At present I am spending at least half an hour on the focus blocks spreadsheet - this involves several focus blocks, requests, vibrational realities, touchstones and a list of appreciation at the end. I find it a fantastic tool and I love doing it. I also spend about half an hour doing more metaphysical practises - variations on meditation, visualisation, chakra/aura cleansing, a breathing exercise, energy moving exercises - I find these to be fantastic too and I really look forward to doing these. The trouble is that the whole thing can take well over an hour and sometimes I don't have that much time in the morning.

This question is to those who have experience of doing both - not necessarily on a daily basis but on a regular basis - which of these do you consider to be the most beneficial to you or how do you manage this in your own life? Should I do less of both of them on those mornings? Should I get up earlier? Or, should I let one go on busier days? Can the metaphysical exercises be left until later in the day? (This seems like a lot of questions - I am having to hit the character limit before I can register the question .... the basic question is what do you think the best way to manage time regarding these two different types of exercise.)

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(13 Nov '14, 15:34) Satori

@Satori Thank you for reminding me of this tool - recently I was listening to something and they were asking for us to make a list of all the tools we have learnt so that we can take advantage of them "in the moment" as they are needed. It is good to have this in my mind.

(14 Nov '14, 10:11) Catherine

@Catherine- Your welcome. I would say use the Process in the morning that gets you into the Vortex quickest/easiest for you. Once in the Vortex your whole day will flow better (you will make better decisions etc etc) and you will find more time to do these other Processes or at least what's best for you. Most times Vibrational work is the last thing I want to do when I'm already feeling good:)

(15 Nov '14, 04:56) Satori
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They are not exclusive i.e. meditation is sometimes the best thing and, in my view, is always desirable unless you're easily in a high vibration zone all the time. From an other-than-physical perspective, I'd say meditation is a must.


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@harsha Thanks - would you say you did most both days or do you mainly do meditation?

(13 Nov '14, 10:36) Catherine

Both but to begin with I was mainly a meditative person. I now direct my thoughts to pleasant things and practice frequent (: definitely daily :) appreciation. It is very important to be in the Good Feeling Zone of all the things you'd like are smaller parts of. The GENERAL HAPPINESS AND WELL-BEING IS THE LARGER STATE of which your temporal successes are a sub-state of. Meditating, positive imagination and inner talk and appreciation get you in there.

(13 Nov '14, 10:41) harsha

I also recommend affirmations (: even if they are parrot-like and you don't really believe them :) because it is about guiding your mind in preferred directions rather than letting yourself hop about into unpleasant territory and then working your way out of there. Affirmations are not needed for manifesting or generating belief (: although they can :) but for focusing on better thoughts than unpleasant ones.

(13 Nov '14, 10:43) harsha

Thanks for that Harsha - I agree about affirmations.

(13 Nov '14, 13:03) Catherine
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I was listening to an Abraham recording on this topic recently. They said that you should not treat meditation as a chore and do it every single day. Because if you are already in the vortex on a specific day, then you will not feel like meditating and that is absolutely fine.

Use meditation on days when you are out of the vortex. On the days that you are in the vortex already, use the other Abraham processes.

After seeing my own behavior over the years and that of others, I have come to the conclusion that it is never about lack of time but about lack of priority.

If you decide that alignment work or meditation is a priority to you, then you will find the time to do it. And yes, it could be that you have to get up earlier or stay up later.

For me personally, I started to make vibrational alignment and other energy work a priority every day when I started to see the benefits that I was getting from it. These days, I spend just under an hour and a half every day on vibrational/energy work and sometimes a bit more.

You might be thinking that you are already ahead of most people by just doing some sort of vibrational work everyday. I will agree with that. But you should ask yourself whether most people you see around you actually lead happy lives. And why is that?

Unfortunately, happiness does not come for free in this day and age...You have to work for it...


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Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond - When I first read your answer, I thought if PD is spending under half an hour on it then I should be fine but then I re-read it ... just under an hour and a half! I would have to split it into two segments to achieve that but maybe last thing at night and first thing in the morning is quite a good arrangement. Thank you.

(14 Nov '14, 17:41) Catherine

@Catherine - I understand what you are going through as I used to have a job where I would have to work long hours and at the week ends. But certainly you can split up the vibrational work. I do it in three segments myself, not in one sitting. I have noticed that my attention span is not the same after 30 minutes or so. And it is easier that way to fit around work and personal commitments.

(15 Nov '14, 04:07) Pink Diamond

I feel exactly the same way as you do, alot of times I don't have hours to do vibrational work and meditate in the mornings. I think that you should just do what makes you feel good. If you enjoy doing your vibrational work in the morning, then do that. I agree with @pink diamond that you don't want to make meditating feel like a chore.

Personally, I do about 45 minutes to an hour of vibrational work in the morning. Sometimes more, if it feels good and I have the time. Then I meditate for 15 minutes at the end of the day, not every night, but most of the time. For me, lots of times if I try to meditate in the morning, first of all, my time is up and I start to feel rushed and it is hard for me to clear my mind. So it just works much better for me to meditate at night when I have nothing else to do and I am more relaxed.

Also, on the weekends or on my days off, I will do it all at one sitting. Like today I had the day off and I have been looking forward on being able to do vibrational work without having to set a time limit. I spent almost two hours doing my regular routine, some EFT, and then meditated. Honestly, I would prefer to always do it this way, but like you, time is always an issue for me too.


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@Jess Thank you Jess - I am feeling like the meditation type stuff can easily wait until later in the day but the spreadsheet really has to come at the beginning, otherwise it is harder to get it all back on track.

(15 Nov '14, 04:53) Catherine

@catherine I agree completely :-)

(15 Nov '14, 08:30) Jess
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