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Hello everybody!

The current virus and all that has happened in our societies recently has been an eye-opener for me, as I'm sure it has been for all of us. I've learned a lot about myself and others, and I'm appreciating the new, deepening peace I feel because of that.

I don't pretend I'm always perfectly peaceful about it. I get upset and sad sometimes too, but mostly my heart is full to bursting with the beauty I'm seeing around me.

I received an email from AbeQuotes today, and I thought this is what I'm seeing, this is what I'm loving. So, so much better to share Abraham's choice of words than mine, here they are.

Love to all! Grace :)

From Abraham Now 4/9/20:

There will those who already know how this works who will be focused on the positive aspects. You are already doing that. There is something that someone offered here that we are really wanting to read to you.

“I have been feeling so happy. What an incredible time to be alive! I’m wandering into the grocery stores and random strangers are laughing with each other in celebration when we behold piles of toilet paper newly stocked in the aisles. YAY! Toilet paper is back! Folks are leaving thank you notes, Post-its of gratitude for staff to discover throughout the stores.

Restaurants who had to close their seating are doing 2 to 3 times their usual seating in take aways and deliveries. Chefs are scooting around the neighborhoods dropping off my favorite foods. There is a sense of joy and camaraderie as I move through my day. People are happy and helping each other.

It feels as if social distancing has brought us vibrationally closer to Source and to each other. I look into my Twitter and Facebook feeds to see it filled with good news. The cities I love in this world are flowing with love and kindness. The people are singing to each other from the rooftops and balconies. The canals in Venice are filled with sparkling clean water, dolphins and fish.

Companies are innovating their supply chains and creating ventilators and hand sanitizers and PPE equipment. Musicians are singing symphonies of upliftment through the live concerts from their homes to ours. My Premier is leaving messages for the kids to let them know that although the Western Australia borders are closed, the Easter Bunny has been given special permission to visit this weekend.

Countries once at trade war are now collaborating with each other to ensure the flow of supplies. Medical schools, researchers and physicians in every city in the world are working together to create vaccines.

Abraham, I know that something wonderful is happening! I know that these are conditions, but I LOVE them. Abraham, I love these conditions of my world! It is in love. I love the people of my planet so much! I love the nature and the plants and the sunshine, and the beauty!”

This goes on. It’s longer and longer and longer and longer and longer.

Someone asked for a rampage of appreciation. That was one. That was the best rampage of appreciation we have ever witnessed or felt.

That really is the secret. It’s not a secret. That really is the trick. It’s not a trick. It’s a tool. It is a tool. It’s a technique. It is a technique. It’s a calling. It is a calling. To not just living happily after this emphasized experience, but during.

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Do you know if Esther Hicks or Bashar or any of the spiritual teachers such as Chopra or the like have received the vaccine or if any of them are warning people not to get it? Thanks

(11 Aug '21, 10:57) ele

I assumed Esther received the vaccine because she is travelling again. Esther likes the easy road and her freedom. She usually takes the path of least resistance . She is also a very intelligent lady and well connected to Source. She knows love is the highest energy.

I was correct. I happened upon a video today which confirmed my thoughts.

She wants people to make their own decisions and line up with them. She is not pushing her choice, on anyone else.

(15 Aug '21, 17:26) ele

Sorry, I can't get excited about any message that celebrates making more ventilators, hand sanitizers and other accoutrements of the Covid hoax. Especially the kill shots, I mean vaccines.

(20 Aug '21, 20:14) Delphine

This sounds completely crazy to me.

(21 Aug '21, 04:44) Marin

Basher wants everyone to wear masks, social distance, get the Covid shot and has always recommended following the guidance from the world health org and the laws also.

(05 Sep '21, 20:47) ele

*"Remember, Basher has said many times that following your passion includes acting with integrity, which means following your local laws as well as the guidelines of the World Health Org.

Just as important as preventing the spread of the virus is to remember to be kind to one another. Approach each interaction with love and understanding. Work together through this pandemic, to raise our vibration and help society evolve, as a whole."*

~ Bashar

(05 Sep '21, 21:25) ele
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Yes the covid 19 virus is causing a whole lot of hulabaloo all over the world ... in the part of the world where I live we're under a lot of pressure from the governement to get vaccinated. There are many other treatments available, personally I prefer energy medecines.

Time and time again in my experience the age old saying "every cloud has a silver lining" holds true and the covid is no exception. So within all this seemingly negativity there's a lot of good things appearing as Abraham Hicks points out.

Everything really does happen for a reason;

have a great day :)


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These things happen every 50 years or so.

There was WW2. A nuclear bomb was launched, yet, people have learned of the cruelty of taking these measures.

There was WW1. Things were learned.

There was Jesus.

There was medical issues, and the man who invented the idea of sanitising their hands and medical equipment prior to surgery was locked up in a mental ward. Yet his practise and logic still proceeds.

Covid19 is just another of these things. It has no more heaviness or weight than what the collective assigns it.

Do I give it any weight? Zero.


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