So I'm constantly working on my vibration but one issue continues to kick me out of the Vortex.

It's a past relationship. I am so wanting to change my vibration around this topic. However it affects different parts of my life. I have done some vibrational work and I believe it has helped but not to the degree which I would like.

The other parts that affect me do stem from a place of unworthiness or not good enough and being concerned with what others think about me. That being said because her family and friends were involved in the relationship and what seemed to be the demise of the relationship I hold a negative vibration towards several people in her life. And also because we work for the same company(not the same location) I feel an uprising of feelings that I do not want to experience.

My question is should I use a broader perspective when doing focus blocks on this topic? Or should I break it down and raise my vibration around all the people I can think of that keep me in this place when I think about them? And also how can I change my view on different past events that I chronically think about that I feel had a negative effect on the relationship?

The problem I see or the thing that bothers me is that I hate the fact that I have to do vibrational work for people that shouldn't even affect me because I NEVER see them or come into contact with them. It bothers me that I allow them to have any power in my experience. However I do recognize that this is an opportunity to become closer with my Inner Being and it’s great practice for the future, because surely there will be others that kick me out of the vortex.

Thanks for your help and your thoughts.

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Chris 2

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It's a great question, Chris - and especially so because it gives me a chance to complete some unfinished business regarding Focus Blocks.

In the comments to Liam's comments about Focus Blocks here, I spoke about some advanced techniques with Focus Blocks but I felt it was a little too early to be talking about them without people getting more experience with the method.

The first of those advanced techniques was using Focus Blocks as a Vortex entry method. Just for being able to do that repeatedly, that is a dynamite method, never mind the good stuff that manifests from regular Vortex alignment.

But there is another advanced approach with Focus Blocks, and your question touches on it.

The basic idea is this...

Everything that is happening to you in your life that is being sparked off by this major issue of yours has powerful dominant thoughts related to it.

It could be that you are in a happy mood and then you are reminded of your past relationship, or you think about one of those people in her life, or you remember an event you shared together...and within minutes, those powerful dominant thoughts get activated to such an extent (because they are so practised) that it feels like you are being dragged right back down against your will to all the bad stuff.

Does that sound like it might be happening to you? It used to happen to me too, and I'm sure it happens to many others.

The thing is that there are so many different related issues based around a major upsetting life event that it can seem that there are an unlimited number of possible ways for you to be dragged down again.

But it's not unlimited.

Now here's an interesting idea to try.

What would happen if you listed down (out of your mind) onto paper (or computer), every single one of those troubling thoughts - and then you cleaned up all of them?

Yes, all of them.

If you cleaned everything up, there would be nothing left to drag your vibration back down again!

Yes, seriously...everything.

List every single possible negative thought that is related to the troubling situation and clean them all up systematically using Focus Blocks.

It sounds like a lot of work and, depending on the complexity of the life situation, it can be a lot of work...but it will be worth it.

I did this some years back regarding financial matters when I was going through a tough time financially. I thought of everything that ever made me feel uncomfortable when I thought about money. I listed it all down. And systematically over a period of weeks, I cleaned it all up..though this was before I had really clarified the Focus Blocks wouldn't take as long now.

And it also won't take as long as you may think because many of the vibrational elements of each troubling dominant thought are related to others. So cleaning up just a few of them will give you a head start on many others, or may even clean up many others.

What happened when I did this?

Over the subsequent weeks and months, my financial situation exploded into prosperity...the financial flood that followed was simply astonishing.

Why did this happen?

...simply because there were no troubling thoughts left to make me feel bad about my finances. Whenever I thought about any financial issue I either felt good about it, or neutral about it...never bad.

And anything that made me feel uncomfortable, I cleaned up as it came up. So I carried on staying in that neutral-good place. (Remember the neutral point is your friend)

This is another dynamite approach to deliberate manifesting!

I got the idea originally from a book called How to Get Money For Anything Fast by Stuart Lichtman where he does exactly this process of digging through all the memories he has ever had on a topic and cleaning them up using his own method...except his approach can take a long, long time...and I don't have enough patience for it. :)

Combining that basic idea with Focus Blocks instead also works extremely well, and is much, much quicker.

