About 2 years ago I underwent a traumatic divorce from a very abusive man who actually attempted to kill me.

During the protracted divorce I was losing weight which I believed was from depression. After the divorce was over, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I underwent traditional and nontraditional therapy. Surgery, chemotherapy and reiki.

My biggest problem however was my bowel kept obstructing. 4 times it happened. Each time entailing a months hospitalization and a surgery. Finally I was placed on intravenous nutrition and lived on it for 6 months. My doctor came up with a radical new approach and I went back to surgery. 2 surgeons worked for 12 hours, and finally fixed the problem. However, by then I was in poor physical condition.

My weight had dropped to 106 pounds, and I hadn't eaten in 6 months. Within 24 hours, I quit breathing and had no blood pressure, I was unresponsive and a code was called. I was placed on the ventilator and blood pressure support. I had adult respiratory distress syndrome, and the doctors thought I was going to die.

Somehow a month later, I woke up. Recovery was slow and very painful. My body had been ravaged. They had me on many medications and I suffered from PTSD. Little by little, these have been going away. I am a classically trained allopathic physician. I have seen miraculous things happen though in the course of my years in medical practice.

I first heard of Kambo on YouTube. It is a poison secreted through the skin of the tree frog. It is placed on small burns in the skin. The poison races through your body, cleansing it both physically and energetically. People who suffer from chronic pain, addiction or other health problems, including depression, PTSD etc. have benefitted. One of the best practitioners of this art is in Topanga Canyon, California.

I was wondering if anyone here has had this done before, or witnessed it. I am very interested in completing my healing process. Patience never was my virtue :)

BTW, it is perfectly legal.

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I was wondering if anyone here has had this done before, or witnessed it. I am very interested in completing my healing process.

Unfortunately, frog poison isn't really my area of expertise so I'll leave a "proper" answer to your question to all our usual resident frog poison experts on IQ :)

I just wanted to point out that, from reading the other answers you've given on IQ since joining, you seem quite knowledgeable about the relationship between emotions and the physical reflections of them in a person's life, including someone's health.

So, in addition to the Kambo therapy (if you feel you wish to pursue it), have you considered also "healing" the underlying emotions that have given rise to your current physical condition?

I'm just thinking in terms of clearing all the emotional triggers relating to your divorce, and whatever gave rise to it, and then watching what effect that clearing has on your physical health.

That way you would be dealing with "causes" rather than trying to heal "symptoms" and perhaps that would allow your body to pretty much heal itself automatically in response to the improved emotional states.

There's a process in What's the remedy for this explosive rage against my wife? that might get you started.

Just a friendly non-poisonous suggestion :)


Now, it could also be that you've done all the vibrational work required and, from your aligned place of dominantly feeling good, you've been inspired to seek out frog poison as an "inspired action" (from that good feeling place) towards your desire for perfect radiant health.

In that case, here's a picture of a suitably scary-looking frog to spur you onwards with your quest :)

alt text


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Lol :) Thanks. I am reminded of the oft quoted, "physician heal thyself". It is always easier when a healer to clearly see through another's eyes, then your own. When I was working it provided emotional respite, because the minute I walked into a patient room I literally left myself at the door. I have worked very hard at these issues, and emotionally things are much improved. Whats aggravating me the most is the lack of energy. But your right, self work is ALWAYS in order :)

(24 Aug '16, 13:35) Triaa

@Triaa - You're welcome. From having a father who was a medical doctor, and all my resulting interactions with the medical community, I learned some time ago that saying "Physician, Heal Thyself" too directly to health professionals risks a subsequent "Patient, Feelest My Slapping Of Your Face" ...so one has to be a little tactful sometimes :)

(24 Aug '16, 13:57) Stingray
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