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I need a little enlightenment and encouragement here. About 3 years ago, I got--seemingly out of nowhere--blind spots (scotomas) in my para-central vision. They have never gone away, though they seem to have lightened just a smidge. The doctors never were able to diagnose it, and I truly believe it came from my own negative energy and the insurmountable stress I was under.

Since then, I have read so many books on healing, I have listened to countless Louise Hay audio tapes, read Abraham Hicks, and so on. I have been studying EFT and while that has helped a lot with my emotional upsets, I still have these spots in my vision. It seems to keep the stress at a high level because they are ALWAYS in my awareness. Hard to focus on healing, when I constantly see these "reminders" of something not being right in my body. I just am at a loss at this point.

That being said, I would love to hear any stories/testimonials of others who have healed health issues or diseases themselves, and how they did it. I would love the encouragement and knowledge that it is POSSIBLE to do so. Any input would be so much appreciated!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I have no experiences in healing diseases. But I would recommend you dig into Dr Schulze's incurables program. This guy seems to be the real deal when it comes to incurable diseases. Bashar also recommends his healing programs. Check out and look for Dr. Schulze testimonials.

(07 May '13, 02:41) releaser99

Know someone who healed someone from cancer... with no logical explanation... just by touch...

(08 May '13, 23:18) Dragonflybreeze

Keep in mind - there is a huge difference between being healed & being cured.

(13 Jun '13, 00:12) ele

@ele -- Care to elaborate?

(13 Jun '13, 04:30) shammond508

A cure is physical; healing is spiritual. You can be healed w/o being cured.

(13 Jun '13, 04:34) ele

@ele - interesting. Never heard it put quite that way before.

(13 Jun '13, 04:36) shammond508

@shammond508 I didn't mean to be pick apart your post. When I read your question, I was thinking about the reasons most people don't heal. They are either getting something out of it or they are punishing themselves. I don't think you are doing yourself any good by blaming yourself.

(13 Jun '13, 04:44) ele

@ele Oh no, I didn't take it as you were picking apart my post. Your comment made me think. And that's the whole point, really. I'd like to know more about the "getting something out of it" or "punishing self" aspect. This is very interesting to me as I feel I could be doing this subconsciously.

(13 Jun '13, 04:49) shammond508

Here are a couple articles from psychology today. They equate healing as becoming whole.

I'd love to discuss this. I have to go now. Hopefully I'll be back in a few days & give you my thoughts. In the meantime - think about posting a new question & getting feed back from other users.

(13 Jun '13, 05:02) ele

@shammond508 You said: "I truly believe it came from my own negative energy & the insurmountable stress I was under." I sincerely doubt it unless you drank an extreme amt of alcohol to cope with your stress. Your condition is idiopathic NOT psychological." Even if you did cause this 'some-how'; it's in the past. Forgive Yourself & LET it GO. When you do, your blind spots will no longer be painful reminders. You will view them in a different light whether they disappear or not. (cont)

(18 Jun '13, 00:41) ele

(cont) You will find peace. I think they will be no more than a minor annoyance. I am sorry this happened to you & I'm in no way trying to trivialize. As for your last comment - I agree.

(18 Jun '13, 00:44) ele
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I have, twice with the same health condition. The first time was dramatic, but not permanent, while the second has been slower and less spectacular, but more truly healing.

Without going into too much detail, I had a feminine condition that was chronic - it was very uncomfortable but not a serious illness. Doctors were unable to help me (in fact most of them were puzzled by it). After a few years, I had found various natural remedies that helped better the symptoms, but the illness was still there.

At the time, I had just read Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life, and I figured that there were some deep-seated emotional issues behind this condition. So I decided to do an EFT session where I would work on all the feelings and memories that I thought could be related to this issue. I spent about two hours tapping until I felt I was done. And my symptoms completely disappeared. I can't remember whether it was immediate or only became apparent in the days after, but they did, and they stayed gone for nearly a year.

The health issue did come back, and I think that was because while I had tapped on all the memories and feelings, I think for me, the root issue was a lack of self-love. Since this was still there, eventually the illness did manifest itself again (although not nearly as aggressively as it used to).

It's gone now, although I can't pinpoint exactly when I healed. I have been focusing on self-love and forgiveness and doing some profound healing the past few years, and along the way the illness just disappeared.

