How does one change their mental state of not wanting or not feeling any enthusiasm to finish a job started?

There are a few things in my life that need to be finished. One example is finishing a thesis I started years ago. When I started I was full of enthusiasm. As I worked on and time passed I started gradually feeling apathy. Now, the mere thought of still having to finish it, feels uncomfortable and the job feels difficult and unappealing. How can I change this attitude?

I have been having this feeling of apathy, of having no real enthusiasm for anything, for quite a long time. I still do not know what activity in my life makes me happy and makes me want to do more of. I used to love doing things with my hands, writing, working out. Now I really have no enthusiasm for them at all. This includes my studies.

I know this can be turned around (not with positive thinking - please), but I simply don't know how. There is this sense of heaviness in me that I cannot seem to shift by applying the 'feeling good' doctrine of Abraham Hicks.

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It might be helpful for you to contextualize your situation with the study of dopamine.

Watch this short video to understand the basics of dopamine and how it drives passions and addictions:

The video is centered around helping viewers find their passion, but the core concepts apply directly to your situation. Here's what you need to do: First, cut down the dopamine you get from "consumption." Next, find any creative activity you feel even slightly drawn to and engage in it. Do whatever activity feels easiest for you to do. Don't start off with something big, bad, and hard; you want to take baby steps that will help you gradually move from a mostly-apathetic place to a mostly-passionate place. Keep on doing this daily and stick to whatever is easiest for you to do. In time your creative muscles will have grown strong and you'll be reinvigorated with the energy and enthusiasm you need to start finishing the unfinished things in your life, like your thesis.

I hope that helps! :)


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I have been having this feeling of apathy, of having no real enthusiasm for anything, for quite a long time.

Just start making decisions about things (anything really) and you'll get that energy of enthusiasm flowing again.



answered 05 Feb '20, 09:40

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@Stingray - Thank you, this is answer I was looking for, and I didn't even know it. After all these years, there's always someone here lining up vibrationally with me, holding up the answers before I even understand my questions. IQ still rocks! :D

(22 Feb '20, 23:46) Grace

@Grace - "holding up the answers before I even understand my questions" - You're welcome. It's all part of the new Answer-Before-You-Ask service that I've set up recently. I'm also thinking of setting up a Pay-Me-For-No-Reason service...though I'm not quite sure about the market potential for that one yet ;)

(04 Mar '20, 05:04) Stingray

There could be a variety of reasons for your procrastination. Maybe you haven't found a path that really excites you (.i.e. a passion), or you might have subconscious self-sabotage. Or even both.

Have you tried to create a compelling future? If so, and you still haven't come up with the goods, then its a good bet you have limiting beliefs or trapped emotions blocking you from getting into higher feeling states. As you're probably aware, Abraham Hicks provides a few conscious mind exercises to elevate you into higher feeling states. If you're having trouble making these work, then you might want to explore a variety of healing and mind reprogramming modalities.

You could explore hypnosis, for instance. There are some great programs out there like Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer. Marisa Peer is one of the leading Hynotherapists in the UK. She has worked with CEOs, the Royal Family etc, and her program Uncompromised Life is a very affordable set of 8 Hypnosis sessions (plus bonus tracks) which specialize in laying the foundation for success and motivation in the subconscious mind.

You could also look into Theta Healing, which is quite a comprehensive modality which does Belief change work, downloading of feelings into the subconscious and uses a variety of manifesting meditations. Hundreds of people rave about it. Other modalities include releasing methods like the Sedona Method (they talk about moving you up from Apathy to higher states so you might find it useful). Lot's of good stuff to try. I've used all these programs and had success with each. But if I had to choose one, I'd suggest Uncompromised Life.


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Everything is made of energy, energy has frequency. Frequency has harmonious frequencies and discordant frequencies. While I'm in tune with what I'm doing I feel good and enjoy what I'm doing, hence I accomplish. However when I'm distracted in my thought to something that is harmonious with something other than what I'm trying to achieve, what I was having a good time doing now is non-appealing.

For me I have adult ADD, so my mind can very easily lose that frequency of harmony with my project. However I think we can as well take a big hit to our harmony from something devastating that could bring depression. It would be like I drop my guitar and boom, now it is completely out of tune. This out of tune may make it so it is hard to get back or even find what you were once. Another thing is that you can't even remember what that was like, so the desire to return to that is gone.

I have been like this myself for years, I haven't been my old awakened self that I was here in Inward Quest.

I was working on writing a karate book, I never finished because I got stuck then gave up. So here it is, I experienced a bump out of tune, then just retuned to a different frequency when I gave up, thus loss of interest.

Some places we are going along well and let old thoughts of not being able to achieve, or we can't achieve, why are we even trying? All of this is discordant with what we were trying to achieve, hence like slamming on the brakes to accomplishing and worse making us feel uninterested.


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Wade Casaldi

I feel you on this one... I used to be money driven(the ole'stick and carrot programming). My energy then shifted and my high paying job became a ball and chain. Quit my job. Sold my house. Moved a camper onto three wooded acres... YAY!!! Freedom!!! I went from feeling grounded to not being able to ground. That was four years ago... During those four years I learned TONS about myself...mostly inner balance. I went from oppression to complete freedom. Now, to me, it feels like an energetic re-balancing. The things I reached for in the physical world for personal gratification...working with my hands, writing, gardening...not enjoyable...too much like work. I am an earthy Virgo and grounding in the physical is what I am good is my comfort zone. I feel lost without the desire to pursue these avenues. I also know that NOT grounding leads to being uncomfortable as well (no desire to manifest in the physical..happy to sit still and get lost in thought=no financial stability in the physical). Soooo, here I sit in this energetic VOID space examining how much impact do I have to create my own reality vs. impact from external sources and other deep thoughts. I am just 'BEING' until given guidance otherwise. When I attempt to push forward I become physically and emotionally exhausted. I want to be in 'the flow' again! Just BEING can be very uncomfortable if viewed as a place of 'stagnation' by my ego when it creeps in to tell me I am being lazy or wasting time. I can't stay in the VOID forever... it is energetically impossible....I have been here before, but this time it seems like forever! I don't want to get out of the void through anger so I seek inspiration...but, so far...I got nothing'! Gah!


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