Manifestations happen and it usually seems it is no big deal. So we get the green lights and the close-in parking spaces and, it seems very natural.

Even the bigger manifestations, the ones that people say "How did YOU do THAT?" Seem very natural. So effortless. So simple. So "of course. . . ." And it works out in a way that we had not consciously directed. Just seemed to happen.

Sometimes, often, it seems funny! We find ourselves laughing out loud. Maybe the Joy of Connecting?

But it is almost an inner laughter. We don't do cartwheels. Scream and dance. We just smile. Low key celebration.

Does this happen to you?

asked 25 May '12, 13:24

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Dollar Bill

Yes this happens.

I think when it manifests 'no big deal' because that 'big deal' is already done!

We already practiced/had the feelings of having it.

So if it was a normal wish, no mental work, we just smile because we already say I am feeling it, it is coming, yes, and such things. And we the loa appliers already do it in reversal way, The Feel it then Have it. when it comes, I ALREADY trusted you universe so no big deal!


answered 25 May '12, 15:06

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Love your response, Rola, and I completely agree! This is the feeling I get as well, that it was already done. I am already familiar with it.

(25 May '12, 20:17) LeeAnn 1

I like this answer! It does seem like I already had it, so the feeling of already having it manifests as gratitude for having it when it does materialize in my life.

(26 May '12, 05:47) Dollar Bill

And that what is happening with me so far, I am having a big manifestation and received it with a cold smile because I already had it and underwent through all the astonishment, joy and such feelings.

(27 May '12, 14:38) r0la
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When you become a vibrational match to your desire,you obviously can't desire it anymore, hence the feeling of  "no big deal".


answered 26 May '12, 07:39

Satori's gravatar image


Maybe there is a "quiet joy" in our easy manifestations, our "effortless" manifestations because we were in concert with our Connection with Source and allowed it to happen.

Sometimes we feel that the manifestation, is the result of our struggle. Our effort. That we had to work hard to get it and feel a sense of relief when it happens. The burden paid off! I think that the real reason that it appears that our struggle paid off is that we got so tired from struggling that we finally allowed it to happen.

An old "wise saying", "Why to you wear too tight shoes?" Because it feels so good when I take them off!"


answered 20 Jun '12, 07:14

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

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