Manifested wealth seems to come in chunks for me, not a steady stream like work wages do. Have you had this too?

My question is, can manifestations be guided towards a more consistent flow? I'm OK with downsizing until I have savings.


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At the risk of stating the obvious, if you do find your manifested wealth comes in chunks then why not impose your own steady stream upon it?

If a lump sum appears, just give it to yourself in a steady stream. It's only what an employer does anyway...you agree with them what lump sum you are going to have every year (your annual salary) and then the employer turns it into a steady stream for you, usually monthly.

Speaking more generally, yes, I do find that what I perceive as manifestations (physical manifestations are really only personal perception) do seem to come in cycles.

There are times when a lot of "stuff" (people, things, experiences) flows into my life and there are other times which are relatively quiet.

I see that only as a reflection of my inner workings anyway...there's times when I like to be busy and there are other times, usually straight after the busy times, when I like to do pretty much nothing at all :)

As for guiding your manifestations towards a more deliberate consistent flow, I don't really know...the idea feels resistant to me because it implies an underlying limiting belief of lack of trust in the Universal flow. If you knew the Universe would always respond to your requests in some way (which it always does) then why worry about the flow at all?

Also, if you try to force things too much, you'll get in your own way so, unless there are definite crisis deadlines looming, I try to leave it up to universal forces to sort out the timings in the way that will be to my greatest benefit.

In the analogy of the solider and the helicopter, the physical "Me" is just the soldier on the ground anyway with a limited view and can't really see the bigger picture of what's the best time for something to happen.

alt text

I might think, from my low-level perspective, that a manifestation should occur at a particular time but, from the higher broader view, there might be good reasons why it shouldn't which may not become obvious until later.


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Excellent answer, and well illustrated. "My guy in the chopper has surprised me a few time, but it's usually for a reason" Thanks!

(22 Jun '12, 02:12) AlicianFields

@AlicianFields - You're welcome :)

(22 Jun '12, 05:21) Stingray

Hello Alician,

Yes it can :)

The more in alignment you are with your higher self the source of who you really are (in addition to your physical self), the more consistently abundance in all forms, (including, but not limited to money) will flow to you.

New desires are automatically created by the contrast of what we are living and instantaneously sent to our higher self using the channel of imagination. By staying in balance and harmony with your source, through acknowledging and acting upon the inspiration, intuition and feelings being looped back to your physical mind from your higher self, you’ll be riding the positive end of the Now Wave…

Study the image below

The now wave of positive and negative energy.

This image represents how if we remain in balance and harmony with our source, we always get everything we desire and more. I’ve noticed that the things I want always seem to come to me in waves.

Remember that vibrational attraction is activated by both positive and negative emotion. Thus if you feel bad about what you're not getting, then you'll not get even more. Whereas if you appreciate and feel good about all that you previously desired and now already have, your vibration will rise and then you'll always get even more of those kinds of things :)

The now wave contains both positive and negative energy, so by staying positive as you travel along it (or as it moves through you) you’ll only attract and receive all good things and minimize receiving any negative things.

Our physical mind cannot see into the future, that’s the job of our higher self. Our physical mind’s job is to perceive the Now moment and to simply say Yes to what’s wanted and to do what feels good in every moment. However, through self-imposed forgetfulness, we’ve forgotten about some of the elements of our being.

Once we’ve remembered the totality of who we really are and reminded ourselves to release all resistance, in the form of worry or doubt, to the things that we say we desire; then we simply allow all of the good things to naturally flow to us, whilst avoiding the negative unwanted things. When we vibrate in the vicinity of our higher self we always feel good and all things wanted are near and then manifestation is imminent :)


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Thanks Eddie, the illustration and explanation was really clear. That helps.

(22 Jun '12, 02:10) AlicianFields
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