Does the universe always manifest exactly what is requested? If not then how would one know if the universe was choosing something else? How do you know if the universe wants you to make another choice or maybe there is some event that needs to occur first?

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I think this question should really be open to everybody...not just me :) Just because I yap alot about the Law of Attraction doesn't mean I'm the only one who knows a bit about it. Bit busy at the moment - will knock up an answer for you if no-one else does

(01 Mar '10, 18:48) Stingray

Thanks. I edited the question.

(01 Mar '10, 19:25) Drham
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I think the answer to this question depends on what you mean by "exactly."

Sometimes, what people want has very specific characteristics, i.e. "I want a red [your favorite brand] car with the following list of features."

Other times, what people want is less specific: "I want reliable transportation; I don't really care how that happens."

When you are less specific, I think you give the universe more possible ways to satisfy your request.

On the other hand, people can get really excited about having exactly what they want. This emotional energy can improve your ability to "attract" what it is that you want, provided you don't get too attached to the outcome. In other words, your happiness cannot depend on having what it is that you are attempting to manifest.


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Versuvius, thanks for your response to my question. However is it not an overstatement to say that your happiness cannot depend upon having what you want. What if you were dying of cancer? Can you ask for healing and not care about the result? How realistic is that? And to what extent does it make a difference if you are too dependent on the outcome? Do you not get some credit for asking? I am really trying to understand how this really works.

(01 Mar '10, 21:30) Drham

I think it's the difference between hoping the universe will provide, and knowing the universe will provide. If you hope the universe will provide, you may still harbor doubts about the outcome, and dwelling on those doubts will prevent manifestation. If however, you know the universe will provide, then there are no doubts left that will attract what you don't want.

(01 Mar '10, 21:47) Vesuvius

The universe interprets our emotions. It does not interpret physical things we wish to manifest.

When we have any desire, it is accompanied by certain emotions, and the universe manifests something that matches the "emotional essence" of that desire.

Like Vesuvius has rightly pointed out, the more specific we are about our desires, the more the universe will provide a close match to what we have asked for. This is because if we get more and more specific and focused on what we want, the "emotional essence" of what we want will actually be the thing itself. In that case, the universe will have to manifest an exact match.

Now, if we are not precise about what we want, let's say we desire a loving relationship. The universe will interpret the "emotional essense" of what we desire which is the feeling of loving someone and being loved back. Therefore, this could manifest in several ways, meeting someone and starting a romantic relationship, getting a pet or maybe even a new friendship.

My references to desires above apply to both wanted and unwanted things. Everything you give your attention to gets manifested, whether it is wanted or unwanted.

To explain what I mean, let's assume that you have a job that really frustrates you and as a result, the dominant emotions you experience on a daily basis is one of frustration. In this case, the universe will manifest something that is a match to the emotion of frustration within you. So, you might get stopped by the police or rendez-vous with stupid drivers for example as these are things that activate the emotion of frustration within you.

In all cases, and there are no exceptions, the universe always matches the "emotional essence" of our desires.


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Pink Diamond

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Hi Rani, You speak about the "emotional essence" of our desires but is it only the eomotion related to the desire or our overall emotion (meaning that we should be feeling good period). The reason I am saying this is that if what you say is true then if you put your request in a box and forget about it then there will be no emotions connected to it to bring it into reality. Can you clarify please?

(01 Mar '10, 21:36) Drham

It is the dominant vibration you have about a specific subject essentially. However, your general dominant vibration also has an effect to an extent as the way you feel generally does affect the way you feel about a particular subject to some extent.

Now, with regards the request in the box, and you say 'there won't be any emotions connected to it', that is not correct. Your emotion about any subject is where you last left it even if you never think about it again. That is why the request box works as you have a particular set of emotions when you write it.

(03 Mar '10, 16:07) Pink Diamond

And then it stays at that specific set of emotions when you put it in the box and forget about it. Hopefully, that makes a bit of sense.

(03 Mar '10, 16:08) Pink Diamond

I understand you but it does seem kind of far fetched.

(03 Mar '10, 16:13) Drham
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Not necessarily. See the following reasoning:

"Whenever you ask for something, there is always a “surface goal” as well as the inner experience beneath it that you really want. For example, if you ask for a man or a woman to come into your life for a new relationship, the relationship is the surface goal. But there’s an inner experience beneath it that’s more important to you. It might be feeling love, excitement, or companionship."

"Whenever you ask for something, it’s possible to achieve your surface goal and not get the inner experience beneath it that you really want." (I think the opposite is also true, in which case your request may not look as you asked for it at all)

"The surface goal is only a possible route to the inner experience you want. It may or may not actually produce it."

"It’s important to always ask for the surface goal and the inner experience you really want. That way you increase the odds you’ll create what you really want."

Source: The Invisible Path to Success


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The universe is self existing. It does not rely on human beings to exist. The truth is just the opposite. Another truth involves emotion! Emotion is connected to every experience that life has to offer, making it the most powerful force in the universe! Control emotion and you will be able to control the universe!


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Maybe the Universe knows what is best for us and sometimes that might mean death is best for us. Off with the old - on with the new! Who would not swap an old clapped out vehicle for a new Rolls Royce (or whatever your dream car is).

AND - if it is that easy to do, how come Jesus agonised (emotional) in the garden and prayed that 'this cup will pass' - and the Universe ignored him?!

BECAUSE - maybe the sacrifice of his life was a necessity for the glorious resurrection that followed. He showed us that we can trample the King of Terrors (death) beneath our feet.

Trust that the Universe/God/GA/All/Etc knows best when we are unable to manifest instant wealth, perfect partner, health recovery - do not feel you are a failure under any circumstances. Fear, apathy and a sense of inadequacy are three of the most potent weapons that the Darkness has in its arsenal.


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Inactive User ♦♦

You are a child of the Universe and it will give you what you ask of it - IF IT IS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE in the grand eternal scale of things.

(01 Mar '10, 22:13) Inactive User ♦♦

Hi Lorraine, thanks for your insight. However I feel that if the universe will decide what is best for us then there is no free choice. Then the law of attraction is not really holding true. Either we are the directors of our lives or not. Either we create our own reality or we do not. If we do then we should be able to bring about what we want everytime.

(02 Mar '10, 00:07) Drham

There is a well known symbol which might explain how you can have both .. it is the image of a point within a circle which is bounded by two strait lines (parallel).

(03 Mar '10, 22:02) Inactive User ♦♦
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"Maybe the Universe knows what is best for us and sometimes that might mean death is best for us"

Lightbulb moment!! I hadn't even considered this. I have been doing everything to prevent it from happening - had never considered that is what the universe wants.

Wow. and thank you!


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