It's something you may wish to try.


One thing it occurred to me to mention for those of you who are planning on trying this targeted vibrational clean-up idea is that, while doing that clean-up for myself, I came across some methods to reach neutral point quickly on many topics with little effort.

One method is EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques. Check out YouTube for many free videos on how to do EFT, and especially Patricia Carrington's Choices Method variation of it (her detailed instructions are not free, unfortunately).

Another effective (and nearly free) method for fast resistance neutralization is ZPoint. ZPoint (and especially the Erase The Tape variation of it) can neutralize a lot of troubling issues in one go.

EDIT - DEC 5, 2014

'Deliberate Manifesting' method for Vibrational Spreadsheet users

Since this question has rotated back into view on Inward Quest after about four years, I thought I would update the answer a bit with my current vibrational spreadsheet approach to these Deliberate Manifesting ideas.

(You'll need to be using at least version 2 of the spreadsheet...v2 Topic Blasting rotates only through FBs, v2.2+ Topic Blasting rotates through everything).

You'll notice these concepts are related to Manifesting Experiment 5 and the Surfing Your Desire method.

alt text

  1. Create a HUB sheet about the general subject you want to clean up, or manifest around. Label it as [Subject] WDI HUB where the letters WDI represent "Why Don't I?" (the full question being, "Why Don't I Have What I Want Yet?") so you would create, for example, New Car WDI HUB. Labelling these kinds of HUBs as "WDI" helps you find them all easily again later when you feel inspired to do some "deliberate manifesting" sessions.

  2. Dump out of your mind everything that you naturally think of when you think of this overall subject. Also, keep asking yourself "Why Don't I Have What I Want Yet?" and add linked sheets for the inner responses you get. Create HUB-linked Focus Blocks sheets (for related things that are bothering you), Positive Aspects sheets (for related things you like right now), Touchstone sheets (for related good-feeling memories), Request sheets (to clarify What you want and Why you want it). If you like, you can sprinkle in some WI sheets ("Wouldn't It Be Nice If?")

  3. Set a Topic Blast for this subject. (Press CTRL + T in the spreadsheet)

  4. Now you can automatically rotate (Press CTRL + SHIFT + X) through everything in the WDI HUB. What you are doing is really rotating through everything in your mind that feels related to this subject and either cleaning it up (FB sheets) or enhancing your good feelings about it (PA/TS sheets) or getting clearer about it (RQ sheets).

  5. Add more FB, TS, PA, RQ, WI to the HUB sheet regarding this subject as they occur to you...related things could pop into your mind over coming days, weeks, months, so make sure you make a note of them before you forget until your next vibrational may not get a second chance to catch these insights. You eventually want everything linked to that WDI HUB sheet that in any way relates to this overall subject in your mind. (Remember to refresh the Topic Blast whenever you add more linked sheets to it)

  6. You can do these clean-ups/molding-sessions over a number of days, weeks, months if you prefer - the spreadsheet will always be recording and tracking your vibrational work and, because of the principle that "Your vibration stays where you last left it", you should be able to carry on where you left off with your vibrational work at any time by reactivating the WDI HUB Topic Blast.

  7. Eventually you will reach a point regarding this subject where there is nothing left to clean up. And the only thoughts you have left regarding this topic will be good-feeling or neutral ones.

  8. Once you are completely "clean" on your topic, you are really in the best place possible vibrationally for interesting physical results to start happening. This is what I consider to be the core approach of a Deliberate Manifesting method.

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Awesome answer!! I totally resonate with the answer and the "work" that is included. It does sound like a lot fo work but I know it's worth it. I want parts of my life back. Espcially certain music that reminds me of my times with her. lol I look forward to the good feeling thoughts. Thanks

(13 Oct '10, 00:01) Chris 2

I'm also a manfiesting junkie that is just learning about the delibrate creation. I remember having a strong desire to master the LOA and I know I'm on the right path. You're awesome!! thanks again.

