Many times I get excited about something I want because I really deeply believe that it is about to happen! But very often, not all the time but very often every things just screwed up at the very last minute...

But many times that I want something but not that much and forget about it, later I realise that it happened.

Can any body explain me how to deal with that? Should I convince myself every time that I want something that I don't really want it that much?

I really would like to know how this thinking process works!

Thank you very much

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Barry Allen ♦♦


There is a metaphysical / manifesting principle at work here which you may wish to consider.

Ask yourself what is the difference between someone who has a million dollars right now and someone who wants to have a million dollars right now?

Seriously, have a think about it now before reading further.

I know you could probably come up with all kinds of things you believe are different between the two people but, if you really do think about it, the only ultimate difference is that the person who has a million dollars right now knows he has a million dollars right now.

And the person who doesn't have a million dollars, knows he doesn't.

You might have to read those last two paragraphs a few times to understand the importance of them :)

It's all about expectation you see.

Expectation is what truly makes your own personal world the way that it is. Your physical reality mirrors exactly your expectations of it.

And what is really interesting about the way that the universe operates is that the universe doesn't care whether you are worthy or deserving of having one million dollars, it just brings one million dollars to whoever expects to have it.

So how does this apply to your situation?

Well, when you are getting really excited about something that is seemingly about to manifest in your life, are you really in the vibration of having it?

Does someone who knows they have one million dollars get excited because they are about to receive it? No, of course not - because they know they already have it. Sure, they might get excited because they have one million dollars but that's a very different vibration.

Abraham often used to talk about the principle of the Next Logical Step. Basically stated, unless you feel that the thing you are about to manifest feels like the Next Logical Step to you then you are still vibrationally some distance from it so things like screwing up the manifestation of it at the last minute might take place (not always, but often) because you are still a vibrational match to not having the thing you are chasing.

However, when you have practiced and visualized something you are after to the extent that you have become used to having the thing you want in your mind (even though it is not physically there yet) and it just seems obvious to you that you are going to get it (even if physically you are a long way from it), then the universe must find a way to bring it into your reality.

It has to. It has no choice. There are no vibrational discontinuities in this universe. If you feel (or know) you have it, your physical reality must manifest it...even if it takes some seemingly-miraculous coincidences to bring it about.

It's a bit like water always finding it's own level in a pipe - it has no choice, it has to. It's just the way things work.

alt text

I have successfully used this idea of "ignoring physical reality and making vibrational reality so real that physical reality has to conform" so often now in my own life that I know within myself that there are no exceptions to it.

And, as I implied above, one of the key indicators to know you are vibrationally there is that it is no big deal to you that you are getting the thing you are after...which is some way from being excited about getting it.

This has turned out to be quite a long answer but I hope I've managed to get the point across. :)


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As always - spot on! You're born to be a teacher :-)

(27 Mar '10, 22:56) Michaela

Stingray, thank you for this well worded answer. A few more aspects of manifestation became clearer to me. I enjoy reading your answers on this subject. Again, thank you.

(27 Mar '10, 23:01) Frank 1

Excelent demonstration, Stingrey! Masterly!. Very clear. Thank you.

(27 Mar '10, 23:04) Gleam

Very good answer! Thank you very much! :0)

(29 Mar '10, 04:41) mojo

It's about the ignoring physical reality and make vibration so real part of you're answer.

If I want that new car because the one I actually have is actually almost dead. What should I do to ignore all the noise and the problem of my actual car? This is just an exemple...

(29 Mar '10, 05:06) mojo

@Mojo:The first thing to do is to find a way to be okay with the state of your current car, otherwise your resistance-filled attention on the way things currently are will keep you locked into the way things currently are. The second thing to do is to work on molding the vibration regarding a new car when you are feeling generally happy, not when you are annoyed with your current car (or anything else in your life) e.g. unless you live in your current car, there should moments when you are away from it when you are simply glad to have a car at all regardless of its the work then

(29 Mar '10, 16:29) Stingray

Thank you very much! You're help is always good and clearly explicated!!!

