Has anyone read Cheiro's books on Astrology and numerology etc? what are your experiences after applying cheiro's theories in numerology?

is there any effective and reliable method to know right time for our actions in numerology or in astrology in our everyday life?

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My Father, as a teenager, taught himself palmistry from "Cheiro's Palmistry for All". He used to read palms as a means of entertaining his friends and meeting girls at social events.

Apparently this one time, he was so excited to see the clear indication of an impending danger in this girl's palm that he went ahead and told her that her life was in danger; (Let me clarify myself here. He was not excited to see the "danger", he was excited to see the clear markings that he had only read about and had never expected to actually see them in someone's palm).

Since my dad had always done this as a "game" he never believed in it.

Unfortunately for him, and this poor girl, after two week of his "palm reading" this girl suddenly died in an accident.

From this day forward, my dad refused to read any more palms, and he believed that Cheiro's books were the best books on the subject of palmistry.

When I grew up, I held this old book in my own hands many times and flipped through its pages with intense curiosity.

But, alas, I never realized its true value, and the book was destroyed during the 1983 Civil war in my home country when we lost all our material possessions.

So if any of you come upon any of Cheiro's books, please treasure them for they are, in my openion, the real deal.


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The Traveller

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Thnak you Traveller for your kind reply.

(23 Dec '10, 06:27) Zee

You're welcome Julu. I am eagerly anticipating other people's answers as well because I am interested in the validity of Cheiro's works myself.

(24 Dec '10, 17:56) The Traveller

i am currently experimenting on cheiro's book of numbers.i think his phillosophy is workable.

(27 Dec '10, 10:31) Zee
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I would certainly check my Library to see if I do have a copy of this Book, or I would research the book on the Internet. I would be interested to read the other answers, interesting question!


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