Here's a question I was pondering earlier.

Abe has been very much concentrating on telling us we do not need to keep thinking about what we want as it's already in our escrow and to simply get in the Vortex and it will happen. If there was something I wanted but didn't quite believe it could but desired it, forgot about it and then got in the vortex could it happen?

For instance if Iam applying this to losing weight but i guess it could apply to anything.

I love that full feeling you get after enjoying a big meal but deep down do not believe I can do that and lose weight/maintain a healthy weight (in my mind to lose weight I need to eat very little and that is how I have lost weight in the past but of course haven't maintained it as I LOVE food). I

would love to be able to do this. If I made sure I enjoyed the food and continued to see myself as a healthy slim person and avoided thinking about how I am now is it possible I could reach my ideal body image?

I guess in short I would like to know do we need to believe that something can happen or can we just desire it, forget about it and stay in the Vortex (and leave our IB to do the rest)?

asked 30 Oct '19, 09:28

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The thing about the vortex is you access it by raising your vibration high on the Emotional Scale. At a high vibration certain things can happen. Any lower vibing emotions that may have contributed to over eating will just no longer be present. You may spontaneously choose better foods to nourish your body, and have the energy to move your body more and exercise.

I'm not saying this to judge but you mentioned that you loved food. There's nothing wrong with this, of course, which leads to another possibility. You might be vibing so high that you no longer worry about losing weight and simply just accept your body how it is. What freedom that would be for most people.

Whether overweight, underweight or even with the perfect weight (whatever that means according to societal standards), many people will still find flaws in their appearance. At a lower vibration the ego or small self is more in charge with its constant criticism. At higher levels, the ego takes more of back seat with your Higher Self in the driver's seat.

It's a funny thing but people raise their vibration to get their stuff they're manifesting in LOA. But the cosmic joke is that some key things on the manifesting list that were so important in lower vibrations, become less and less important the higher you go up the scale. It's happened to me personally. The even funnier joke is because you have no resistance whatsoever to those things, they start to pop into your reality. So long story short: just concentrate on raising your vibration. And see what happens.

PS. If weight loss is important to you right now you can try a CBT approach through This company has had extraodinary success at reprogramming people's minds to eat better and healthier. This is something you could do right now, and any positive subconscious programming will push you up the scale.


answered 25 Feb '20, 07:16

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