I am trying to be very conscious about what I am doing, picking what seems to be my "highest excitement" for every moment.

As quoted from one of the answers on another question "the vibration of the problem and the vibration of the solution are two completely different vibrations," I try my best to be sensitive to my own vibration, finding some moments where I "assess" where I am vibrationally and asking myself if the activity I did felt good. And yes, it feels good.

But sometimes it feels as if it's not the "right" thing. That I should be doing something to get what I want instead of feeling and being things other than directly struggling in the path towards what I want. But that path doesn't feel good, only the result does.

I feel guilty that I am enjoying too much of the process. I feel that I am "procrastinating" and doing "nothing". I feel that this is counter-productive. It starts to feel as if you have a deadline on a project and you chose to do what makes you happy than face the stress.

Is this feeling of guilt a sign that what I am doing is not aligned with what I want or is it another form of resistance pulling me further away from what I want?

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The key is to look at what state of being is giving rise to your feelings.

  • If you are in a (dominantly) happy place, then you are tuned into the best guidance that you could possibly have and then you can confidently follow whatever impulses you have, whether that means do something or do nothing. In that state, you can be sure that whatever feeling-good choice you are making is taking you towards your destination in the "most appropriate" way.

  • If you are not feeling good when you are making decisions about what to do or not do, then you have no particular guidance going on and it's guesswork about whether you are procrastinating or deliberately choosing to do nothing from a place of certainty.

So your focusing efforts should not be on the end result you are trying to achieve, or what action to do next, but should be on making your good-feeling alignments dominate as much as possible so you can sense and follow your own internal guidance more clearly.

Until then, and until you feel a strong inspiration to act from that aligned place, there's not much for you to do.

The path is coming to you. And before you are aware of it, there's nothing for you to do.

You don't need to call somebody. You don't need to write something down. You don't need to goose it up. You don't need to motivate yourself.

Until the path is blatantly obvious, there's nothing for you to do. Nothing for you to do.

And we promise you, you won't be bored because the path will unfold and you'll know it. It won't be “Should I, or Shouldn't I?” It will be “I'm going. I'm doing it. I'm in”.



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