(29 Mar '10, 23:51) mojo

You're welcome, everyone :)

(30 Mar '10, 22:30) Stingray

Hi Stingray,

This was one of the best answers that I have come across on this website and you answered it as beautifully as ever. I had a small doubt though. While we are being in the vibration of having the thing, we also at times emit a vibration of expectation that it is coming to us. Does a vibration of expectation mean that I still don't have it yet? Also as per what you said, should we not be excited about expecting what is coming to us soon? How should we balance the feeling of expectation and the feeling of living the reality we desire? Thank you so much :)

(25 Oct '10, 09:29) Sourabh

@Sourabh - How about asking this as a new question? There is limited space to respond in these comments, and others may have different answers to the one I may come up with. I personally think a diversity of viewpoints is a good thing.

(25 Oct '10, 10:57) Stingray

Hi Stingray, in fact I asked a similar question just a day ago, but did not any responses on that. I will rephrase my question and post it as a new one. Thanks a lot! :)

(25 Oct '10, 16:02) Sourabh

Excellent answer Stingray, one of the best from among your many best answers. I am at loss for words of praises.

(20 Mar '11, 15:17) Aphrodite

Thanks Aphrodite - glad it was useful for you

(20 Mar '11, 16:33) Stingray

@Sourabh Can you send me the link to that question you've asked? Wanted to read ppl's view about it here... Thanks :)

(01 Jun '12, 07:01) MagicalUniverse

"Finding a way to be ok with the state of your current car" Just been reading something very similar to this written by Vadim Zeland. He teaches this and it does resonate. In fact the more i read his stuff the more i see things that align with "ask and it is given" I didnt see them at first.

(28 Apr '13, 05:20) Monty Riviera

@Stingray quick question regarding The second thing to do is to work on molding the vibration regarding a new car when you are feeling generally happy, not when you are annoyed with your current car (or anything else in your life) - should all vibrational work be done when you're generally happy but not in the Vortex (unless you're inspired to do vibrational work when in the Vortex)? If no, then if I am generally NOT happy, what vibrational work should I do? I must be missing something :)

(12 Oct '14, 16:00) einsof

@einsof - It's always easier to feel good when the sun is shining - unless you are a rain-loving duck :) - so it's easiest to do "vibrational work" (and explain to others when to do it) during those times. However, when the sun is not shining (metaphorically speaking), one has to be more selective about the most appropriate process for a particular emotional state. See What are great ways to raise my vibrational frequency?

(13 Oct '14, 05:13) Stingray

@Stingray As much as I love this answer I'm struggling to understand it. If someone is living in a certain reality that others label delusional or crazy, why doesn't it eventually level out and become their life? Why are there delusional people locked up in wards all over the world?

(24 Jun '15, 18:02) Bluebell

@Bluebell Definition of delude (delusion) in The Free Dictionary; To cause to hold a false belief, deceive thoroughly

(25 Jun '15, 00:01) jaz

@Stingray If your were a doctor would you have the western approach that is, get paid for treating each of those individuals under your authority when they're ill and not get paid when they're in good health ... or ... the eastern appraoch that is, get paid so long as they're in good health and not get paid when they become ill?

(25 Jun '15, 00:49) jaz

@Bluebell - "If someone is living in a certain reality that others label delusional or crazy, why doesn't it eventually level out and become their life? Why are there delusional people locked up in wards all over the world? - I'm not totally clear on what you're asking. You might have to provide an example. One person labelling another as "delusional" or "crazy" isn't enough to affect them vibrationally (in an assertion sense). In fact, most of the time they just get re-elected :)

(25 Jun '15, 08:43) Stingray

@Stingray I guess what @bluebell is asking is, say a person has a fixed idea that they are "rich and famous" and they totally believe this even though they are not at the time and they are medically labelled with having a 'delusion of grandeur'. If this is their predominant thought and they live their life as if they are e.g. giving away their money or expecting everyone to recognise them, then why do they end up in a mental hospital and not actually rich and famous?