Everyone's situation is different, so although I've done it myself, it's hard for me to find specific advice to give to you. One thing I would say though is "the vibration of the problem is not the same as the vibration of the solution" (paraphrasing and I can't remember who originally said that). You've got to soften your feelings around the health issue, deal with your frustration about it. Find a way to feel acceptance for its existence - after all, it's only a messenger telling you that you have beliefs that are not aligned with your higher being. It's easier said than done, I know, but I think that's the key to you finding a way to heal.


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@cassiopeia - "I can't remember who originally said that" - I believe the quote is generally attributed to a Mr A Einstein of Germany: "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them"

(04 Aug '14, 09:19) Stingray

I love this. Thank you so much for sharing!!

(04 Aug '14, 13:01) shammond508

Ah yes @Stingray, thanks for that :) @shammond508, thanks. To add to this story, I experienced this illness for almost 10 years on and off.

(04 Aug '14, 18:15) cassiopeia
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This can be done easily but you do need to have reached a stage where you have a reasonable amount of control of your thoughts. Buy that I mean you need to be able to direct your thoughts at will without resistance (doubt, worry, disbelief) popping up to derail you.

Once you get to that stage, which comes when you are consistently in the vortex, all you need do then is direct your thoughts to the 'virtual' you that is well and 100% perfect physically. You become that person in your mind, all day every day.

You wake up as the well person, go to the shops as the well person, socialize as the well person etc. You become that person in everything but body and then the body will catch up soon enough.


answered 01 Aug '14, 06:48

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I have helped people both in person and distance. Also I have healed myself in more times and ways because I let myself get, "Sick and tired of being sick and tired. "

I get to the point where I feel, "I have had it, I am going to finish this now!" At this point I am finally open to receive the answers I need. I resign myself to deep meditation with determination, this ends now!

For me to fully answer I have to try to put myself in this mindset now for you.

I affirm God and I are one, over and over, I even come up with rhyming mantras to give more focus. I affirm God is all powerful, no sickness, no diseases, no pain, nothing negative can stand up to the mighty awesome power of God and Good that I am one with! I am the temple of the great all powerful living God and there is no room for any sickness in that temple! I command that weak pethetic illusion sickness out of this body now!

I keep building my faith in God stronger and stronger while diminishing my faith in the weakness, sickness, suffering or whatever negative it may be.

I might do this meditation for many hours straight, mantras, affirmations and commanding.

I do this with full determination that nothing will keep God from victory!

That is just one way I have used many times.

Another way is, I imagine my immune system as soldiers lined up awaiting orders from the general. I am that general! My soldiers are well armed and are fully ready for battle! There are invaders in my system that do not belong! I give my soldiers an inspirational talk and tell them of the situation. These invaders are trying to bring down the entire headquarters! If they succeed we all lose! They must be attacked and eliminated at all cost! You outnumber them vastly, you have far superior fire power! I expect nothing less than full victory from you! You will meet them and you will defeat them! Now get out there we attack NOW, ATTACK!

At this point I imagine these millions of faithful soldiers yelling their battle cry running toward whatever sickness or disease that needs to be beat. Their weapons fully armed in full battle destroying every last one of the enemy!

Another way is Reiki, I'll use.

Another way is toning for the chakras.

I have many ways and many times things just come to me to do like throwing it out is another way most wouldn't even understand.


answered 11 May '13, 20:13

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Wade Casaldi

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Thank you so much Wade! I am just now seeing this message. I thought my question went unanswered. :) I really appreciate it. I am loving the imagery. Will definitely try this! I've been researching Reiki lately as well. I want to learn! Is it something one can perform on one's self?

(10 Jun '13, 21:13) shammond508

Yes Reiki is very good. It is something that is first mostly used on the self. But you find as you get better you want to help other people feel better. Little by little it becomes more helping others until you feel like taking level two. That brings in more healing and starts distant healing. Three A is more and three B is if you want to go on to teach.

