i just listened to james grupp and he said if your numbers say your going to be rich, poor whatever, you cant change your destiny.

anyone have thoughts on that. if true is loa a waste of time

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Hello tim8256, i think you must be referring to "Telementation, cosmic feeling and the law of attraction" by Jeffrey Grupp ... in any case the law of attraction is always functioning ... numbers can be interpreted in any way that we wish and are therefore just tools. We all have the capacity to shape our own destiny ... have fun :)


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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

We all have the capacity to shape our own destiny... Yes we do blubird two and I love that you know that ♥

(02 Feb '12, 09:28) Eddie

Put you mind at rest... Numerology is a method of reading and interpreting energy potential. As such, it's a tool and it does not hold any power to control anyone's fate or destiny; it's a reading of one potential future that's most probable, if nothing changes.

The thing to remember is that any reading of energy is only as accurate as, and based upon the energy that's showing at the time the reading is done. However, if you do a reading and discover that you're heading for disaster, you can simply make changes and the changes you make will adjust the energy, so the old reading is rendered null and void.

Due to the nature of reality consisting of infinite possible and infinite probable realities and change being a Universal law, it's accurate to say that there's no such thing as an accurate prediction of the future. You hold the power over your own destiny :)


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@Eddie - "there's no such thing as an accurate prediction of the future" ... so when i regularly predict the winning numbers in horse races is it a prediction of the potential future that is most probable or myself having power over my own destiny ? it seems to me that the "future" leaves tangible traces :)

(02 Feb '12, 09:47) blubird two

@blubird - Maybe 'accurate definite prediction' is a better statement. You're choosing to shift to a parallel reality in which you picked the winning numbers, so in a sense it's the same thing. Keep on shifting :)

(02 Feb '12, 10:48) Eddie

Your answer makes a lot of sense, I used to be worried when I did my numerology and astrology signs and numbers... but ultimately what you say is very true!

(03 Feb '12, 23:42) LapisLazuli

That's great Lapis Lazuli. I've never studied numerology, this is simply what came through to me and makes sense to me after I became excited to answer the question :)

(03 Feb '12, 23:54) Eddie
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The way Ive understood it the letters in your name, which correspond to numbers 1-9, and the numbers in your bday simply reflect qualities which are essentially neutral. For example in the name Tim: t=2 + m=4 =6 6 is described as a number of peace and balance, in a negative sense it could also be related to a passive-agressive stance. The choice of its expression is left up to you. The vowels relate to the emotional sphere. I=9 being a universal number because whatever its added to is intensified. In this case 6+9= 15, 1+5 =6 again. Because there is a light and dark side to everything, you can choose the direction and form of expression. Nothing is set in stone, its only meant to give you guidance. You could have talent as a mediator, an architect, a judge, a caseworker, etc. The labels dont really matter. Your expression will come through in any occupation. Its simply meant to indicate a way towards finding your particular satisfaction and harmony. 1 could emphasize your individuality and need for independence. 5, a very physical number, could indicate a need for movement and stimulation in a peacekeepers role. Maybe as a park ranger or landscaper. The money is alot less important than the satisfaction you gain from daily life in your work.


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helenread25 1

Thanks for the info :)

(03 Feb '12, 19:33) Eddie

we have free will and
the ability to make choice
but once we decide a
compensation is set in motion

numerology, astrology, psychology
all have their converts
as well as the determinists
over time, though, choices made rule


answered 04 Feb '12, 06:59

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