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Reality Transurfing is a series of techniques developed by Russian quantum physicist Vadim Zeland. It's techniques help you shift to more beneficial timelines and manifest an extraodinary life. This is from one of his books:

"Strange as it may seem, material universe has a mirror reflection - not unpalatable and invisible, but an objectively existing world, the presence of which reveals itself in some inexplicable phenomena. Should we be surprised that at the point where the two worlds adjoin, reality becomes controllable?

The energy of thoughts does not entirely disappear - it indisputably influences the surrounding world in some way. But how can this energy be used? Why do our desires go unfulfilled and the worst expectations become a reality? Why do the commonly known visualization methods sometimes turn out to be effective, but in other cases they just fail?

The reason is there is a missing link in the chain, without which all esoteric practices become a waste of time. And the secret is on the surface... It is so unbelievably simple, you can hardly accept it. The book tells you what the missing link is.

Having received a key to controlling reality, you will discover the world where the impossible comes true. Although a lot of things will seem unusual, remember: they are not a plot of the author's imagination, everything is real."

Some people claim to have very quick success with these techniques. You can listen to his audiobooks which are amazing on Youtube. There's about four or five in total. I'd like to hear from people on here who may tried these techniques and either had success or not.

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I have. I'm now in a place where I don't remember certain things ever happening (I only know of them from accounts of others). The first indication of a different reality was going to a place I go to frequently and seeing two sets of doors there, instead of one. Then noticing certain houses in my neighborhood looking differently, people I know and love acting differently, etc.


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