20

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@searcher - Wonderful searcher, just wonderful. Those kids are so fortunate in their mentor. Their lives will be changed by that - through your knowledge and courage shared. Heaven only knows what you have done for them, good for you!

(15 Dec '12, 12:29) Grace

Thank you for your kind words, @Grace! I really hope they push through. Actually, I'd be most grateful if you'd send some good vibes their way if you're so inclined. I just found out one of them has a parent who just lost his job. Still, the kid is chipper in the face of it all, and I realized when wisdom says we learn from kids, it wasn't kidding! :)

(18 Dec '12, 11:51) searcher

@searcher - My pleasure! Happy, prosperous, and healthy vibes radiating in warm, loving waves, right now. :)

(18 Dec '12, 16:16) Grace

Thanks for sharing , my wish is that this way of thinking would be freely taught in schools , I think the impact worlwide would leave us speechless . Am putting this out there now Universe , thank you ;-)

(18 Dec '12, 20:53) Starlight

Thank you, @Grace! :) @Starlight, thank you and I completely agree. I certainly wish someone told me about it at that age. I feel blessed to be able to pass it on! :)

(31 Dec '12, 18:42) searcher
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from where stories and beliefs lay
with words and thoughts given our power
like attracts likes within the circle of return,
yet protecting elementals we may attract.


answered 13 Oct '12, 21:17

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Nice one Fred :-)

(18 Dec '12, 20:49) Starlight

I lost my job as a CEO this January. I manifested this loss. I had been worrying about it for over a year as the owners I reported to were unwilling to adapt our business model to current market trends. The pay and benefits were great. And yet I was miserable there. I was, and I repeat was WAY overweight, my health was suffering, and I rarely slept through the night. Since then, in less than 6 months I have lost close to 60 pounds (the hard way, not thru surgery) and while my finances are a shamble I am much lighter inside (no pun intended) and am focusing on obtaining a position I can find joy in. My daughter graduated from University in May and somehow, manifested a job as an NBC page in Hollywood. For those of you who don't realize how difficult this is, they accept 10 new Pages out of 16,000+ applicants. She needed a car to drive from Philly to L.A. I was not working but someone I had never met before that day to go see this particular car salesman at this particular dealership and he could help me. I was able to get her a 1 year old car, certified, with less than 20K miles for $50/month less than I had budgeted. All in one day. With no job. This qualifies as a true miracle and I had no "input" into the whole process other than following the inner urges I was feeling. The Universe put this all together on my behalf so quickly that I didn't have time to look. I'm still kinda stunned by the whole thing. Now I just have to manifest a new CEO position.


answered 02 Jul '19, 17:49

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sometimes the seeds planted
in the past sprout when ready,
all may not happen as for
jack and the bean stalk

(03 Jul '19, 20:29) fred
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