Whenever I begin a workout regimen it goes well for a few weeks but at some point I lose motivation and stop working out.

Now I have a clear cut 90 day plan. I've started it before and stopped after 3 weeks.

Aside from the simple "Just Do it"

Would you suggest any methods to help stay consistent? Focus Blocks maybe?

Thanks for your suggestions.

asked 24 Dec '10, 18:03

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Why do you want to work out?

(24 Dec '10, 19:47) jim 10
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This sounds like a perfect fit for Vibrational Goal-Getting (Manifesting Experiment 3)

Just make it easy for yourself to notch up daily wins by committing to an easily achievable daily workout action...make it trivial if you have to. By doing this, you will changing the way you feel about "working out"...it will eventually go from feeling like a chore to feeling like fun.

And over a period of weeks, you will gradually find more and more intensive workouts attracting you to them rather than you having to force yourself to do them.

For that method applied to physical exercise, treat each action column as complete once you reach the point where each action (i.e. your chosen daily physical exercise target) feels habitual to you.


answered 24 Dec '10, 18:31

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You will have bring the feeling of how good it feel to workout, and how good it feels after you workout. Keep that feeling very strong during workout days. Remind your self that you don't have to workout, you want to because it feels so good. Feel good about the results for the new you. See you self looking and feeling great.


answered 24 Dec '10, 18:48

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My advice to you is: do not start it, unless you have made the commitment to complete it to the end. Therefore, you can create a contract for yourself, sign it, and have two other people witness it, and give a copy to each of your witness, and agree to meet again on your completion date!

Now, if you do not complete it, you will have to start all over again, and you will have to continue this process until you complete it. So I would suggest you complete it the first time around to save your self from having to repeat the same thing over, and over, again, and again! Good Luck.


answered 28 Dec '10, 01:46

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