I was recently wondering whether it is possible to break out of the law of attraction. Abraham say that we create our own reality. Have we created our reality with this law in place within it that we can utilise, or is the law for all intents and purposes the only law in operation? I guess that it isn't, because there are other unimaginable realities that could possibly exist where there are other laws in place; or perhaps there is a law that is yet unknown to us that governs the law of attraction as well... much like gravity acting in subordination to the law of attraction?

I recently wondered about dreams, since that is another dimension that obviously exists as far as I can perceive it. In dreams, my imagination is completely unbound, as if my super creative self operates completely without limit, a sort of reality that precedes any other realities created with the law operating within them; all sorts of whacky and physically impossible things can take place; breaking all rules and laws (or perhaps no laws are being perceived so none are being broken?) Perhaps everything in my dream was still in subordination to the Universal Law, but my lack of awareness of the law within my dream misleads me to believe there is no law operating there? If I think of the law of attraction as the law of creation, then no matter what or where, dream or otherwise, it is still all creation of some sort, so from this perspective, there is nothing else other than the universal law because everything is being created.

"You don't have enough faith," Jesus told them. "I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible."

I've been wondering about the above Bible quote... wouldn't achieving the moving of a mountain be violating some fundamental laws?

It would be easy to surrender and accept that there is one law, and perhaps there is, or for all intents and purposes, there is just one law?

I used to often surrender like this: such are the rules of this game, of this reality...this is the lot I've got. And whatever we do to think our way out of it (even if we create another law by thinking it into being) it would still be within bounds of the main law, so best not to get ourselves too messed up in our thinking.

But it begs the question, there are obviously realities and dimensions in which there is no such thing as the law of attraction; after all, all-that-is is infinite. Somehow the law established itself in our awareness and possibly stretching way beyond my imagination of where it is in force. But could anyone have a good guess as to whether we (in our non-physical forms) created the law for our use, whether we can tap into realities preceding the effects of the law (like 'closer/further back deeper to the Source'), whether there are such realities and dimensions where we might possibly be heading where we might possily discover another law that governs the Universal Law as we know today?

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I can offer you several directions, where to do your research:

  • Thomas Campbell's My Big TOE (Theory of Everything)

  • Letters for resolving - here you can write this letter to anyone: Source, God, All That Is, your Inner Being, Higher Self, any person, including those from those realities and dimensions you asked about, and then write an answer from them :) and then reply to them and ask more. Works like a charm, I must tell you. :)

Besides, you might want to remember, that this question represents a stream of a desire, just like the other ones, so you can just align in it, ride its wave, and you'll come to what was in it for you.


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Olga Farber

Well, what is labelled the "Law of Attraction" is actually our nature. Our Self is pure consciousness - Self Aware consciousness with Infinite or Formless potential that can take any form. Being consciousness, we experience that which we are conscious of. This is the basis of the law. It is better labelled the Law of Consciousness or Law of Focus or Law of Attention or Law of Imagination. It is our very nature and cannot be broken or overruled i.e. we are consciousness and that which we are conscious of we will experience until we imagine something different. We can opt of out of dreaming (: contrary to popular belief in the L.O.A. world :) and rest in still, serene and joyful Self awareness if we wish but nonetheless, we experience what we are focused on - in this case Self.


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depending on your belief
of creation is that which
sets the stage of final
conscious decision making

though earth-men have a special
task, in time, all will know
where they came from and
and where they are going

cause and effect still works in
the realms of the more
ethereal, but different
then when locked in form


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