I've heard Abrahams using the term contrast a lot, but I'm still a bit unclear about it. Is it just what we dont want or is it a lot more?

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I Think Therefore I Am

Contrast is just the comparison of one or more things, to one or more other things. Specifically looking at the differences.

This contrast naturally draws forth preferences from us, in accordance with who we are. So Bill may prefer the colour red, and Jill may prefer the colour blue. It is not reliant on the external, but purely on our internal viewpoint.

I like curries. But, I like a good spicy vindaloo more than say, a butter chicken. They are both good to me - but one is better than the other. Which is to say, contrasting experiences don't need to be just 'bad' things...though they are definitely most powerful.

So, every experience is a contrasting experience. Because every experience has SOMETHING different. And that is why you cannot help but continue to expand.

Otherwise, you would just get 'good' I like this...everything would be good and your life would stop. But there is not just 'good and bad' there is 'good and gooder' (to use an unreal word :P) and so preferences continue to be born.


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that is a ''gooder'' answer

(23 Aug '10, 05:43) ursixx

Nice description!! Thanks Liam!!

(23 Aug '10, 17:50) figure8shape

From the contrast of that which you do not want or no longer desire, a new desire is born.

For example, if you're living an unhappy life of poverty or a mediocre life of having just enough money to get by on from day to day, then the contrast of that unhappy situation causes you to desire a better life (in your terms) of more happiness and more than enough money to get by on.

So contrast is that which motivates you to move in a new direction of your choosing. Without the contrast of that which you no longer desire, there can be no movement. So in that sense contrast is all good.


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While writing an answer to this question I actually changed my mind about "Contrast". I believe contrast is something like personal preference.

We come here, in this world of contrast, to find out our personal preferences.

Let's say you walk into a room of your new house, and the wallpaper is bright yellow. The old owner of that house must have liked the colour yellow, otherwise he wouldn't have picked that wallpaper. I think the moment you decide "I do not like this colour, I would like this room to be red." is "Contrast".

In one line: The moment you observe something that exists in your reality, and you think differently of this then it is.

Much love,



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I believe it can only be what we don't want or what we resist. Anything we do want: situation, person in our life, thing, etc goes with our flow and cannot provide contrast.


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LeeAnn 1

I agree LeeAnn! Thanks!

(23 Aug '10, 17:56) figure8shape

Contrast is attraction.
Without contrast there is no attraction.


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The Traveller

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Hi Traveller: It's my understanding that you DO attract without contrast... because when you are in the allowing that is how you attract and manifest what you want....any feedback? Thanks much!

(23 Aug '10, 17:52) figure8shape

Hi figure8shape. You do have a point. I didn't consider that angle. I was looking at it as a flow of energy where the path of least resistance usually determines the direction of the flow therefore, a difference between two places (contrast) will cause a flow of energy. But you are right. That doesn't explain the amplification or growth phenomenon of attraction where more of the same is attracted on to itself. And as you point out, when you are in allowing, you are not resisting or contrasting the energy. Thanks for your observation.

(24 Aug '10, 04:03) The Traveller

I think of CONTRAST as being the two polarities of something with levels in between. Such as for the contrast between "Happy and Sad"... you might have many levels or degrees of feelings on the emotional scale such as HAPPY- hopeful, content, okay, bored, hangin-in there, frustrated, angry, then down to SAD. Same with any other feelings such as New and Old, Wealthy and Poor, Free and Bondage, "Calm and Panic", etc... Contrast can come in many different degrees for each subject or thought you have.

You might be thinking "But Abraham often talks that contrast is good-- What's with that?" By this I believe they mean the initial, less positive contrast of a situation that you experience helps you know what you DON'T want...thereby helping you realize what you DO want, which IS "the side of the coin" you want to be on! In general I think CONTRAST is really a neutral term, neither good or bad, its all about how YOU feel about that contrast in a particular situation that makes it good or bad, depending on where you are on the emotional scale.

By recognizing what you are thinking, noticing where you are on the emotional scale in your thoughts more often, and then simply getting to the best feeling thought you can, you can breathe easier know you are making a huge change! Making a small effort to think a better feeling thought (even a little one) on any subject can greatly help your energy vibration hover at a slightly higher place on the emotional scale next time you are on that same subject. Over time, it gets easier and easier to be at the POSITIVE end of the contrast of your subject no matter what!

Hope this helped!


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Wendy S.

You can consider contrast to be both negative, and positive, based upon the way in which you used the contrast.

Example positive: The Interior Decorator said to her co- worker, “well, we have followed our client's request and instructions to stick to the team of Black and white design, but we really need a contrast piece, a bright color to make our design technique pop.” Our client was very happy with the contrast color!

Example negative: The Interior Decorator said to her co- worker, “well, we have followed our client's request and instructions to stick to the team of Black and white design, but we really need a red contrast piece, to make our design technique pop.” Our client was really upset with the contrast, because he hated the color red!


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