A few days ago I was called into meditation by a soft and gentle female voice I heard in my head and I complied as I had nothing really going on at that moment anyways. After doing my ritual grounding/purification exercises ... a very Beautiful Female Light Being appeared in front of me and she asked me to join her and of course how could I refuse such an Angelic Hottie like her lol and within moments she smiled and grabbed my hand and guided me upwards to this reclusive gathering place brightly lit within the Higher Realms where there were many other Light Beings gathered in a large circle in which I found myself in the very center of.

My Body was immediately surrounded with this Beautiful and Powerful White Light and then I started seeing these Symbolic Light Language Codes enter into my body as these Beings began singing or chanting in a foreign language not of this Earth and within moments my body started radiating these Light Rays from the inside out coming out through the pores of my skin. Me being me I just went with it to see what would happen next.

In that moment I started thinking to myself "Here we go again! I'm about to go through another wild and crazy experience!" I can see in the faces of some of these Light Beings that they knew what I was thinking and they smiled knowingly but I felt very safe and secure and by no means in harms way whatsoever. It was the most Beautiful feeling I have ever felt or experienced in my entire life.

Then their language started making some sense to me as these Symbols continued to enter my body. Then all of a sudden my body bursted out into this Whitish Yellowish Light and then I found myself hovering above our Planet. Then I extended my arms and sent this wave of Love Peace and Harmony from within to Everyone on Earth until the Planet was radiating in this Sacred Light and I could see these Angelic Beings of Light surrounding me as they were assisting me. This went on for awhile until I was sent back down into my body.

When I came out of the meditation, I could still see with my physical eyes these Light Rays emitting from my body and I could even smell the energy of these light rays radiating through the pores of my skin and then within a few seconds I was back to my normal physical self.

Did I just experience a small form of light-body activation through these Light Language Codes from these Higher Dimensional Beings of Light?

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Wow, what an experience. I guess from the lack of response, many find this hard to believe. I've had a crazy experience where I woke up to find a column of what looked like lightning come out of my stomach. That was the first and last time I experienced this. Though there have been other out of this world type experiences before and since.

You obviously went through some sort of initiation. Specifically who knows what it meant. I guess only you can know. Light language is becoming more prevalent. I've worked with healers proficient in its use, and their work is pretty transformative. Maybe it is an initiation into speaking Light Language in the future. Have you ever listened to Light Language? If so, does it sound similar to what you heard? There seems to be various dialects, and some are more powerful than others. The Angelic Realms apparently speak it, as do alien races such as Acturians, Pleidians, and Sirians I believe. Maybe you are a Star Seed. Maybe there is more for you to explore here.


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Thanks for replying to my story/question. I've been an Atheist most of my life denying my life purpose or who I Am in this incarnation. For the last few years as I began to surrender to the Spiritual Realm once again my experiences have become increasingly unusual unlike anything I could have ever imagined and every time I go through something like this I get all weirded out and pull back because I do get afraid of what I might become. I do understand that most people would find ....

(22 Feb '20, 14:28) Moonbeam

... experiences like this one hard to believe and to accept but everything I share is nothing but Spiritual Truth. I couldn't make up stuff like this even if I tried. This is why I ask questions so that I can also make sense to what I have experienced. I have only shared a few experiences here because there are some I simply could not share because of fear of being ridiculed and by sharing this experience I knew not many would believe me. My Spiritual Guides have nothing to do with what is ...

(22 Feb '20, 14:37) Moonbeam

... taught to us by religious books of days long gone but I do communicate for most part with Arturians and Pleiadians from other Planetary systems and other Beings of Light and I have been told by many that I am a Starseed. This whole Spiritual adventure has been unusual to say the least and I continuously battle with them on a day to day basis because I still can't figure out why I have to experience the weird stuff I do and why they are so determined to Awaken me. Maybe I should put my ...

(22 Feb '20, 14:47) Moonbeam

... fear aside completely and totally surrender myself to the Spiritual Realm and see what happens ... but it is easier said then done. Life does get in the way and finding the balance between both worlds has been a real challenge for me. I have no physical Guides and I am left alone to deal with this without losing my identity in the process. I cannot deny the Love I feel in my heart for Mankind and this longing to discover Who I truly Am amidst the distractions of everyday life.

(22 Feb '20, 14:56) Moonbeam

And yes it definitely was an initiation of sort. These experiences has become so hard for me to accept at times but I am trying to learn to just flow with it and I'm really trying to learn to accept it all. I cry at times because I feel so lonely at times without anyone to share my experiences with in the physical realm and I tried reaching out to religious figures from all faiths but everyone of them tried to get me to join their congregations to help promote their belief systems.

