I met a guy who used to cut white photocopying papers into a currency size ($100), he puts the papers together with the real banknote into an empty pot, spray a certain perfume on the papers and cover it with a clean white cloth. He then starts to read some certain names over the pot for an hour or so, and when he opens the pot you will see that all the papers had tranformed into the type of that currency but with diffent numbers on each currency therein. If you keep that money for a year, it still remains that currency. And if you decide to spend it, you can spend it anywhere any time without any problem.

My question is that how does this happens? And where is the money coming from? Is it coming as your creation or is it some supernatural beings that are bringing the money and exchanging the papers with the real money as per your request and your specifications? Or is it some sort of magic that tricks the eyes of all that sees it? I still wonder how is this possible? Even though I really know everything is possile, but how?

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Should get off a metaphysical forum and go ask a chemist how this process works.

(16 Jul '21, 21:55) Nikulas
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Hi @Nineteen

There're hundreds and hundreds of scientifically unexplainable happenings ... but what is science? everything all boils down to the tension between the yin and the yang (or electric magnetic if you prefer), the building blocks of the physical universe without which nothing is possible.

Here's an article you may find useful


All physical phenomena are powered by the yin yang dynamic including ourselves lol ... some people seem to be able to canalize this force more than others, for example Yuri Geller



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Thank you @jaz for accommodating me and not being so sentimental about my quest. Thank you for your answer and thank you for the link, it is very didactic.

(19 Jul '21, 05:44) Nineteen

Nice to know you appreciate my answer @Nineteen ... I've edited giving a bit more info ... have a great day :)

(20 Jul '21, 01:13) jaz

Good question and good answer. Thanks.

(02 Nov '21, 02:30) Audrey Reese Johnson
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