Hello I've been naturally Healing others well more like Minor Healings on others recently using Light Healing energy and a few had mentioned Reiki to me while others have mentioned Quantum Touch to me as they believe I would be a natural in either practice. I have heard of Reiki before but assumed it was just another form of Yoga exercise such as in Shaolin Qigong exercises for personal well being. As far as "Quantum Touch" goes well I am totally green in that area as I had only touched upon the whole Quantum Theory aspect since as the name suggests it is merely a "Theory" such as String Theory and so forth. As soon as I hear the word Quantum I automatically think of Quantum Theory or a form of.

I do have knowledge in Chi Energetics and have done some demonstrations especially in my younger days breaking bricks and blocks, denting or bending steel and sending people flying 10 feet back with my fingertips as in White Tiger or using a 3 inch punch as Bruce Lee did but while encasing them with a ball of protective energy so they don't get hurt and I have used my Chi to protect me from violent situations/accidents and so on. I have only shown 2 people on how to harness Chi as it is a dangerous ability to learn in the wrong hands. It took me awhile to control my Chi from 10% to 100% so that I don't injure anyone accidentally or overwhelm them with my Energy. I have also even used my Chi to slow pucks down when playing goalie in Hockey lol. I do use my Chi with my light Healings and have learnt to expand my Light to the perimeters of my city but mostly as a Transmuting Light Energy. I have tried distant Healings on a few occasions but I find myself doubting my abilities as there is no proof of my success eventhough some of my distant social media friends from across the world have sworn on the success of some of the healing experiments I have done with them or they have noticed a positive difference in their health.

It seems to me that anyone can take a course on Reiki and become a Master Reiki Practitioner in no time for a cost which kinds of discourages me from looking into it even further. As far as Quantum Touch goes it is along the same lines as Reiki, for a cost you can learn to develop these skills and also become a Master Practitioner in no time. To me they seem to be the same thing just with different names but everyone reassures me they are both indeed different. They both do use the Chi/Ki/Prana or Lifeforce energy depending on what cultural discipline you study with. So I assume that there are many Healers on our Planet as there seems to be many Master Practitioners in either discipline offering courses to others for a fee. Or maybe I am just naive and those Master Practitioners are simply scamming others for profit and notoriety.

If anyone could share some light on both practices it would be greatly appreciated as I am still learning to increase my Healing abilities way beyond my current capacity. I am also open to learning other forms of healing techniques not mentioned above. I love everyone equally and it saddens my heart when I see people hurting or in severe pain or in any form of discomfort especially the innocent children at cancer clinics which just breaks my heart and if I can assist anyone in some minor healings, I will without question/hesitation and have never asked for anything in return unlike others who do charge a fee on various social media outlets whose healing abilities are kind of questionable. I would love to learn to expand my healing abilites even further to help heal not only minor health issues but also major health issues and travel the world in healing as many as I can or to simply expand my Healing Light to confidently perform distant Healings or even group Healings. Thank You!

Peace, Love n Light

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Hello @Moonbeam "what's the difference between reiki and quantum touch" is like asking the question "what's the difference between a volkswagon and a toyota" ... they both use the same principles and they both have the same purpose. So it all boils down to personal choice, there are many different methods; reiki, quantum touch, qigong, magic to name but a few.

Quantum mechanics (quantum physics) is a very interesting mathematical theory, it actually validates subtle energies especially the theories of "entanglement and nonlocality". It brings to light the contrast between physical reality and non physical reality. In other words our world appears to be local, what happens here is separate to what happens over there, and we live in space and time, cause and effect. Quantum physics boils down to saying that time and space don't exist that everything happens at the same time, that reality is nonlocal and tangled ... the way to explain this seemingly impossible contradiction is to understand that both worlds exist and our physical brain acts as a filter, if it didn't act as a filter we would be so bombarded with information our consciousness would be in a state of total confusion.

Hope that helps


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