I have mentioned that I am going through a tough time right now with physical pain. Normally, I can ignore it for the most part. But lately, it has been taking a great toll on me, especially my levels of stress. What advice can you offer me on dealing with pain from the point of view of LOA? I especially seem to have a lot more fear since I lost my vision for a time last Thursday. I know that I need to turn it all over to God- but I would appreciate some tips on getting through this until I get my knee replaced on the 23rd.

Thanks a Lot! Jai May 9, 2011

asked 09 May '11, 18:14

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Jai, what exactly is wrong with your knee? What are they going to do in the surgery? This will affect my answer. I am sorry you are in such pain.

(10 May '11, 14:16) Fairy Princess

My knee was attacked by a flesh-eating bacteria, and the joint now looks like something out of alien science fiction. I mean, my kneecap is all the way to the right, and my femur actually "pops" out of joint on the left...I have needed this replacement for ages, and Dr. D. is finally doing something about it by replacing the joint on the 23rd. But I am going through a lot right now...I am experiencing intermittent blindness in one or both eyes due to migraines...Ugh! I am trying to keep my chin up. Wade helps A LOT. His positive attitude has rubbed off on me.I do have my moments...Thanks!>>>

(10 May '11, 14:22) Jaianniah

@Jai: I know many people that have had the knee replacement surgery, and have had very good results.

(12 May '11, 06:04) Inactive User ♦♦
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Physical pain is physical pain and does require some sort of pain medication, and in the more severe cases pain management treatments are required to the best of my knowledge. So, from a LOA perspective you will need to manifest and attract a team of medical professionals and specialist to treat, support, and care for you properly, both physically, and psychologically!

Let us all here at Inward Quest, take one minute to vibrate our positive healing energy towards Jaianniah, so that she can continue to be the strong woman that she is, and let us all meditate that she is whole, strong, and in perfect health!


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This was in my inbox today.

Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Saturday, September 5th, 1998 # 69

peace and wellness to You dear Jai


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(10 May '11, 20:07) Jaianniah

I really wish I could offer you some concrete advice Jai to help ease the physical pain.

I think it's understandable that you are feeling somewhat fearful after last week. However, I know and I know that you know that you need to try to put your attention elsewhere right now... don't give that fear anymore power than it already has.

The only suggestions I have are prayer and meditation combined with whatever you can do to take your mind off the fear. Surround yourself with people who will uplift your spirit and make you smile and keep yourself occupied so that fearful voice doesn't gain strength.

Hopefully, someone can offer you something practical to deal with the physical pain. Keep your spirit up... I've seen you making great progress on here.

Be well This too shall pass :)


answered 09 May '11, 18:41

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Thanks, Michaela...Yes, I know this will pass...Wade told be to put it all into God's hands, and he is right! Also, thanks for the comment on my "progress"...I really have been working hard to be a positive and more upbeat soul! Blessings and Love,>>>>>>>>>>

(09 May '11, 22:01) Jaianniah

I agree with Michaela about keeping your mind elsewhere and not giving power to the pain. Easier to say than do, I know, but your only alternative is to give in to the fear and hurting, which can only make things worse. And I really hope Streetsanto's meditation will help too. Best wishes, Jai!

(09 May '11, 22:18) LeeAnn 1

If I were to deal with pain from the point of view of LOA...then I would focus on healing and expecting to feel well. Stare at your knee and get a good sense of how it looks. Let that image burn into your mind. Now I would craft a few simple healing sessions... Water is a great healer. Take a soothing bath at least once a day..if you can. Submerge your body in the water and then do your breathing until you go into slight trance. Now revisit your image of your knee in your mind...being bathed with HEALING energy light. Play around with the visual ...guide healing energy and white light to your knee, while you are submerged in water. If you can't do this in "real" water...then do it all in your mind (same thing).

LOA tells us to expect that which we want. Expect the healing. Expect for your knee to feel good after your healing/soothing sessions. Joyfully recall the feeling of ....when you were walking painfree. What did you do then ??? Replay in your mind, the days of your youth.... Bring back those days as vividly in your mind as possible. Bring it to the "present". Feel the feeling of unencumbered mobility. What would you do and where would you go? Take your mind off the pain and focus on the places you expect to go...on your healed knee. Talk to your knee...aren't you connected to the knee ? it"s yours and within your body...so by default you are connected to it. Reach out to it with your mind and thoughts. Do the healing in your mind with passionate expectation, light and water.

