What is the point of using the law of attraction to achieve fulfillment when the whole point of life is to become peaceful awareness disconnected from any situation, or enlightened.

A more clear question is: Why manifest a big screen TV , binge watch Netflix, read scriptures, go on a pilgrimage, etc. to achieve some level of happiness when I will still suffer because I have not achieved complete contentment, unlinked to any circumstance?

I have felt the peace that mindful present awareness brings, and it has gotten me through some terrible circumstances, but is that alone the purpose?

Eckhart Tolle says that you continue to practice this until you achieve more peace then not. Why use the law of attraction to manifest any type of reality when what we really should do is be completely in the now, which is beyond space and time?

It seems that the law of attraction and enlightenment are at odds with one another as teachings of fulfillment- one can bring short term fulfillment and the other is a possibility for long term fulfillment.

I know Tolle said once you achieve enlightenment then you can have fun manifesting and "playing" with material things.

In that case, the LOA isn't necessarily a modality for long term happiness, just a mechanism for changing the outside world.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: is there any worth in utilizing the LOA via visualization, vision boards, etc. if I am not already at peace?

A deeper and related question is this: Can one use the LOA to achieve enlightenment? - Thank you.

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I don’t think the law of attraction and enlightenment necessarily contradict each other.

I think that many people are first drawn to LoA to get their desires, whether that be clothes, a house, a job, a relationship, a yacht or whatever. I think people who continue to stay interested in the LoA begin to focus on being in a higher feeling state. Maybe they still want the things but they want the feelings too, or maybe they end up not caring about the things, but either way immersing yourself in the law of attraction does eventually bring that shift. It’s like that famous quote some rich dude said, “getting rich young was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me because I realise that it didn’t bring happiness.“ (I paraphrase).

Anyways, I don’t think there’s anything inherently bad or evil about wanting things. They are just things, they are neither good nor bad, therefore wanting them is neither good nor bad, although I can see why getting people confused and mixed up about this would be helpful to someone who wanted to keep people from their own power.

At the end of the day, enlightenment was invented, or discovered, depending on which you see it, by an Indian Prince many centuries ago, who was trying to avoid a feeling “suffering”. LoA was invented, or discovered, by those seeking happiness. To me, those are just the furthest sides of the same circle, and if you swing far enough the other way, you hit the other philosophy. At the end of the day, there are many ways up the mountain, so you just go with the one that appeals to you. It is not necessary to worry about how another’s path up the Mountain doesn’t appear to align with yours.


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the law of attraction is
a necessary step to
climb for forward progress,
spiritually enlightened


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