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I have had amazing results combining the two techniques in my healing work- in fact, over the years, the two have sort of blended into one style of healing that is all my own.

I am curious as to the results others have gotten from Reiki and Crystal Healing. So many people dismiss these two modalities as "bogus" but I have seen absolute miracles with both. Wade was healing a man, and the energy was so intense from Wade's hands that he actually left burn marks on the man's back! There truly is something to all of this, and I would like to discuss it.

I use a crystal pendulum and scan the body of the person I am healing. From that, I know and learn much about what is wrong. I then can apply Reiki or crystals to balance out the aura and make healing occur.

What results have you had with your healing?



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@Barry Allen- If my question is Community Wiki, then why is the question, "How does gratitude effect change in a negative situation in your life?" not Community Wiki? I am getting a persecution complex....

(22 Mar '13, 22:30) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah, that question is already Community Wiki

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Hi Jai,

The crystals magnify what ever you are doing, The Egyptian used amethyst for healing. It has been know a the addiction stone for hundred of years. Other crystals have other properties for other cures or help.


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Thanks @Tom , for the valuable little insights and isn't Amethyst so pretty to look at :-)

(22 Mar '13, 20:23) Starlight

@Tom, I'd love to hear how to use an amethyst to help heal myself, if you have any info to share.

(23 Mar '13, 01:11) Grace

@Grace not sure if you will see this. I forgot this till I read it again. It is said wearing amethyst will relieve a migraine. I don't suffer from migraines; maybe cause I'm surrounded by amethyst. The simplest remedy for preventing a migraine is too stay well hydrated. I'm sure both you & @Jai know this, if not Google it. Both you & Jai may benefit from Tiger's Eye - Jai for vision issues & for you, 3rd chakra & to balance hormones (thyroid). Tigers Eyes is great for attracting money.

(10 Apr '13, 09:12) ele
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I have been blown away by the results I see with Reiki on a daily basis. I have seen remarkable changes with everything from everyday hiccups (headaches, burns etc) to stress and depression, and to chronic pain & serious illness. It isn't a miracle cure for everything, but I do believe that most people receive a benefit in some way.


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