This is a pretty "Deliberate Creation 101" question, but I'm curious about what other peoples' experiences with this are:

My understanding of how I create my reality is that I launch a desire, the Universe creates that thing/experience/etc., and as soon as I am up to vibrational speed with it, I am able to perceive it. That is, the creation is instant, but I can't see or experience it until I have achieved a matching vibration. The "achieving the matching vibration" part is where our work is, often by talking ourself into alignment.

In reading this question: "Time from visualization to manifestation", I realized that I frequently have a very easy time creating things I am not that invested in. For instance, once I started practicing it and got a couple of successes under my belt, believing that I will find a parking spot is pretty easy to do, and so I am usually able to find one. Or, as in the example I noted in my comment on the above answer, I have found that if I get cheerful before I go to the grocery story, I almost always have a pleasant experience and run into cheerful people.

I would like to attain a deeper understanding of how I am doing those things, and hopefully be able to transfer some of those ideas to things I am more invested in, which I tend to get very "I MUST MANIFEST THIS GRRRRRRR" about, even when I know better. Here's a silly example: say I am eagerly waiting for a specific book to be published. I love the author and I am really excited about his new book. I think about how great it will be to read the book. Basically, I have some energy moving on this topic.

Then I do something funky and start to become mildly obsessed with WHEN the book will be published. I keep checking Amazon. Today? What about today? Surely now? Still not? Then I realize that I am becoming tense about it, so I try to relax. Naturally, "trying to relax" often just makes a person more tense, so it doesn't really work that well. Then I almost inevitably think "Maybe I can use law of attraction stuff to feel better about this", but because I am approaching it from such a place of "I am trying to make something happen", it is, um, less than successful. After awhile, I get frustrated and give up. Eventually, the book is published.

So that's a silly example, but it's very similar to how I feel about "bigger" topics, too, like career and life things. I definitely repeat the pattern of strong desire>increasing resistance>trying very hard to use LOA to reduce resistance and feel better>more resistance>finally giving up>manifestation.

What I would like to do is feel more about these things the way I do about parking spots, or running into cheerful people: less like I am gritting my teeth and trying (and failing!) to make things happen through force of will, and more like I am just gently leaning in that direction. How can I want something very much and stir up a bunch of energy about it and still feel fine in the time before it manifests? I totally get that what I want is the feeling-good more than the manifestation, I am on board with this.

However, my assumption is that the reason I can do this pretty well about stuff I don't care that much is that, well, I don't care that much about parking spots. Not that much energy is flowing, so my potential for resistance is relatively low. So this feels like a paradox I can't figure out, to me. How can I care less about things I care a lot about? Is that the wrong question entirely?

To put it another way, I'm confused about the difference between, as I recently heard Abraham say, "Om-ing your way through life" (which is where I think I am about parking spots - that general feeling of well-being and pretty low energy flow, quite non-specific) and the energy flow that is generated when you are making specific decisions and focusing your attention toward specific preferences. I assume that the eventual ideal is to be able to be very non-resistant (a la a parking spot) about very specific preferences, but I don't think I get how you bridge between those two ways of being yet.

I hope this makes sense to someone out there! I'm really eager to know if this resonates with experiences others have had, and how they eventually came to understand this stuff.

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@corduroypower-I also experienced that when I am in light n happy mood,shopping becomes happy and cooperative ppl and I spend pleasant time...:)

(16 Feb '14, 12:37) Zee
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It's all about emotions. That GRRRR feeling is not a good feeling. And the more GRRRR you put out there the more GRRRR. You're going to get back. So when you park your car in a good spot observe that feeling. Memorize it. That's the feeling that works.


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yes the grrr bit is attaching a hindering force to the original positive emotion thus slowing down the creation process

(16 Feb '14, 04:49) jaz

I can give you an example of something I manifested that I really wanted. I walked away from my career (willingly at that time, so it was my choice) to relocate with my then-husband to an area off the country where i could not get a job in my chosen field, so I didn't work for about 10 years. This wasn't a problem until we divorced, and I had to look for work. Since there was little use for my skill set (manufacturing engineering) in the area I was living at the time, I tried a string of other jobs, with very little success, I was unhappy in these other jobs, I felt like a failure, but I resisted looking for a job in my former career because I thought I was now unqualified due to my long absence from the field. I read a lot about LOA and practiced raising my vibration. Finally, after another 4 years (now it was 14 years since I worked in my field, I got angry with myself and asked myself what the hell was I doing? I have a BS, I had a decade of experience in engineering, why am I working in a call center making a fraction of what I could be making as an engineer? (frustration level) I think this was my call to action, sent by my Higher Self. I knew I would have to move, but I was OK with that, since I really didn't like living where I was, besides, the rest of my life was not going well either. Somehow I found myself at hopefulness, and started sending our resumes. I soon got a vibrational match: a recruiter rewrote my resume to make it more marketable at no cost, and did a fantastic job.

Next level: Optimism. I then began seeing myself working in engineering once again, being successful. I think this step, Belief, is what propelled me into a manifestation within a month. Within 6 months of my "call to action," I landed a fantastic one year contract position 1,000 miles away. I knew no one there, but I took the leap of faith. I was very successful and was earning what I would have had I worked continuously in my career, but most importantly, I LOVED it!

I knew I wanted to move elsewhere, so I began looking for another job at the end of my contract, but they kept me on after my contract expired until I got another job (500 miles away). I now live where I want to be at this time. I have friends here, I have another great job here as a consultant engineer, and I'm making more than enough to support myself and my family comfortably and send one child to college.

Did I really want this? Oh YES! It took me six months to move from frustration to manifestation, but it seemed like six days while it was happening.

That's my story.


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