How do you manifest slack? This sounds like what I need right now.

Example of slack from Urban Dictionary (Illustrates synchronicity, Law of Attraction, and lack of resistance...)
I just had a the most Slack-filled (week/day/hour) -- everything just fell into place and "accidentally" went my way, and I didn't have to lift a finger or pay even one red cent to make it happen that way. Hell, I even found a $20 bill, so I'm money ahead! Talk about SLACK...

I love reframing my experience from a SubGenius point of view, but I am dead serious about the slack!!! Also inspiring is The Big Lembowski, he could be considered an Ascended Master of Slack.

I hope you find value in this light-hearted observation. I look forward to your advice on manifesting slack.


alt text

He's really in the Vortex. That's the "The Dude"

Slang Definition of Slack

asked 23 Jul '12, 02:04

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Looks like Woody Harrelson to me ,whom I think (WH) might have the heads up on Slack , always looks soooo chilled and I'm loving your lighthearted question AF , which incidentally, ha ha , are my Real Intials :-)

(23 Jul '12, 02:11) Starlight

You mean 'Lebowski'?:)) "The Dude, the duder"..."Yeah, well. The Dude abides":) My fav film...I wanna say "everything I know about philosophy, I learned from the 'TBL', but I won't:) Nice question...

(23 Jul '12, 03:43) Xoomaville

@Alician Fields - TBL - one of my all time favourites and yes, there is a lot in that movie about just allowing things to be.

(23 Jul '12, 03:53) Catherine

Love this question! I want to know the answer too....And that rug! Really just ties the room together, doesn't it???

(23 Jul '12, 11:45) Grace

@Grace - love it and the fact that John Goodman's character (can't remember his name) says it is just genius! Love him in TBL.

(23 Jul '12, 13:14) Catherine

I feel an "emotional cleansing" after watching The Big Lembowski(The Greatest Slacker Ever), even if I'm not sure what it's about. His life was perfect, then some doosh-bags bust in, and one of the guys urinates on his rug (The Universe not giving us what we want). Maybe his life needed contrast (experiencing Anti-Slack, The Jeffrey Lebowski character), and he attracted this, but "that rug really did tie the room together." EDIT: "Sorry I get the names wrong:)"

(23 Jul '12, 21:44) AlicianFields

Anti-Slack thanks Alician, am going to adopt that term from now on for all the yucky feelings.....SL ♥

(23 Jul '12, 21:51) Starlight

Yea, Anti-Slack. We need to let go of that resistance.♥

(23 Jul '12, 21:56) AlicianFields
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Wiktionary: Abide


To wait in expectation; to pause; to delay; to tarry. - Believe and you will see.

To stay; to continue in a place; to have one's abode; to dwell; to sojourn - Absolute faith that the Universe is at work on your behalf, no waivering.

To remain stable or fixed in some state or condition; to continue; to remain; to last; to endure - Don't peek in The Box

To stand ready for; to await for someone. - Watch for vibrational matches

To wait for, to be prepared for, to await expectantly, to watch for. Preparation of your vibration; a match to that of your desire, be ready

The Stranger said it all. The wisdom of the ages. The Dude abides.

My advice? "F#%# it, Dude. Let's go bowling."

Words to live by.



answered 25 Jul '12, 11:37

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The Dude Abides

(25 Jul '12, 17:57) AlicianFields

Alician Fields , I guess the simple answer is maintain the happy feeling place , I find when I do this all just flows with ease and I really do believe it's how we are meant to live .

Abraham calls it The Stream , you can either go against , ie the yucky feelings and close off your valve to well being ( the source) or feel good , open the valve and let all flow to you and through you .

You may find this helpfull


If you start paying attention to the way you feel and what turns up (manifests) you quickly "get it " cause and effect ........

SL ♥♥♥


answered 23 Jul '12, 20:02

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Thanks, I like Abraham's Steam example.

(25 Jul '12, 18:09) AlicianFields

Oh , haven't come across that , will see if I can find on the amazing YouTube , such a fantastic resource and appreciation to those who make it available for us ♥♥♥ SL

(25 Jul '12, 18:48) Starlight
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