Hello, My question it's like this. The spiritual world is a very big part in my life I am a very conscious person very connected to source,

in the last two year, I extend my investigation, follow Abraham hicks make meditations read a lots of books. inside of me I feel pure love I just want to be happy and peace and to improve my abilities for sharing my wisdom and help other people be happy...

I really want to channel with higher beings to be a channel of good and wisdom to improve my life and other people life. I couldn't channel in the regular method so I bought quiji board. My intentions are really pure and good I know it,

Although I think at the first experiment with quija in a very natural way I might be a little scared and excited. I know that we attract what is reflect to our mood

But I really treat it seriously I really want it for good purpose.and I am not frivolous or looking for play. in this case, will I attract my truly pure intentions or my little nervous can May sabotage and better to give up?

I feel strong call to do it but I am little scard, not because of not pure intention, but because the situation and stories(even that I heard also good stories and I know it depend on our intentions) and that is new to me.

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Hello! The Ouija board is nothing more than a tool one uses much like a pendulum, scrying using mirrors, water, etc... or using tarot cards, even meditation and so on. As long as you clear your Energy Field before using any spiritual tools and your intention is from the heart you don't have to worry about attracting unwanted spirits ever. I totally get how you are a little apprehensive at first trying this but aren't the "First Times" we do anything in life just so exciting and thrilling.

So I would suggest to just take a few minutes preparing purifying your Energy Field within and outside of your body then Center yourself before you attempt to use whatever tool you are drawn to. A simple purification meditation using White light which only takes but a moment should give you the confidence and protection you seek. The Ouija board is a great tool to communicate with your Spiritual Guides at the beginning until you progress enough and soon you won't need such tools any longer to communicate with your Spiritual Guides or whoever you wish to communicate with. Keep your Heart and Intentions Pure and you will only attract those who are Pure of Heart who serves your Highest good throughout your Awakening/Spiritual Journey.

Keep your expectations low at first and be patient and try to remain as neutral as possible and your first contact will probably be the Guide who has been personally assigned to you. Most people have around 3 to 5 Spiritual Guides who are there for us to help deal with any circumstances in life but we all have that one who are a lot like us and who are very close to us. The Ouija board is a fun tool to use to get to know your Spiritual Guides on a personal basis. You sound and feel like a good/nice soul and I know you will have a lot of fun with this. It takes a brave soul to step out of their comfort zone to pursuit their Spiritual Adventure. Much Luv to you.

Peace, Love n Light


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Hello Moonbeam, Your answer really excited me, you really felt me. I use to people that just trying to wran you. And you give such confidence and good feeling. Thank you so much (:

(06 May '20, 05:05) Shir

You're so very welcome! I was drawn to the Pendulum and to the Runes which are no different than using the Ouija board as a Divination tool for channeling and communicating with Spiritual Guides and Astral Friends. It's fun and exciting and I have no doubt you will have the same kind of fun as I did. The Ouija board got a bad rap because of Hollywood and misguided people. Find a board that you are drawn to and if it is a new board or even a used one then much like the Tarot Cards or any

(06 May '20, 08:54) Moonbeam

other divination tool bless/purify it with White Light or Violet Light before using and when you are done using it, cover it in a violet or green or a white cloth to protect it for future use so that your readings stay accurate and pure. Personally I love the violet cloth as it has natural transmuting Energies. Have fun and never doubt the beauty and power of your beautiful Heart.

(06 May '20, 08:55) Moonbeam

Thank you I definitely going to take your advice (:

(07 May '20, 17:32) Shir
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inside each is a seed of
awareness waiting to
unfold, this intuition
for each to nourish at will


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