I did a similar thing with my eye...when i had to have a corneal transplant....and my body tried to reject the transplant. Talk to the cells...the cell are made up of the same stuff as your thoughts. Energy.


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I'd give you two points if I could! What a great visualization! I will be in the tub shortly!!! Blessings and Love, >>>>>>>>>>>

(09 May '11, 22:03) Jaianniah

your very welcome Jaianniah

(10 May '11, 01:19) streetsanto

Hi Jai you could try this.... ask the question "how would it feel if I didn't feel pain?" and see what comes up.

Much love


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I am so sorry you are in such pain! For the migraines, I suggest doing EFT. Tap out all your fears, anxieties, hurts, etc... and you will find yourself in a place of peace and less pain. It takes some work and effort, but it is life changing. It sounds like you have a real structural problem with the knee, so emotions are not the main cause, but may be contributing to the pain. Emotions are responsible for the migraines though. I would also recommend reading the book, link textHealing Back Pain by Dr. John E. Sarno. That is the book that started me on this journey (again) into the metaphysical studies. Also The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton. In these books, I have learned how our emotions cause pain and illness.

link text


answered 10 May '11, 14:52

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Fairy Princess

I wish emotions were all that was wrong as far as the headaches go...but I have cervical dystonia and degenerative disc disease in my neck and spine...my headaches are a very complex combination of stuff. I do regular meditation and EFT to cover any emotional issues--but I still get the darned headaches. Wade and I are now praying for a complete healing of them from God. The knee pain is stressing out my body to the point of complicating my migraines. But I appreciate the links to the books...and your caring love! Jai

(10 May '11, 17:34) Jaianniah


I am also sorry to hear about your situation. I have had acdf c4/5 5/6. My discs have fallen apart and I had to have some removed.

As you know the pain can be debilitating. I was on all sorts of pharmaceuticals and it only 'seemed' worse. I started to get lost in a haze of pain, drugs and helplessness. Something had to change. Me.

I decided that western medicine is not for me (except of course the surgery part lol). I started first to completely change my diet to a more organic plant based diet. I exercised more than ever and drank tons of water. It actually moved me to a more holistic lifestyle. Increased meditations and mindfulness also helped. After a few months of this regimen I no longer needed pills. So much pain is stress induced. Not just mental stress but unnecessary physical stress we put on our bodies through the toxins and chemicals we get hammered with daily.

It is no easy task to change our diets to avoid the chemicals (they are everywhere!) but like all of our other "problems" you must look in at the whole and nourish it completely not just mask it with pills and good thoughts. You have to work hard at giving your body what it needs.

There are alternatives to opiates and other pills.

Be well Much Love



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You and i have something in common,I too suffer from cronic pain.Its my lower back though.The way i deal with it is though medatation and tychea.I Use it to heal the pain.It takes a wile to notice the differance,But mostly its convinceing yourself that you aren't gong to except the pain,and believe in it fully and you will see the resolts.Consentrate on the area and tell it to go away that you don't want it and thats that,try it,see what you think.


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randy 7

If one is in pain, then unless you are professionally skilled in LOA, I'm going to suggest to not tackle LOA methods head-on first. Instead, meditate. How? USE YOUR PAIN as your meditation point. Like monks use candles or chants as 'focal points' for their meditation, do the exact same with your pain. LOA people may post, "Don't dwell on it" (and that is a statement over-emphasised).

My advice- let yourself dwell on it. Force yourself to dwell on it. And just concentrate on the pain.....Anytime you catch yourself thinking something that is not immediatly associated with the pain (which is...just about every other thought), then remind yourself you're going to focus on the pain.

In essence, to keep LOA people happy as well, this will in fact sap any negative energy. You will be totally in the moment. Though you may state you are in pain, you'll be able to grasp a great opportunity of being in the moment.

Thus, at the very least, you'll be capable of moulding a new perception of your current 'pain.' If LOA says pain is the result of a habitual trend in bad thinking, then this is the start of your new life- you are literally being forced to change thinking. And that's easy- just be in the moment for starters.


answered 06 Jul '11, 14:30

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