(10 Jun '13, 21:38) Wade Casaldi

I'd like to share that I have found that what Wade is saying is truth. I've read about some different ways of healing, but upon the insistence of Bashar that the different techniques are only permission slips, I started to do it without any particular technique and it works. Using my imagination, and sometimes the way to do it just pops in my mind the moment is needed, and I just use it. I was looking for my essential vibration just yesterday, and I heard it, proceeded to use it and worked

(11 Jun '13, 03:16) Notgonnatellyou
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Hello shammond508, I have worked with myself, family, friends and others. I have observed some small ailments like headache, acne, small tumors, digestion issue etc go away easily and most of the times unnoticed. For headaches, I have a common experience. Someone would ask me to help them out and after a while I would ask them how are you feeling, and they would say, Ohh I had completely forgot about it!

I had a small tumor near my neck (no pain) but my beautician noticed and advised me to go to a doctor. I thought let me try healing first. Now, it is not at all visible.

My mother started treating me for acne, meanwhile we also visited a doctor. The doctor was convinced that I was taking some form of medicine which had controlled my acne so much. I said I do not even apply any cream, he would not believe. We were also confused. After coming home and thinking for a while, we realized, ohh yes, may be it is the healing that is ongoing!

My husband was driving and suddenly he had an intense pain at the bottom part of stomach. We were at the signal and decided to park at the nearest point (there was a mall nearby). I started treating the pain and by the time we found a parking spot and parked, he was back to normal and it has been close to a year now, the pain has never returned. :)

This has really helped me and people around me a lot. There are many more stories. These are just from me and my family. If you still have your condition troubling you, please send your information on my website It is free!


answered 31 Jul '14, 16:25

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I've been using ho'oponopono as much as I can daily and other variations of it. This mantra clears thoughts, emotions,beliefs and just about everything else. I use this mantra daily through out my day to clear just about anything unwanted from memories to beliefs to even unwanted physical manifestations.

It can also be used to remove your obstacles and barriers. It really works. Simple yet powerful tool. I just keep reciting the mantra daily until all resistance is gone surrounding whats bothering me. I just try it on everything and see what happens. I'm still working on myself and the mental illness I have created.

Here is more information on ho'oponopono and how it works:

Try this mantra as well for reversing any kind of negativity as well as any kind of negative situation you may be facing. This also releases all resistance surrounding your problems leaving you feeling good:

Hope this helps


answered 11 Aug '14, 00:19

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With a lot of persistence, I recently got rid of a very annoying hip pain ( that was supposed to require invasive surgery, according to 3 specialized doctors. I had it for almost 2 years and once I was sure there was no other "western" solution, I stopped fighting it and became more open to accept it and find a solution within. I managed to make it disappear with a combination of visualization, affirmations, Reiki (I did the level 1 course) and EFT. I don;t know what really did the trick, but it disappeared, I don't even know exactly when. One day I just realized it was gone. I'm still sometimes incredulous of this success and move the leg frantically to find the pain again, but it's really gone... hopefully forever.

However, I've been throwing all I got for a long time to get rid of my migraines but I'm still unsuccessful. I got some very encouraging results using the Silva Method (which basically allows you to get to alpha state quickly -, but then I stopped using it because I became too cocky with it (building on amazing successes for other things, especially on the intuition side) and the Universe scolded me hard. Maybe it's time to get back to it...


answered 25 Sep '13, 04:55

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a lifestyle with knowing when
that our bodies are telling
us we push it off balance,
then reconciled with right care


answered 01 Aug '14, 21:17

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I believe I can heal myself of any condition, but not by myself. I have to bring in God Higher Self. Reiki or some form that I believe in. Then I am healing with more than the mind that created the condition.


answered 10 Aug '14, 22:45

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Don't forget Stingray's be happy all the time for no reason.

(10 Aug '14, 22:48) Tom

I had lower back pain for years.Sometimes I couldn't stand upright and often was very uncomfortable. A friend gave me a copy of Healing Back Pain by John Sarno MD. Using his method I have been free of this lower back pain for 15 years. The technique is simple and can be used for other ailments too. I suggest reading hos book but in a nutshell the patient tells themselves, "I will not hide unexpressed negative emotions in my lower back." I just keep repeating that sentence and my condition went away. Occasionally I will feel a twinge and start repeating the mantra again. It works. Howard Stern of all folks uses it too. I try it on headaches and that works as well. It has been many years since I read the book so I hope I am correct about the phrase. At any rate it works for me......


answered 21 Aug '14, 15:20

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Maybe this video can inspire you:

"Gregg Braden presents a video showing cancer being cured in less than 3 minutes using the language of emotion."


answered 22 Aug '14, 17:54

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