Hello all,
This question has to do with my sister but hope your answers will also help any parents.
She is three and a half years old and cannot control her emotions. She is very furious and often cries. A girl very hard to subdue; aggressive, intransigent. I had a thought to teach her meditation, which would help her to calm get the control over her raging emotions. I am by no means trying to teach her things of spiritual nature. She has free will and it is up to her if she will follow the path when she is mature enough, of course if her interests would lead her onto it.
I know that for a child everything has to be amusement. So I made up the play "meditation". I sat down in seiza posture with my eyes closed and told her to do the same. She was enjoying it for a few days, but only for short increments of time. The problem is that the kids (especially these of choleric nature) do not have the patience required and tend to be bored very easily.
So my goal is to made up something that is fun, not boring but enhancing patience and stillness of the mind. Or...?
Please post your answers.

All the best :)

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Spirituality has brought me nothing but sorrow. Only when I taste the real life I thought was not for me, I can experience happiness. I thought I was special or sorts, but it was only a delusion. It is best not to teach children mediation.

(17 Jul '11, 14:58) Asklepios

did you try to use imagination like fix object and become that object it could be a animal or anything you like. you could also do relaxation period telling a story example: you are opening your eye and you are on a beach the sun is shining you feel great etc.

(17 Jul '11, 15:48) white tiger

that was a handful of really nice ideas. thanks!

(17 Jul '11, 17:20) Asklepios
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Are you aware of the attention span of a three and half years old child? Perhaps you may want to get familiar with John Piaget stages of Child Development to better understand your sister’s behavior, and then you would be able to know how to direct the negative behavior into positive activities. There are age appropriate games, and activities you can play with your sister that is within her attention span.

If you would like to teach your sister to meditate, then you can do some quiet time activities with her that is made up of easy exercise games, and is fun that you can do with her for two to five minutes.

You have to understand that little girls have very active minds, and their attention span is low. Have you ever heard of the terrible twos’? Well the terrible twos’ is now the terrible threes’.

Little girls like to be kept busy doing fun things; they like to role play, play with their brother, or sister and listen to stories, they like to ask the same question over, and over just to be sure, they like to play dress up, hide and seek, so they have a very busy daily schedule.

The best way to redirect the negative behavior is to turn the negative behavior into positive stimulation. Redirect your sister interest into a game that is involving, with you initiating, and helping her to focus her attention into something positive, instead of the negative.


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yes to each problem there is a solution something that you should teach the child i agree vee.

(18 Jul '11, 02:58) white tiger

There is a technique for children's meditation here: http://www.learningmeditation.com/children.htm

Three seems pretty young for meditation. What if you focused on day-dreaming instead? Everyone else in her life is going to be pounding her to get her head out of the clouds and stay focused like a little drone, so why not be the one to encourage their imagination, so they won't be like everyone else and lose the ability to imagine and dream by the time they are 25 years old?

You're never too young (or too old) to dream.


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Hi Vesuvius, I found that link for you. When you go into it, scroll down to Paul McCartney.http://www.davidlynchfoundation.org/

(15 Jan '10, 20:09) Roy

i agree with you vesuvius the society imposse contrain on us and it is not always good. experiance what you want to experiance be what you want to be and if people judge you it is there problem not yours. why limit yourself or your children aslong as it is good and in harmony i do not see anny problem.

(18 Jul '11, 02:57) white tiger

I think that a three year old would do better to learn EFT. You can teach her the Single Handed or One Hand Tapping from Karen Nauman. as a way to destress right now. You can tell her about how important it is to only let happy thoughts in our head and that when we feel bad at all to tap on our fingernails. Practice dreaming up a wonderful future for you guys or her. Make the visualizing and tapping a game. Have her look at something and then close her eyes and try to see it in her head. When she gets negative, redirect her and give the words that are better. You can use some of the tapping points yourself on her, like gently tap the top of her head to help her calm down. Keep it simple, she is only three. As she grows and matures, your lessons can grow with her. And if you really want it to be meditation, maybe direct her. Let her clear her mind and see a blank white page for one minute. Then direct her to visualize something nice that she wants. Then talk her through a positive affirmation and maybe some tapping and then be done. She is three and doesn't need to meditate for very long. Also, make it a point to say your own positive affirmations outloud where she can hear you. Meditate where she can see you. Be an example and do and say what you want her to do and say, and she will pick it up. You may walk in on her meditating like you some time. Make it look fun. Make her want to do it.

Edit 7/18/11 Of course when teaching your sister, or anyone to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, that means that when she is angry, help her to replace anger with love. If she has reason to be angry, help her solve the problem, at her level. Teaching kids to pray is an excellent tool. If they are mad at their mom for not letting her have a cookie before dinner, teach her to pray and ask blessings for her mother. They must be kept short, sweet and simple, like, "Lord, please help my mom to be happy." That is good for a three year old. If someone is hurt, have her lay hands on them and pray, "Jesus, please touch my mom and make her neck not hurt, amen." Don't push her if she is not intereste, just say, "Ok, I will then," and then do it in front of her. Eventually she will be interested. If she gets hurt, pray for her. When she is upset, help her find and visualize a happy place.


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well as long as you do not see only the positive and can understand the negative also to developpe your analysis of things to be able to solve all problems by finding the right solution to everything then you can have happy thoughs in the good or the bad. you have free will experiance and enjoy.

(18 Jul '11, 03:07) white tiger

There are a group of Musicians (U2,Sheryi Crowe and many others) who in the near future will perform a series of concerts, and with the proceeds from these concerts they have a vision to teach One Hundred thousand children globally, to meditate inside one year. And all those children will agree to each teach ten other children to meditate and so on. At that rate this planet should calm down in a very short span of time. There's a great dream. Love and Light


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Do you have a reference for this? I'd love to read more about it.

(12 Jan '10, 21:03) Vesuvius

It was a disscusion with Sheryl Crowe on Sirius Sattelite Radio a while back, I will see what I can dig up.

(12 Jan '10, 23:31) Roy

it depend what kind of meditation you want to teach them. also know this some can learn it by them self. and those that learn it by them self are over all that can be teached.


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