As many have stated previously, there is always a time lag between one's desire/request, and the physical manifestation of that desire.

However, it seems that some desires can manifest extremely fast (a parking space, for instance), while others might take weeks, months, or even years.

It has been said already that if you are vibrationally out of whack, the manifestation will be delayed or possibly killed.

However, if you are perfectly vibrationally in sync, should that manifestation occur almost instantly? Would a million dollars, or a castle, appear just as quickly as a parking space? Or is there always a necessary lag while the Universe takes the time to physically build that thing or arrange events so that you can become physically connected to it?

I am very curious, because it has been said that there are no vibrational discontinuities in the Universe. And I have read accounts of ancient yogic masters who were supposedly so advanced and aligned that they could manifest a castle almost instantly.

From a practical standpoint it would be interesting to know this, because we might choose to manifest "easier" things if we desired them to appear more quickly. If we desired something grand, like a castle, but knew that the Universe might need more time for that, than we would make the request confidently "knowing" that it was a long-term request that might take years--but would come eventually.


If we knew that time was not an issue, and that everything could manifest just as easily as anything else, then we could place no restrictions on our requests whatsoever, and would simply aspire to as much "vibrational perfection" as possible so that manifestations might occur as quickly as possible.

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Hi lozenge123,

There are many ways to reach an understanding of time. I’ll be approaching it from the perspective of realizing that the present moment of no-time is the only true reality.

Several people on IQ have offered their perspective on the idea of the now moment in many posts. I suggest that you search within IQ and read up on those explanations. Perhaps this answer will point you in the right direction…

...Now that you understand that within the idea of the one eternal moment of now, all possible realities already exist, let’s look at it from this angle… Realize that any idea or desire you had for a manifestation came from the soup of already existing, and probable, for you, realities via your own imagination/higher self.

The idea of linear time is created by your own consciousness in order for you to experience the process of manifestation, as opposed to instant manifestation. Thus, time is a self-created illusion. The delay between where you are and where you say you want to be; what you lack and what you say you desire, has to do with your vibrational state-of-being.

Because everything exists in the Here and Now, the only thing that’s keeping you from seeing your desire is your vibrational state. You can’t see what’s right in front of you, unless you’re a vibrational match to it. Manifestation is really about changing your vibrational state in order to bring yourself into alignment with your wanted, already existing, object of desire.

Therefore, in order to see your already existing desire it’s necessary to raise your vibrational frequency to match that of your desire. To do this: remain focused within the now moment, the only true reality. When you’re focused within the now moment there’s no effort, stress, worry or doubt. Those things only exist within the artificial mind-sustained construct of time.

Make a point of always noticing how you’re feeling as you go about your everyday life. If you’re not feeling good realize that, somehow, you’ve dropped out of the now moment. You’ve probably started thinking of the past or the future; states which only exist within your mind, but not outside of it.

Remember: the desired future you’re after is a simultaneously existing state within the idea of Now. Therefore, in order to meet with and thus BE that new idea you have to be where it is, in the Now…

Ultimately you'll realize that because the now moment is all there really is, by definition, that means that you do not exist within the Now: You are the Now 8-)

Note: Your beliefs have a lot to do with your vibrational state, so you may have to unravel them before you'll allow yourself to exist fully as the now.


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@Eddie - Thanks! This is brilliant. Reminds me of a what one of the physicists said in the behind-the-scenes for "What the Bleep do We Know."

So, knowing and understanding all of this, if one is a complete master of vibrational alignment, should the "lag" between vibrational and physical manifestation of a castle and parking space theoretically be no different?

(23 Jul '12, 12:17) lozenge123

Stingray had mentioned a "lag" in this thread ( which I think is what I'm getting at when I speak of the "time" between vibrational and physical manifestation. Hope that clarifies things a bit. Thanks again for taking the time to answer this question.

(23 Jul '12, 12:18) lozenge123

@lozenge123 – Thanks. That is a great documentary.

A complete master of vibrational alignment will not experience any lag between their desire and their manifestation, no matter what it is :)

(23 Jul '12, 21:33) Eddie

From my perspective it seems that any lag experienced is caused by my ability to truly believe in any reality that I now desire to experience and my resistance to it.

