Hi all,

I have gotten myself into a really bad situation.

My husband left me and i lost my job, in the same week. This happened a year ago. After that, I went through a traumatic event, and doctors weren't sure how I survived. The day I got home from hospital, i was shown the cincept of reality shifting/dimension jumping.

I have been trying for a few months to go shift, and I am getting nowhere. I really only have tonight and tomorrow left to achieve this, before I will be homeless.

There is no hope of fixing my marriage in this reality, and my career is also ruined. My only hope is a permanent shift to where this never happened, and for neither of us to know anything about it, or to remember it as a shared dream if I have to remember what happened.

I have tried to manifest things in this reality, but things just get worse for me. Something happened today that was rhe final straw, and I cannot cope anymore.

If anyone has done this or has any advice on how I can achieve it quickly, I would appreciate it.

I have tried all the methods, listened to many subliminals, and done a lot of guided meditations for this, but i am getting nowhere.

I would be thankful for any help at all.

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Hello @pintsizedyogi in a very spontaneous natural way we all change our realities many times a day ... in your position the very first thing I would do is relax and simply not try to do anything ... hope that helps

(24 Sep '21, 02:57) jaz

Hi @jaz - thanks, but unfortunately reality shifting to where this didn't happen is my only hope.

(24 Sep '21, 03:36) pintsizedyogi

thanks to you :) @pintsizedyogi

(25 Sep '21, 02:47) jaz

Hi @pintsizedyogi I absolutely agree with all that the brilliant @Stingray says ... here's a question "what is the emotion (feeling/vibration) that you're trying to shift to where you didn't get divorced ?"

(26 Sep '21, 03:51) jaz

@jaz I just feel sad all the time because I don't think shifting is real, but it is my only hope. I thought the universe showed me it for a reason, and I feel tricked. I need to know how to do it now if it is real.

(26 Sep '21, 04:22) pintsizedyogi

@pintsizedyogi ... "I attract into my life whatever I give my energy, attention and focus to" ... feeling sad all the time, doubting, feeling tricked will only attract more sadness, more doubt, more feeling tricked

(27 Sep '21, 00:59) jaz

@Pintsizwyogi- Read this three times, I.... place my self..... into full court of Attonment for the purpose of correcting past. Then visualise the situation differently. ( in blank space your full name or all names be place)

(28 Sep '21, 07:24) Zee

@Zee how do I make sure I wake up with my husband tomorrow? Is there a way? Please help me

(28 Sep '21, 09:18) pintsizedyogi


Back on the 23rd, you said you would be homeless by the 25th. 3 days ago you asked how you could wake up with your husband tommorrow. Did you and are you homeless now?

(01 Oct '21, 22:42) ele

@ele no, because I know now this is the only reality. I am pretty sure I died when I took an overdose and this is hell

(01 Oct '21, 23:28) pintsizedyogi


"no" .... meaning no you aren't homeless or no, you didn't find your way back into his bed?

(02 Oct '21, 10:43) ele


I don't want to confuse you with too many questions, but if you are in hell, who am I or who are the other ppl who responded to your question?

(02 Oct '21, 10:57) ele

I will leave you with this. (As you know, the devils work is never done :)) ) Perhaps you will find it soothing as well as enlightening.

Row,row,row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream.

Dream, dream, dream !

  • "When we take time to dream, we discover the many Windows to our soul"* ~ Isabela Burani
(02 Oct '21, 11:35) ele

death is a strong sign of transformation .. it's fully letting go and allowing for something else ...

(03 Oct '21, 02:46) jaz

I've also been trying to shift my reality into a reality where the pandemic is over for the past 1-2 years.. not working :)

(03 Oct '21, 07:50) kakaboo

boo, surely you realize reality shifting is a change in vibration, just as @Stingray said in his answer. What I think @pintsizedyogi was looking for is a time machine. Unfortunately you aren't privy to that type of Intel :)

(03 Oct '21, 09:47) ele

If my prior comment wasn't clear, I was trying to get you to find a way to break the negative momentum @pintsizedyogi For many ppl, taking a nap or having a good nights sleep does it. My go to thing was always exercise. Go for a run or perhaps a bike ride. Do you like to dance? Take time to dream. Pay attention to your dreams.

(11 Oct '21, 13:44) ele
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Reality shifting is the same thing as changing your vibrational setpoints.

As you change your vibrational setpoints, you change the vibrational frequencies you resonate with, which then shift you to different physical realities.