(25 Jun '15, 11:02) Inner Beauty

Thanks @Inner Beauty @Stingray The reason I included the 'labelling' someone as crazy part is because really it is one individual needing another individual to live up to their vibration of reality and then labelling them as insane if they don't do so. But I guess that's a whole other question.

(25 Jun '15, 17:21) Bluebell

@Bluebell - Very nice question around this whole "delusional" thing. I was very interested in this question a while back... I was trying to figure out why anorexic (the "nervosa" type) people didn't turn fat; these people (supposedly) see and believe themselves as fat (when they are in reality as thin as a stick). The universe provided me with a very fulfilling answer which has enough content to span many many comments :)...

(26 Jun '15, 02:30) WeRadiateBeauty

... essentially, it comes down to the simple little law of attraction all over again, "what you put out is what you get back". The vibration of anorexic people as it relates to their belief around being fat doesn't define pure expectation... it is muddled with their belief that lack of food will make them skinny (among other things), which is what is reflected in their physical reality. You can find similar artifacts for these delusional people too...

(26 Jun '15, 02:36) WeRadiateBeauty

... After all, aren't they attracting all this attention of being labeled as delusional? Being delusional about having lots of money, being rich etc. doesn't mean you expect it. True expectation is really quite calm and seamless. In true expectation, you know, you aren't deluded. The word delude itself implies resistance, as you can observe from jaz's definition of it: false belief, deceive thoroughly.

(26 Jun '15, 02:46) WeRadiateBeauty

Don't you just know the sun will rise tomorrow? That's true expectation :)

(26 Jun '15, 02:49) WeRadiateBeauty

Nicely said @WeRadiateBeauty :) @Bluebell - If someone is not living it, they cannot be vibrating it no matter how much it appears (to another) that they seem to be. Either the Law of Attraction works in every single moment of every day, or it doesn't apply ever. You can't have it both ways. A halfway house creates ideas of discontinuities which simply cannot exist if the Universe is really as ordered as modern science has discovered. So, given that, if you come across a situation...

(26 Jun '15, 05:11) Stingray

@Bluebell - ...that appears to defy the Law of Attraction, you can apply this Post-Manifestational Awareness to trace back where the vibrational hiccups are happening and often it comes down to impure vibrational outputs i.e. someone believing they are pure in thought but an emotional audit proving otherwise.

(26 Jun '15, 05:22) Stingray

@Bluebell - Of course, just knowing that you are not vibrating purely on a subject doesn't automatically then make you vibrate purely on a subject. There can be all kinds of reasons why someone (at some level within themselves) would not actually want to vibrate purely because it serves some other purpose for them...and that's where life gets interesting because it's never about the end-result, it's always about the journey to it

(26 Jun '15, 05:31) Stingray
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Focus on what we want or ask for it and forget about it? ... hmm I prefer to ask myself

       "What do I want right now?

I could say I want more money, better house, bigger garden, more beautiful females in my life, more and better sex, more friends, be better looking, and other things less physical like have more confidence in myself, stop ageing ... the list could go on and on.

But when I examine carefully and deeply inside I find that all these wants are just imagined pathways into what I really want and that is to;

            "Feel Truly Happy"

all the time

I invite you to examine carefully deep inside yourself using the image of a magic genie to assist you in finding what you really want, .

alt text

The genie can grant you three wishes, but there's one condition, you must tell the genie being very precise, why you want what you wish for.

So what would you wish for and what reasons would you give?

Pick a few things you want right now, then keep asking yourself "why do I want that?" or "If I got ---- (fill in the blanks), what would it actually give me?

You'll quickly find that it all boils down to a feeling, and that feeling is


Here's an example using the image of a very sporty young woman

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

Okay so now I'm happy ... now what?

Definition of happy in The Free Dictionary;

Enjoying, showing or marked by pleasure ... cheerful, willing

Definition of happy in the Urban Dictionary;

A chemical reaction - Yes. Iam happy. My * are bursting with excitement.

