In the teachings of Abraham, they refer to mankind as vibrational beings. Often saying thing to the effect of..."once you except yourself as vibrational beings...".

I"m not so sure I understand what being a vibrational being actually means. It's easy for me to say I accept that thought as a belief, but more difficult to say I understand what it actually means.

What's the significance of knowing our vibrational beingness?

What does it mean to be a vibrational being?

Thank, as always :)

asked 29 Dec '10, 05:47

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Chris 2

My question is why do you believe that which you do not understand?

(29 Dec '10, 15:54) jim 10

Interesting question...Not sure if I can quite answer it. However there are several things that I believe that I do not understand. For example gravity, on some levels the LOA, and another would be the internet. I'm not sure I need to fully understand something before I begin to believe it or accept it. If understanding came before belief I'm not sure I would believe much in this world, as I don't claim to understand much fully. However according to Abe, "a belief is only a thought you keep thinking" I like to think i can adopt beliefs that I don't understand as long as they serve me :)

(29 Dec '10, 18:03) Chris 2

Great answer, in this case I agree. :)

(29 Dec '10, 18:29) jim 10
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I'm a skeptic but also a believer, therefore my answer involves critical thinking, scientific analysis. To understand some problematic issues, I think it's better to start with pertinent observations. Going this way, the closest thing to vibration is music. And there's a territory where everybody can experiment. In short, all atomic matter vibrates and the human body makes no exception. For more extent information, you can visit & I hope this will help.


answered 29 Dec '10, 08:34

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As I understand it, Abraham is referring to the fact that everything is made of energy vibrating at different levels. Raising your vibrations feels good (eg. getting into the Vortex), so we work to raise our vibrations to enjoy wellbeing at the highest possible level.


answered 29 Dec '10, 16:38

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