You could start with choosing a process from the Manifesting Experiment Guide

It would be best to let go of the urgency belief. The Universe can manifest anything at any time - the idea of urgency is just your conscious limiting beliefs shutting down what you think is possible.


answered 25 Sep '21, 03:15

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edited 25 Sep '21, 03:16

@Stingray thank you, I wish I could get rid of the urgency but I'm in a very bad situation. I am trying to shift to where I didn't get divorced, and I just don't know if it's possible.

(25 Sep '21, 03:40) pintsizedyogi

hi, im so sorry to tell you, but it is impossible to shift into a reality where things " did not happen"... it defies the laws of attraction and laws of universe.

what was - was!! you must accept that. you must accept all past. accept past and live in the present moment with all that it brings, and create from the present moment and not from any other moment!!! all the BS on youtube about changing the past is just BS. focus on the feelings and situations you have now!! trying to fight nature\past\present..whatever will just make your life harder. just go with the flow.

further more, you CAN NOT manifest anything positive with that emergency mode. relax so you will have a more clear view on things and therefore intentions for your life. and remember - all is for your highest good.much luck.


but there's always hope, if the universe showed you some things...try to remember how you felt in the shifting state vs. how you felt in your marriage situation. and what would you change in yourself to make a happy marriage and a better dynamic. and be it from now on! without any expectations.


answered 26 Sep '21, 08:53

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edited 26 Sep '21, 09:04

Excuse my last post. I wasn't paying attention and it appears the correct link wasn't on my clipboard. That and it seemed to have posted on its own.

(02 Oct '21, 11:04) ele

@releaser gave a good answer regarding what realty shifting is that perhaps @pintsizedyogi may find helpful. Goes well with your edit which you may like to expand on.

I'm unable to link the answer but you can find @releaser answer under this question


(02 Oct '21, 11:17) ele

@ele thank you, i'll read what's in your link. as for my question there is not much to expand. you cannot change the past but only your perspective on it. after changing that perspective your NOW will change, not your past, and your now will change from the now.

(07 Oct '21, 16:38) myself

not only that, you will not be able to go back to a real "past point" because of so many reasons, like: every moment in experience happens only once. that is a law!. also, you will have to control other people's free will and memory in order to snap yourself into some past situation, and that isn't possible.

(07 Oct '21, 16:38) myself

Yes she needs a time machine to accomplish that. I was thinking if she changed her thoughts and transported herself back in time when she felt empowered, confident, happy and had a great job she could create what she desires. As for being back in hubby's bed, well it sounds like she doesn't feel safe or confident and most of all wants to be taken care of or loved. She can create that state of mind. Recall how it felt to fall in love or be loved. I'm not saying it will get her husband back

(10 Oct '21, 13:40) ele

and even w/o knowing any details, I'd still advise against it. She needs to get herself back together first.

It's hard to help someone who does not respond to questions and speculating or assuming could be most unhelpful when someone is in a downward spiral.

Look at her user name. Speaks volumes. She needs rest. Time for peaceful dreams. If she can't meditate, try daydreaming more.

(10 Oct '21, 13:48) ele

She is a powerful creator. If she can create hell on earth, she can create heaven.

(10 Oct '21, 13:52) ele

... and for clarity. I'm not suggesting she recreate the past; only the feelings of. She needs to create from the present moment.

(10 Oct '21, 14:54) ele

I realize I'm not always clear @myself -- the reason I linked method acting was just to show you an example of realty shifting. If you read the first sentence Stingray wrote when he answered the question, it means just that. If you are not comfortable with the term vibration you could substitute another. She has to change her focus.

(11 Oct '21, 13:54) ele

You still haven't answered my question @myself

It's ok but I remain curious as why you chose LOA . I guess I could also ask that same question of other members also.

(11 Oct '21, 13:58) ele

Rereading your edit -- she could become the person he fell in love with. But does she really want him back or is she just looking for someone to save her? It's not clear to me if she is homeless or not.


If you have no job and absolutely no where to live, why don't you just go to his home, knock on his door, explain . See what happens.

(11 Oct '21, 14:14) ele

@ell i thought you asked me to expand on my answer, and i did. why i chose LOA? i dont understand the question. why not??? also, i feel very comfortable with the word vibration, i just used different terms, like "change perspective" its exactly the same. I dont at all disagree with @stingray i just gave my own view point.

(11 Oct '21, 15:36) myself

also it isn't hard for me to answer @pintsizedyogi, and i dont care if she reply back to me or not. she goes through her own prosses and that's ok by me. i do what i can and want.

(11 Oct '21, 15:36) myself


Sorry for the confusion. You did indeed expand on your answer. I was thinking of the question I asked last time you were here.

As for your last comment. You interpreted what I wrote in a way I did not intend.

(12 Oct '21, 12:04) ele
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