I think I understand the basic premise of a mind movie - to create a sequence of images that are encouraging or that help you to release resistance (change beliefs). But how do you do it? And, once it's created, how do you utilize it? Is it subliminal? Or more like affirmations? Or something different entirely?

For those of us working to direct our thoughts, I think it is so often the habitual thoughts or thought patterns that can make or break a day, or an intention. For me, I'm finding that when a specific sensitive subject or circumstance or person comes to mind, it isn't just that thought alone; it can be followed by a cascade of habitual thought that doesn't serve me. This idea of a mind movie is intriguing to me, because I feel that replacing habitual thought of what I don't want with alternative sequences of thought of what I do want in a way that would run in my head like a memory or a song could be a simple solution.

Since neither habit would appear to need to be heavily supported or substantiated, being simply a program that runs in my head when triggered, in order to have a profound effect on my vibration, this looks like it may provide that alternative.

Thank you, I appreciate your thoughts and experiences.

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Mind movies are composed of positive affirmations overlaid on images that move toward you, they move quickly so that your conscious mind doesn't have time to argue with the statements made and of course happy pictures make you feel good plus the music component that alters your physiology, ergo your feelings. Think how some music makes you feel angry, some sad , some happy happy .It's a tool that has you focus for about 3 mins at a time, remember 17 secs is flashpoint of creation

(13 Oct '12, 22:48) Starlight
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These change you by your choice, if you watched these videos and rejected them, then they would not have an effect on you. It is the speed at which you are willingly accepting what you see.

Little by little you watch these and go from impossible to possible, from I can't to I can, you switch into a mindset of if they have achieved why can't I? I think I could if they could. Then you switch from If they did I can too! This could be my life! I choose this life! This will be my life! Wow imagine this being me! You have upgraded your belief of what is acceptable in your experience of existence and how things are.

The more we read of people with faith and what they experience the more we experience faith. The more we watch movies of people that became a success the more we experience this as a possibility of of our experience.

All it is about is going the long way around to changing our belief of how life is.


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Wade Casaldi

These are your own words.

"I'm finding that when a specific sensitive subject or circumstance or person comes to mind"

"It can be followed by a cascade of habitual thought"

"being simply a program that runs in my head when triggered"

You are trying to create something instead of discovering that the thing that you are trying to create is what is.

What you see as a solution that you must develop is already running within you and it is the mind trap within which we all exist.

You want to control your reality, but reality is a program.

We are all intoxicated within the program.

Desire is the intoxication.

The program runs on the intoxication of desire.

In order to exist here you must desire either Joy or Suffering, it doesn't matter which.

What matters is that you desire one of those two.

Therefore we all flip flop between joy and suffering all the time keeping the program alive.

You can say that the user interface of the program is Individual Consciousness and the program itself is Collective Consciousness

You can choose to break free from the program with inner silence until the program is no longer running on autopilot within you.

However, what's the point other than the realization that we are lonely without the program?

I think we came here to experience existence as individual creators (batteries) within a co-creative reality that is achieved through a collective consciousness (stuck in a matrix not created by us).

You can dress up this subject matter in soul soothing philosophical BS, but I think the underlying truth is that we are stuck here and every once in a while we get a chance to realize this and are given the opportunity to decide if we want to break free (graduate).

I believe that this "so called ascension" is "that" opportunity.

I also believe that if you examine much of the "ascension" advice especially regarding "how to", it is designed to raise your vibration (more powerful battery) and still keep you stuck in the trap.

Much of this stuff will not sit well in the minds of those who want to exist within the spiritual theatre.

Underneath all of this, there is still hope.

Because we are ultimately in charge where we stand within consciousness.

We are in charge when we "Decide" and "Tell" and "Declare" within consciousness.

We are NOT in charge when we "ask" within consciousness.

When we "ask" we hand over (our charge {battery reference}) to the program which is collective consciousness, and we are at the mercy of the available circumstances as voluntarily participated by others.

That's why every religion in existence teaches us to "ask" instead of "declare".

Jesus tried to fix this with "I am the way", but those words became "He is the way", and any fixing of this code to its original intent is immediately declared blasphemous.

When we "declare" we modify the program according to our needs and the program provides the result according to the available circumstances as voluntarily participated by others.

What's the difference between the two?

The first one is "Please tell me what to do?" (Symbolically)

The second is "This is what will be done" (Symbolically)

During this transition, we get the chance to experiment with these ideas to discover that it is so.

Then you choose how you want to continue to exist.


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The Traveller

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It's kind of funny that we use the metaphor of a movie when explaining how the direction of our thoughts can affect our reality. The point is, to cultivate detachment - in sanskrit, Aparigraha - to rid ourselves of desire, which is the ego gripping too tightly to a specific, materialistic, or emotionally-driven outcome. When we accept the present moment for all that it is, we dim the ego, take ourselves out of the equation so to speak, to gain a larger perspective. Once we are calm and can see the big picture, a best action, or best thought will pop up from your inner consciousness. Then, you can make the decision to respond rather than knee-jerk react (as usual) in alignment with your truest desire. This is your intuition guiding you, but it only works when the mind is still. That's why we need to use the movie metaphor to explain this concept, because it's the best way for modern people to detach from their egos just enough to glimpse a larger truth.

According to Power Yogi Baron Baptiste, traffic is a great teacher! Do I react negatively, thereby contributing to road rage and unsafe conditions? Or, do I want to accept it for what it is, city traffic, and use that time to contemplate the myriad souls making their many journeys, how we all are interconnected, sing a mantra that all be happy & free (Mind movie: Pan out to awesome city scape along Pacific coast)? This is a daily test, and a clear example of replacing negative reaction with positive affirmation.


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Malaika Butoyi

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When I awoke to Spirituality I was driving Taxi at the Time,traffic is a fantastic teacher.I would just keep repeating, I Am, that, I Am. love and light.

(13 Oct '12, 15:31) Roy
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