(13 Oct '10, 00:01) Chris 2

Glad to help, Chris

(13 Oct '10, 06:28) Stingray

@stingray So I read most of the Lichtman book last night. It's really good stuff. and I see how the focus blocks relate to the process. Would you suggest doing all the excersises on a topic like say money all at once. maybe on a daily basis? I have to admit the work that is suggested is somewhat intense and the results seems out of this world. I'm gonna take a leap of faith and put in the work. Thanks again....You're becoming my e-mentor!

(13 Oct '10, 16:51) Chris 2

@Chris - The Focus Blocks approach (unlike Focus Wheels) is intended to work on multiple issues at once. One of the reasons I did it like that was because often an issue would have multiple facets to it and I wanted something much quicker and easier than Lichtman's rather laborious approach. So, I would suggest brainstorming all the issues you have relating to a topic and then just tackle them all at once in the random Focus Blocks selection way. Because many of the issues will be related then, paradoxically, working on many at once will probably be more effective than one at a time

(13 Oct '10, 21:35) Stingray

@Chris - By the way, if you really have a strong desire to master the LOA (as you say), I would highly recommend you get to grips with the Abraham teachings at very deep level. The Abraham energy is highly practical in nature and what they teach can be applied and tested in your life again and again until you internalize the concepts. All I really do on this website is regurgitate Abraham ideas but since I add in my own years of practical experiences with them, it can sound like something new and unique...but it's nearly all ultimately based on the Abraham work in the end :)

(13 Oct '10, 21:38) Stingray

@Stingray: If you used EFT on an issue, did you follow it up with focus blocks/positive aspects, or were you happy to just have it neutral?

(14 Mar '11, 04:24) Liam

@Liam - If you had 100 things to clean up then the ideal situation would be to move all those 100 things to neutral first and then move them all to a great feeling place. I don't always do that simply because of time constraints (new stuff comes in as you live your life daily) but that's the ideal. Once something that previously bothered you is now neutral, it is no longer a player in your vibrational mix and so I would say it's really a matter of personal choice how far you go with it. The joy of life comes from molding these vibrational issues so there can fun in taking them further

(14 Mar '11, 06:23) Stingray

@Stingray, this is a great answer. I wanted to ask you specifically about this comment: "I would highly recommend you get to grips with the Abraham teachings at very deep level".

Can you recommend a path to Abraham's teachings? They have tons and tons of material now. I have read the main books, but probably not at a very deep level. Is there a sequencce of audios/videos you can recommend - or should I just listen to anything by Abraham I can get my hands on, in any order? Thanks.

(05 Dec '14, 06:15) cod2

@cod2 - "should I just listen to anything by Abraham I can get my hands on, in any order?" - Yep, that's what you do. Abraham have said a few times that everything you need is on every recording. The Abraham Jukebox approach also works pretty well (intuitively) when you want answers to specific questions.

(05 Dec '14, 06:49) Stingray

@Stingray Thank you. It's a very valuable update. Stuart Lichtman's "meta story" approach is intended to clarify what one wants very specfically so one knows exactly what it is what one wants on an intuitive level ("scoring a 10 meta story"). Getting that specific inevitably triggers a lot of resistance so it helps with brainstorming beliefs that stand in the way of what one wants. Would you say that clarifying RQ's have the same effect? Do you find requests to be as efficient as metastories?

(09 Dec '14, 04:18) releaser99

@releaser99 - "Do you find requests to be as efficient as metastories?" - RQs are really just about focusing on "What?" and "Why?" - keeping your conscious mind off the "How?" which tends to increase resistance. I don't use metastories these days...probably partly because tuning them up feels like too much effort for a lazy person :) but also because I'm always impressed by Abraham's constant refining of their methods. Even though universal principles don't change, perspectives do...

(10 Dec '14, 15:48) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...evolve and Abraham seem to keep flowing with that evolution. Even though Lichtman's material is also channelled (he rarely mentions it), I've not seen any significant updates to it, even in the pricey SACP courses...though admittedly I only got about half-way before getting bored :) So I tend to continue to be mostly a Kool-Aid-drinking rider of Abraham's constantly-updating manifesting bandwagon :) Metastories may well be more efficient but I can't speak from major experience.

