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Hi :) . So I have a really really strict father and I understand that he only wants the best and is trying to protect me but life is short and I really want to be able to experience my teenage years .. I do not mean sex, drugs, alchohol, or any of the bad things. I mean simple things like going out with friends every once and a while or being able to call my friends or pull an all nighter with my best friend. I have somewhat recently discovered manifestation and am learning more and more about it everyday. I have already manifested a few things and plan to manifest so much more. I wanted to know what would be the most effective way for my dad to be a bit more lenient. I have been using affirmations and I've been visualizing him saying yes more as well as truly believing he'll change. Any tiny piece of help would be gratefully accepted because I'm really tired of not being able to do anything ever. >>>> this is not important but i didnt fill the 1000 character mark so ummmm i gotta stall ok not anymore im done now

asked 20 Apr '21, 20:42

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@charity, I'm sorry but I am going to have to close your question because you tried to bypass the 1,000 character minimum limit. The limit exists to prevent abuse and we enforce it strictly. If we allow any exceptions, people will find ways to bypass the limit. There was a clear warning on the "Ask Question" page that questions that don't reach the limit will be closed. Every question can have more genuine detail added so I suggest you re-ask your question with more information. Thanks.

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