(22 Feb '20, 15:04) Moonbeam

This is why I am here .... to share and to find answers.

(22 Feb '20, 15:10) Moonbeam

You're certainly had your belief system rocked by all this. I rad one of your other messages about influencing the vibration of your city. You're obviously quite powerful, and more developed than perhaps you realize. It's quite natural to resist what you're going through? It's not exactly the reality most people experience, and a part of you no doubt would like to return to a "normal" life.

(23 Feb '20, 22:27) maverick35

But you're obviously being called. And it seems like you made an agreement before incarnating to bring some information and/or help with the general awakening on this planet. At least this is what it seems to me. I don't think you would such high level contact if this was not so. There are so many being incarnating on the planet right now. So much "new" information coming in. I keep up to date with a lot of new healing modalities and there is definitely new stuff materializing every year or so.

(23 Feb '20, 22:29) maverick35

There are a number of healers I am familiar with that use Light Language to heal. Gene Ang works with the Arturians, and one of the more insteresting healers is Judy Satori who brings in very high vibrational light language. Visit her sites:




She has an interview on her site that she did recently for a telesummit. Very interesting stuff. She also works with people live on the call which will give you insight into how she works.

(23 Feb '20, 22:32) maverick35

You never know, but just by listening to her you may resonate if this is the path you're meant to take, or something similar. In addition, a session with her might be favorable. I know she will be able to communicate with Spirit to unlock what your soul purpose is. And she may channel some light language to open up your gifts. There is other stuff I can suggest. Theta Healing is interesting. It has a meditation to find out your life purpose too.

(23 Feb '20, 22:34) maverick35

There are so many people bringing in diverse energy systems now. And you might be one. The friendships you need will probably come from letting go and embracing this side of yourself. I know from personal experience that a lot of friendships do fall away as you raise both your frequency and embrace spiritual/LOA perspectives. It's just too much for some people. Then again you'll be surprised by some you never thought would accept this side of you, who do.

(23 Feb '20, 22:35) maverick35

Almost forgot. Another interesting guy is Bryan de Flores. He creates beautiful multidimensional art. And these work as codes to activate people. At least this is what he claims. He also talks about Light Language. His website is:


He actually writes down light language on his accelerators (as he calls his artwork). You can see examples on his site, which might give you insight into what you have seen.

(23 Feb '20, 22:45) maverick35

I'd recommend discernment with all this information. I'ts important to research these people and trust intuition. If something doesn't vibe with you I'd keep away. I only say this because I don't completely trust all this ET stuff, and where some of it comes from. For me the one that resonates the most is Judy Satori. But we're all different.

(23 Feb '20, 22:46) maverick35

Thank You for understanding and for your valuable insights. I will meditate on this and check out who you suggested and I will take precautions in who I choose to communicate with as always. In my experience I have met many who claimed they wanted to help me but most only had ulterior motives for their own benefit/business. I was warned by my Spiritual Guides that this would happen and that this Journey is one of loneliness and humbleness for the time being.

(26 Feb '20, 00:07) Moonbeam

I can feel your sincerity in what you have shared with me and I am so grateful and so thankful for the time you took to communicate with me. My whole life I tried to fit in with the norm and to live a normal life but the Spirits so to speak had other plans for me. I used my Atheism as a form of denial because I so desperately wanted so much to fit in within society and I learnt at a very young age how to shut it all down. But as I have learnt I cannot deny who I am any longer and the more I ...

(26 Feb '20, 00:23) Moonbeam

... resist the more I lose in the process. I have lost everything and everyone dear to me including my own family. I cannot fight my Life Purpose any longer as I have no fight left within me. What I do for others (like for my city and for other cities worldwide) I do so because I choose to, not because I was forced to do it. What I do is done in the background and I get no recognition for what I do and I am perfectly fine with that. I thought it was a big mistake coming on this site to share ...

(26 Feb '20, 01:08) Moonbeam

... because I was afraid of exposing myself. Sure enough I exposed a part of my life in which to some may find hard to accept and it doesn't bother me whether people believe me or not. What is important is what I can do and as I grow and get stronger I know I will be able to do so much more for Humanity as long as my intentions remain Pure. Sometimes I wish I could delete some of my earlier questions/experiences but this site only gives you 30 minutes to do so. The Love I have for Humanity is ..

(26 Feb '20, 01:18) Moonbeam

... far greater than my own personal needs. I am trying to understand everything I am going through and no matter how overwhelming it may get I must proceed and move on cautiously and accept what I am here to do. So I am dedicating the rest of my life to my Life Purpose until I fulfill it so that I may find Peace within and move on from this incarnation where my real Family awaits my return.

Peace, Love n Light my friend

(26 Feb '20, 01:27) Moonbeam
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