Hmm that feels good (that's me talking to my self)


answered 26 Jun '15, 04:27

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I find in cases like this, the best distraction is the "now" and getting immersed in your current goings-on. I like to think it's sort of like Big Boo from the Super Mario Bros. games.

If you look at him, he hides his face. When you turn around, he sneaks up behind you and surprises you. He can't sneak up if you're looking at him, so the best way to be surprised is to look away and go about your business.

This may not be the best example since Big Boo wants to eat you, but you can still apply it to this situation. :)

I also find that having a lot of different things to focus on helps. I don't seem to have many problems manifesting things that I want, and I think it's because I have SO many things going on at the same time. I also have a lot of things I want or would like to happen but I can't think or worry about them at all the same time. Eventually I do forget for a while about a lot of the things and then poof one of will appear and surprise me.


answered 06 Nov '12, 11:05

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Getting excited = attachment to a specific, wanted outcome, this can only hinder or delay the manifestation process, and it usually occurs with what we perceive to be the bigger, game/life changing desires, whereas smaller desires are much easier to manifest because we have little to no attachments [resistance] to them, allowing them to sneak into our reality without a second thought. You can't convince yourself that you really don't want something when you really do want it, after all it's already created upon the first launch, [when you desired it] you just have to get up to speed with it on an energetic level [vibrational match] and let go of the how and when it manifests. Until you can let go of your desire [release it to the Universe] you will hold on to certain attachments/expectations and try to micro-manage the manifestation process. This is more of a feeling process than a thinking process, of course it begins with our thoughts, but we have to ''feel'' our way towards what we want, and if we feel good we're moving in the direction of what we want, if we're feeling bad [resistance] we're delaying/pushing what we want away. Focusing constantly on what you want will ''move'' you towards it, as asking for it and forgetting about it will ''allow'' it to manifest into your physical reality, both will work, however, the former could be considered a more ''action'' oriented approach, while the latter would allow the manifestation to unfold in it's own timing. Most will use the action oriented approach to get what they want, while those asking and letting go may be more challenged because molding their beliefs around ''no action necessary'' may take much longer to allow manifestation, either way works.


answered 26 Jun '15, 01:04

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What I have discovered in my own life is that there is a moment when I don't have attachment to it and it doesn't seem like I have to do anymore. It is a feeling of release and acceptance that it is so. I know that I have clearly stated what it is that I intend to have happen, visually, and vibrationally. There are times when things literally appear out of nowhere.

Other times, I can tell that I'm not vibrationally where I need to be. So I simply use a variety of techniques that eliminate the "fear" or disbelief energy. That creates a vacuum where the vision can take hold and become believable. I discovered the world of "energy medicine" years ago and there are many different modalities that change the subconscious programming.

When I see the goal I've been working on isn't happening, I always know that there are some subconscious programs that are getting activated by the thought of the goal. Until you change that, because that subconscious activation of memories is so much more powerful than thoughts in the conscious mind, it is really difficult to convince yourself of a belief you don't really have deep down.


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very well said...

(01 Jun '12, 06:57) MagicalUniverse

What we focus on focuses on us, so the more we don't want something the more it comes to us. Especially if we fear something is going to happen, that fear draws it to us.

The funny thing is if we spent every day terrified that there is nothing we can do we just keep getting more and more money no matter what we do we probably would!

I think the thing is not want or don't want but what is on my mind, what am I expecting? If I want something it is like not expecting it but if I don't want something and "Fear it is coming no matter what!", I am expecting it. If I pray with faith knowing God heard my prayer and that God answers prayers, again I am expecting something so I am attracting it to me just as much as if I was fearing it coming.

It all comes to "What am I expecting?", that is where my faith is. Whether Hope or Fear, I am expecting what is mostly in my mind.


answered 24 Mar '12, 17:15

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Wade Casaldi


Fear is the belief that something as yet "unseen" will come to pass

Faith is the belief that something as yet "unseen" will come to pass

(17 Jul '12, 02:49) Starlight

@Starlight Perfect, yes exactly. :-)

(28 Apr '13, 05:26) Wade Casaldi
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