Even before I'm aware of my own desire, my higher self has instantly and vibrationally gone forth and created it in the blueprint template reality. There is no lag inherent in manifestation of desire.

The lag I experience is caused by my own resistance to my own idea. Or my Belief Ability

(23 Jul '12, 21:34) Eddie

@Eddie - Thanks for all this, Eddie. So basically, I think the answer is, there should be little to no lag if one is really, really, aligned--correct? Thanks again.

(24 Jul '12, 15:02) lozenge123

Yes lozenge123, I think that's called living as 5th dimensional beings in a 4th density reality; meet you there :)

(24 Jul '12, 22:31) Eddie
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Time lag doesn't exist for Universe , as vibrationally everything already is.

Castles or buttons and Resistance

It is no more difficult to create a castle than a button. Most of you have more buttons than castles, however, because they’re easier to expect.

The statement that we like to make that’s very powerful is: when you are looking at the problem you’re resistant to the solution because when you’re looking at the problem you’re vibrating there.

So the Energy of solution cannot come to you. It wants to because within you there is the desire, but it cannot come to you because your vibration of resistance is there because of your attention to the problem.

Abraham Hicks Newsletter


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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

Many thanks for your posting. I have read that quote many times and it is great. My question is specifically about the time lag between the vibrational manifestation and the physical manifestation.

(22 Jul '12, 12:59) lozenge123

That's good , I was going to add more to this but will leave it to perhaps someone like stingray to expand upon :-)

(22 Jul '12, 19:28) Starlight

Well, I've be taught that there are no degrees of miracles. However some things take longer to realise than others. I see this as a protection for me to become prepared for what I want so it doesn't hurt me.


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I think it is a question in determination and definite purpose of decision. I do not remember fantasizing about my car, but I do remember the day I said I am getting a car it was like all the pieces of a puzzle fell right into place I received my loan with no problem next I was picking out my car.

I had some idea I wanted luxury, Am/Fm Radio, Heat and Air-Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Breaks, and Power Windows. I was looking at a Buick Park Ave in the paper for $5000 but it had a bad electrical problem. The car I did get was like my parents car a Chevy Lumina for the same price it had everything I wanted exactly and even a Car Alarm system to boot! I wanted something classy, this was black and when polished up it was very classy, it looked very good.

So when you say today I am getting... You have that determination to get what you want, you have no doubt in your head you are getting "whatever you want" today! Everything will fall into place and you will have what you want.

I have no idea how I did it I just did, I decided and next thing I knew I had my car. This I did years ago, I am trying to figure how I did that to say today I am getting my bills payed off completely!

Maybe that day is coming soon... who knows?


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Wade Casaldi

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Hey Wade just a thought , lol, reading the last 2 sentences , perhaps ? change it to "My bills Are paid" rather than future tensing them , said with Love ....Starlight xxx

(21 Jul '12, 21:15) Starlight

Thank you Starlight yes I need to get that determination back like today, now. That was when I decided I was getting my car in a moment type of thing, the same for my debts. :-)

(22 Jul '12, 22:50) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Thanks, this is really helpful!

(23 Jul '12, 12:19) lozenge123

Yes it is a trusting and knowing determination that your decision is final "today you are getting." It is like when you see the movie Moses and the Egyptian Pharaoh said, "So let it be written, so let it be done." You just know that when that was said it was like saying my decision is final it will be done as I said now! You have no hope but full faith and confidence, it is like you feel nothing will stop you it has to be. You feel you already have it. I remember saying to the loan lady at >>>

(24 Jul '12, 18:19) Wade Casaldi

... loan lady at the bank. "Okay what do I need to do to get my loan for my car." In my head it was already my loan and my car I just had to go through the details.

(24 Jul '12, 18:25) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Regarding Moses & the Pharaoh, I think you would really dig this book:

(24 Jul '12, 18:40) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Thanks so much it does look cool, I'll check it out! :-)

(24 Jul '12, 22:29) Wade Casaldi
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