Lately I have tried becoming more conscious of how I feel to the extent that now when I feel some sort of negative emotion rise inside me, I try to stay in the moment and calmly tell myself to let the thought go. It doesnt work every single time, but it works pretty well.

However, when I read about other processes recommended by AH, I feel that I should be incorporating more of those too. I sometimes do focus blocks during the day mainly when I have some spare time, I try to be positive and look for positive aspects throughout the day, but do not systematically do this process every day.

I start to fall into the trap of is this enough? Is releasing resistance enough, and what does it really mean to find things to feel good? Does it have to be consciously seeking things to feel good, or can you just let the feeling of releasing resistance be enough?

I understand different things work for different people, but I feel that I fall outside my vortex when I think about this topic. In general, I feel good and light when I am able to calmly let go of resistance in my daily life.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

asked 02 Apr '11, 04:58

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Hi, Nikki! This is an excellent question!

Let us say that you are meditating. When we meditate, we just let all our thoughts pass by, good or bad...we observe them and just let them flow by.

Now, bring this state of mind into your everyday mind. When you have negative thoughts, you must be feeling something. That is the trap we all fall into with negative thoughts- we allow ourselves to feel...and then wham! You get "sucked" into the thought just long enough to trigger a negative emotion.

This is what is going on in your mind:

trigger>>>>>negative thought>>>>>negative feelings>>>>>feeling of failure for getting "sucked in">>>>>>and so on.

Now, here's how to change your thinking:

trigger>>>>>negative thought>>>>>you just let the thought pass by without stopping to feel>>>>> replace the thought with a positive image. Switch to nice thoughts deliberately: lilacs....waterfalls....your love for God, whatever makes you feel happy..

Practice this. Meditating should help here; Meditating is exercising the mind and making mental muscles that will help you control your thoughts much better during your daily life.

This method is over-simplified, but I hope you see my point! Good luck.

Many Blessings, and Much Love, Jai


answered 02 Apr '11, 08:56

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that is an excellent answer!

(02 Apr '11, 21:01) ursixx

Thank you! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>

(02 Apr '11, 21:06) Jaianniah

Well-said Jaianniah.....

(03 Apr '11, 01:54) LeeAnn 1
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Hey Nikki. Try to replace the thoughts that you can't let go of.

I try to stay in the moment and calmly tell myself to let the thought go.

To use some metaphors: So if your thinking of apples and you can't let go the thoughts of fruit.
Think of green apples instead of red.
Oranges instead of thing you know your thinking about ice cream and all the the thoughts of fruits is gone.

I start to fall into the trap of is this enough?

Are you in the moment/now? Because it is enough right now.

Is releasing resistance enough,....?

Do you see where or what the core of the resistance is? Is the fire out but the coals are still smoldering? find the core of this "resistance".

Does it have to be consciously seeking things to feel good, or can you just let the feeling of releasing resistance be enough?

Hakuna matada And have a great day!


answered 02 Apr '11, 07:29

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EFT works really well to eliminate negative emotions, thoughts, limiting beliefs, etc... FasterEFT is really good for those right now negative emotions. After you release the negative emotions, tap in good ones to replace them. If you can't identify the emotion, that's ok, just feeling it while tapping and releasing will work, then tap into peace. To answer your question, is it enough to eliminate the negative emotion, I would say, it depends on your goal.


answered 02 Apr '11, 16:59

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Fairy Princess


Do you racionalize enough deep that with every thought you think you bring closer that stuff into your probable now ?

What do you select or what reality you select for yourself? Why it is important to be in the "vortex" ? How much your every day thought selections are important for you ? They are important enough to continue your attention upon them ? It will be worth to maintain that negative though ?

Put your answers deep in your subconsious and trust your self protection mechanism. You will suddenly stop blaming on yourself and just be in the vortex.

This is an awesome moment when you fully understand this.


answered 02 Apr '11, 21:20

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Tibor S.

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