Hello Everyone, I stumbled across Matrix Energetics some time ago.

I read some great reviews regarding books about it in amazon. I've seen a couple of videos and listened to introductory cds.

I was wondering if anyone had gone to a workshop or had more information about it. I don't know why I remembered the subject a few days ago and I just wanted to hear opinions about it, or even results with it, to see if I should put it on my list for further research.

Thanks to everyone in advance.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I have a two day workshop on matrix energetics by the end of May. I am planning to attend it and check it out. I want to be ready with the information before I attend. That is a completely different experience - attending with a proper background on the subject.

If there are any updates to this topic, please post..


(22 Apr '12, 14:35) Perfection
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I used to be on the ME forum a lot, trying to figure out how to do a two point (2 pt). I still haven't managed to make it work for me. I don't doubt it though, a few users did 2 pts for me over the internet, and it healed a lot of grief I had over a certain person. I've also had small successes with Chinese Energetics, which is mostly the same thing, but instead of dropping to the heart space you focus on the midline. That was easier for me to figure out.

I gave up on ME awhile ago... but that's only because most people who use it say there are no rules, you can use it any way or method you want. That always confused me because I wasn't sure how to go about it.

I've been thinking about looking into it again, though... it has been over a year so I might have an easier time figuring it out this time around.


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Thank you for your answer. I spend a couple of days at the forums, there were some older entries that were medium helpful. I got the same idea as you hehehe. I'm in the middle of re-reading Master Key System, but after I'm done with that I'll give it another go.

(15 Feb '12, 17:16) Kriegerd

You're welcome! Good luck.

(16 Feb '12, 00:13) LapisLazuli

I read the Matrix Energetics book some years back and, while the stories told within it seemed remarkable, it also became clear that you weren't going to learn how to do the process "properly" unless you attended a seminar in person with Richard Bartlett. I don't live in the US so that's not a trip I'm willing to do specially without good reason.

I haven't looked at Matrix Energetics again since then so I don't know if there's any way of learning the process remotely now.

Judging from what @LapisLazuli has said, there might not even be much of a process to it anyway :) I also got the impression from the book that it was more about using your "intuition" about what to do rather than any particularly established technique.


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Yes, hehehe. From what I gathered is more of a mindset kind of thing than a technique. A friend of mine gave me an used copy of the "The Matrix Energetics Experience" which is supposed to be the next best thing to being in a seminar. I heard a couple of the CD's but it never got to the meat of things. I remembered I had the material and just wanted to see if anyone thought it was worth the time. I'll guess I'll take a stab at it after I'm done with some things. Thank you for answering!!

(15 Feb '12, 17:21) Kriegerd

Gleaning from all that has been said i get the impression that Matrix Energetics is all about discovering our own individual intuitive energies, our own Living Matrix, seems like a good "mistake" on the part of Wade to me :)


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our own living matrix ... yes i like it blubird

(23 May '14, 02:31) jaz

I completed the Level 1 workshop on Quantum Energetics last weekend that is based on Matrix Energetics principles. I really enjoyed learning and loved the program!

It is worth knowing and for me it was a practical demonstration of all the theoretical concepts learned till date.

All I can say is I LOVED IT!


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That's great @Perfection!. I'm planning on taking the workshop this year if possible. Thanks for posting your experience with it.

(29 May '12, 10:51) Kriegerd

What can you do with it? I mean what have YOU done with it?

(10 Jul '12, 00:43) Fairy Princess

Well, I use it several times a day. I improved my relationship, use my old vehicle (which is really in a bad shape and works as a new one when I apply QE), helped a number of my friends and relatives to get rid of their disease, other soul fragments, chronic disorder - could do a lot of things because this is just instantaneous... the effects are visible instantly... you might want to read my workshop experience here: http://naziaslife.blogspot.in/2012/05/quantum-energetics.html

(10 Jul '12, 06:45) Perfection

Thanks for the link. When you say QE you mean ME? Do you do Quantum Entrainment also or just Matrix Energetics? Thanks And do you do it at the workshop like in the book?

(10 Jul '12, 08:41) Fairy Princess

I just read you post and it says, "Quantum Energetics" and the facilitator was Mrs. Aditi Surti. Is this different than Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett? Thanks

(10 Jul '12, 08:44) Fairy Princess

Hi Fairy Princess - QE is Quantum Energetics. It is modified form of Matrix Energetics... Aditi has added her own modalities to it it seems. I have not attended workshop on Matrix Energetics, but have read the book and I regularly visit the message boards at matrixenergetics.com

Reading the book is also really helpful for learning Matrix Energetics. Also there are few videos available that enable to experience the Matrix Energetics

(10 Jul '12, 09:06) Perfection
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I haven't found much about ME, it seems you have to go to the workshop, no thanks. I did end up reading The Secret of Instant Healing by Frank Kinslow, where he teaches Quantum Entrainment. Quantum Entrainment seems very easy. I made up my own 'technique' after reading about it.

