So after my previous question I've began using a process that helps to neutralize emotions. I've done a few sessions maybe 3 over a range of topics in my life. And generally I do feel lighter.

Sometimes I get a thought related to something I've worked on and it's almost like the thought is searching for an emotion to back it but it SEEMS nothing it there. Which is EXTREMELY strange feeling because it's a new feeling i guess. It's almost like i'm so trained to be upset by the issue my thoughts are attempting to take me back to that place.

I'm not used to not obsessively thinking about things that don't have negative emotion attached, I just realize how much negative emotion was surrounding my thoughts. I hope a change really happened and it's not all in my head.

Ok now for the question.

According to the process I'm using(Zpoint) after you cut the ties of negative emotion you will naturally move in the right direction or move in to a place of non-resistance.

But how can we continue to raise our vibration on topics that aren't in a bad feeling place. I know focus blocks can help but I'm so used to doing the process from a bad feeling place raising it to a good feeling. How do you move up the emotional scale after you reach the tipping point.

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Chris 2

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great question, since you asked your last question I have started focus blocks for my similar issues. Just this morning a thought tried to pull me back under but I replaced it with some positive affirmations.

(27 Oct '10, 15:56) Back2Basics

That's Great B2B. I did a few focus blocks but it was pretty tough. So I decided to research a few "neutralizing process" and Zpoint seemed to be the most basic and effective. You may want to give it a look-see.

(27 Oct '10, 16:34) Chris 2
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After you reach neutral or beyond, focusing on doing lists of Positive Aspects (eventually leading into Rampages of Appreciation) is probably about as effective as you can get for raising your vibration further.

I find that processes like EFT, ZPoint, Sedona Method etc. are very good at getting you to neutral but then get a bit clumsy when you try to take them further.

If you look closely at the Advanced Focus Blocks Method, the method morphs as you move up the vibrational scale, because different techniques work best in different emotional ranges.

That method goes from...

Focus Blocks/Wheels ==> Positive Aspects ==> Rampages of Appreciation

Indeed, if you study the techniques given in Abraham's Ask & It Is Given closely, you'll see that each process is classified by the emotional range it is most effective in.

One interesting variation of the Sedona Method, mentioned above, is Chris Payne's Effort-Free Life System. It is basically all about a clever technique which he calls CAP - "Complete Acceptance Process". CAP is unusual because it can take you from an extremely bad feeling into a great feeling in a very short amount of time. But the system itself is quite expensive for just learning that simple technique. And, though it is simple and quick to learn, I wouldn't like to get this website into trouble by revealing what it is here. And it's probably worth seeing it in the context of the whole course anyway because CAP forms the basis of another manifesting technique which he calls ROBERTA.

I'd say CAP is worth investigating if money is not a problem to you to obtain the course, but ultimately it's not going to give you much more than just manually combining techniques like EFT and ZPoint with doing lists of Positive Aspects as you move up the vibrational scale.


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@Stingray Thanks for your answer. I'm trying my best to take more action(vibrational clean-up action) and get out of the constant reading phase. I'm not really looking to invest much money although in the future this may be something I'll revisit. For now this is my plan for the evening. I'll review the things I've cleared and do a positive aspects for all. Would this include those people that I had conflicting feelings about? Thanks again. I'm learning so much and I really enjoy the zpoint thanks for being the channel that helped manifest my asking.

(27 Oct '10, 18:44) Chris 2

You can do Positive Aspects for all those people if you really want to. But bear in mind that once you reach neutral on something that has been bothering you, you don't really need to go any further with're now free of those previously imprisoning thoughts so why not turn your attention towards ideas that are now inspired to you instead? (from your place of new-found freedom)

(27 Oct '10, 19:19) Stingray

I understand. I find my mind seems to be searching for things to consume it now. Maybe that's why i'm sort of melancoly today. It's like I so used to thinking about the same subjects. I'll redirect the energy....I totally understand what you mean. Thanks again.

(27 Oct '10, 22:27) Chris 2
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Hi Chris, The shift in consciousness that your are trying to create is a process and it takes time. But one way for sure to weed out the negative is by filling up your mind with positive thoughts. Initailly it has to be a conscious process until it becomes a habit. You can try the following until you develop the habit of thinking positively:

1- Affirmations 2- Reading spiritual books 3 - anything that makes you feel good (Music, comedy shows, etc.) 4 - Focus Block or any of the other methods in "Ask and It is Given"

Whenever you feel the negative emotions, gentle remind yourself that you no longer want to be there and move to a better feeling place by using one of the above methods. It helps to have a plan for your day which includes your spiritual development. Set aside specific times to do things that will make you feel good.

Good luck.


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