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Recently, I read about "The Power of Now". I haven't read it till now but I saw some questions on here and the idea seemed tempting. First off, TODAY I realized how absolutely useless and negative so many of my thoughts are. The first thing I know from the book is that you should think as little as possible.

Apparently, I was addicted to thinking before today. Maybe it made me feel like a deep thinker? I don't know. I like reading books and in them, there's always this huge thought process going on and I kind of had the same thing going in my mind.

Yesterday, I saw a YouTube video where Eckhart said that thoughts are entities and they crave for your consciousness so they can grow and get bigger. To live in the present, we must not think too much.

Today in school, I had so many negative thoughts, like SO MANY but the difference was, I recognized the negative thoughts and even though they seemed tempting, even though it was a habit of mine to follow these thoughts (realized it today), I immediately focused on my breathing and returned to whatever I was doing without thinking. I didn't follow them, I didn't follow any thought today (as far as I know), I left it as it was.

Yesterday, I was a victim to these thoughts, I followed them, I let them grow, I feeded them. Today, it seemed like a river flowing. It was almost like "Oh! Another negative thought. Focus on breathing." I didn't fight any thought, I just changed my focus. I don't think I've ever enjoyed the present for this long.

I assume so many of us do things, use manifesting techniques and what not (me included) to manifest what we want but if we're doing anything to manifest what we want instead of doing it to feel awesome, we're doing it wrong.

Now, I don't care if I manifest whatever I want but this makes me feel good, so I'm going to continue not thinking so much. In fact, I try to avoid thinking about anything. Living in the moment is so much better, so relaxing.

I had a good laugh today with my friends! I enjoyed today! Well, What do you all think about this? I believe its so much easier but as we all know, to each his own. Is there anyone who feels the same?

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The audio book is great too.

(18 Oct '15, 03:38) ursixx

Welcome to the NOW, glad you made it here. Enjoy your stay. And stay as long as you want to! Past and future might try to get you to go over to them, but just realized that it is All happening NOW anyway so no need to go there.


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