(10 Dec '14, 15:56) Stingray

@Stingray Thanks. "though admittedly I only got about half-way before getting bored" I really like how systematic and specific his work is and I feel like there could be some valuable manifesting-nuggets in it if applied. However the boredom factor has been keeping me from completing and testing all tools too. But I do listen to some chunks here and there from time to time. He has some new updates and I think mainly they have to with making his (overly complex) clearing processes faster.

(10 Dec '14, 18:39) releaser99

@Stingray Can you explain why you would need something like a public donation site if you already have such a powerful method like this?

(29 Dec '15, 16:17) Bluebell

@Bluebell - The cardboard box I'm living in on this busy section of the pavement is getting a bit worn out. So I thought I would try to scrimp a bit to buy some sticky tape to repair it. After all, I do like to write my answers on a warm (rather than soggy) bed of old shredded newspapers :)

The alternative (rather more boring explanation) - assuming you are referring to the Patreon link - is that I was contacted by an individual some time ago who was quite insistent on sending me a...

(29 Dec '15, 17:42) Stingray

@Bluebell - donation for the stuff I've written but I didn't have any way of allowing him to do so. I came across Patreon a while ago, thought it was a cool idea, and just stuck up a link for anyone else that wanted to do the same. To be honest, I'd forgotten it was there :) Looking at it, it does look a bit aggressive stuck at the top of my bio section. I'll see if I can move it to the bottom. Anyway, that's the story behind it. Nothing more exciting than that, I'm afraid :)

(29 Dec '15, 17:46) Stingray
(29 Dec '15, 18:54) Grace

@Grace - "He LOVES that cardboard box!" - Indeed, the ever-present joys of street-life...the fresh invigorating smell of new red cardboard boxes mysteriously manifesting themselves every morning (off the backs of trucks) accompanied by the traditional dawn greeting of "You Suck!" from festive passers-by. Ahhhh, sweet joy indeed...I almost feel like Thoreau sitting in self-contemplation at Walden Pond...or, in my case, the Walden industrial cardboard box factory :)

(30 Dec '15, 12:35) Stingray

@Stingray - Manifesting like a boss! Love you always. :)

(30 Dec '15, 12:54) Grace

@Stingray-in WDI HUB we right every all negative feelings in different clear all these sentences ,should we create different focus blocks for every sentence or just invoke negative feelings from them and clear that negative feelings through eft etc? I asked this because i came up some sentences but did not felt much bad feelings to clear.

(26 Jan '17, 12:09) Zee

@Zee - You implied in your last message in the Focus Blocks spreadsheet group that you've figured out your own answers from the discussion thread there so I'll skip your question here :)

(29 Jan '17, 13:51) Stingray

@Stingray- Yes the point has been cleared after reading that thread :)

(30 Jan '17, 01:16) Zee
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I feel like I am reading my own thoughts!

I currently also have feelings and questions relating to:
-others being able to affects different parts of my life.
-have done some vibrational work and not seeing the results I want, yet.
-unworthiness, concerned what others think.
-how to change my view on different past events that I chronically think about.

I am interested in what answers there are to this.
Something I am currently working, this very minute and since last night, is silencing my mind.

I noticed just last night I might me doing more work than I need to as my brain is also thinking about other things, trying to solve different issues in my life, trying to grasp for pleasure instead, and all in all thinking to much.

I'm focusing on staying mentally still (while still going about my business) for some clarity, first.
Then when I have come to a better place, start working on manifesting and bring the energy back to the "refreshed" mind.

That's all I got right now.


answered 12 Oct '10, 18:11

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Thanks for the answer B2B! I hope stingray's answer helps you. It has helped me much. Looks like I have some work to do! :D

(13 Oct '10, 00:19) Chris 2

Exactly, I will be starting the focus blocks this weekend for the first time!

(13 Oct '10, 15:39) Back2Basics
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