I have had major relief from emotional issues, but not physical yet.

Edit: Ok I have read Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett. Again like The Secret of Instant Healing, it seems too good to be true. It is very close to the technique Quantum Entrainment taught in The Secret of Instant Healing. There is a slight difference in techniqu, but there seems to be a drastic difference in the affect. While QE can take more time ME seems more drastic and imediate. I have not had those results yet myself, but I just finished the book last night. I would now like to attend the workshop, but it's expensive.


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Fairy Princess

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Yaa.. That is the most wonderful part of Quantum Energetics... Anybody can learn it and can have any technique. :)

(29 May '12, 10:06) Perfection

I haven't learned Quantum Energetics. I learned Quantum Entrainment. However, I did just watch a video of the two points from Quantum Energetics from a link in an answer in this thread. They do seem very similar.

(29 May '12, 10:29) Fairy Princess

I kind of got that impression too @Fairy Princess, but in my case I do want to attend. I've been getting this subtle signs about it from different places and I'm curious hehehe.

I read the book too and QE is amazing!!. I have been practicing as much as I can. May I ask what physical problems are you having? I'm doing QE sessions for others twice a day.

My wife and I have had relief from physical issues (not really major) as well as emotional. Although on my part the emotional relief..

(29 May '12, 11:04) Kriegerd

has been temporary. I guess I just have to keep at it. Thanks for reminding me of your technique, I had read it in a hurry and had forgotten about it.

I missed the link on quantum matrix, is it the living matrix movie link? Thanks for posting!

(29 May '12, 11:07) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd Physically, I have many painful muscles due to injuries. I have had slight improvement on that. However, a couple days ago, I got a cough that gave me laryngitis. I don't feel as sick as I did last time, a couple months ago, but I had to call in sick. Last time I got it was right after I learned and played with Chinese Energetics.

(29 May '12, 11:12) Fairy Princess

I've seen a couple of videos on Chinese Energetics, I'd like to get a whole program to learn it better. I think it's really powerful. Although in my little understanding of it I felt that it has a lot of similarities with QE, when I was concentrating on the midline I was basically experiencing pure awareness. I applied it successfully for small physical issues with my wife and me.

I'll begin 2 QE events today for you (@Fairy Princess), hope it helps. Wish you the best.

(29 May '12, 15:15) Kriegerd

Awesome! Thank you!

(29 May '12, 16:01) Fairy Princess

Just to update everyone, I am back to my old healing method and I have started giving away distance healing sessions at no upfront cost. It has been giving good results. Anyone interested can visit http://thevitalitycafe.weebly.com and receive healing.

I found my old method more effective then QE... it is just my personal preference. It might not be same for everyone.

(22 May '14, 03:44) Perfection
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At first I thought you were talking about The Living Matrix, that is the film I have and it is excellent! http://www.thelivingmatrixmovie.com/

It is from this site that I learned of Reconnection from Dr. Eric Pearl. An excellent healing modality using energy in a most unusual way. As for Matrix Energetics I have never seen that before now.

Thank you for the link I will check it out. :-)


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Wade Casaldi


Hehehehe.. funny how by "mistake" you ended up finding about ME and I ended up finding about this movie. I'll check it out when I have the chance, sounds interesting. Cheers!

(15 Feb '12, 17:23) Kriegerd

I love that movie. Have you read Dr. Eric Pearl's book or anything?

(16 Feb '12, 09:33) Fairy Princess

Oh yes I have his book, "Reconnection" is a very good book and it teaches you how to do it. The story of his mother's near death experience is amazing and strikingly similar to the experience Jai had if not exactly the same! Great book really worth it Fairy Princess! :-)

(16 Feb '12, 11:07) Wade Casaldi

Thanks @Wade Casaldi I think Eric Pearl is kinda creepy. Is that just me?

(23 Apr '12, 08:52) Fairy Princess
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I bought the book Matrix Energetics. Realizing that saying you have to attend a seminar is probably just a way for the author to be assured of an income. I do Trager Bodywork at bodyworksvictoria dot ca/ian I just applied the book to my therapy work and it was magically effective. You can read my bodywork reviews on the above site.

I highly recommend that, if you are doing bodywork already for some years, just read the book and forget about the expensive seminars!

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Matrix energetics is simply applying your own personal magnetism to transform and develop yourself, it truly is the art and science of conscious transformation, just reading the book will get you nowhere, it's all about personal experiences.

Things become very simple when you strip away all the specialized language of most techniques concerning a particular subject, anyone who's been caught up in classical medical care knows exactly what I mean, all the jargon, all the rules, all the techniques, all the maths are really just reference phrases for a certain reality conceived by humans that say if it's not this then it's that.

Developing an on-going and supple personal relationship with myself is probably the most powerful tool I have ever used, it changes the way I communicate both with my inner being and also the way I communicate with my world around.

In applying matrix energetics through the bias of personal magnetism I enjoy and enter truly into communication with the living matrix.


answered 19 Aug '15, 03:03

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