I am aware that our ailments form part of a great whole: the physical and the non-physical. Bashar states that most ailments can be traced back to one's state of being (usually a chronic state of being). I am wondering how lower back pain is sourced from our state of being and what features would this state display (e.g. emotional type etc).

If I think of the spine, I think of 'support' because the spine supports the body. So I'm guessing it has to do with support (or lack thereof?). So can it be that the person feels unsupported in life or, perhaps, that he has too many burdens to carry and is therefore overburdened? The spine also makes me think of strength. We have the proverbial saying of a person being 'spineless' or a person having a spine as thick as a tree trunk. I'm not sure though, that this is the correct interpretation.

I really would like to have some authoritative reference which could explain ailments in a metaphysical way because I really do believe that everything is connected and that what our body displays in terms of conditions or diseases are connected to our state of being, to our attitude towards things, circumstances and life in general.

I would greatly appreciate any of your insights that you may have.

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hello again @nbd028 :) ... here's some info about body pain and the metaphysical meanings


(15 Dec '20, 01:21) jaz

@jaz thanks

(15 Dec '20, 01:31) nbd028
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From Louise Hay's Heal Your Body book:

Back Problems, Lower: Fear of money. Lack of financial support

Affirmation: I trust the process of life. All that I need is always taken care of. I am safe


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This is from a similar book, by Daniel Condron. It has an entire glossary of symptoms of the body as well as the corrective affirmations.

The Lumbar spines, L1 to through to L5, are caused by thus: inability to bring inspired thought into action. Specifically, it is the block of transmuting thought into real-life time and action to produce meaningful results to the Self.

There is also a remedy provided:

Initiation of IMMEDIATE activity for the desires you have procrastinated on for the longest time. Now GO! You must take three actions.

From the book, Permanent Healing. by Daniel R. Condrom, 1992.


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Interestingly, this book lists different causes than those of Hay's for a number of illnesses. Although you could argue some causes are similar, just expressed at different levels of specificity (lumbar spine for ex., inaction can result in a lack of financial support), some causes are totally different. I've also noticed an instance where the causes are flipped for two different illnesses that go hand in hand ("hand in hand" meaning someone that has one of the illnesses often has the other).

(18 Dec '20, 07:12) WeRadiateBeauty

I've never been particularly interested in these ideas, but I've never found an instance of Hay's work to be outright wrong when checking a cause/effect out of curiosity. The differences in the two books make me wonder how the authors arrived at their conclusions and if there isn't a similar text authored by a channeled entity somewhere out there.

(18 Dec '20, 07:17) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - Bashar has an interesting way of correlating what one feels in the body and what one's being is - e.g. lack of self-worth can manifest in lack of energy because one feels a lack of support within their own system. This is how it starts and then it can develop into different forms of diseases including cancer. I have not come across lower back pain though, in Bashar's teachings.

(19 Dec '20, 05:45) nbd028
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