When there are only two options and both of them do not feel like "Hell Yes", what is next?

It is mentioned over here before that if it does not feel like "Hell Yes", then it is probably "Hell No". But what if there are only few options in front of you and none of them feel like "Hell Yes"?

Do we follow the one that feels the most least like "Hell Yes" and then try to remove or ease the resistance around that decision ?

For example if today I have to do a certain thing in order to stay in my job, but that doesn't feel like a "Hell Yes" decision, so it's a "Hell No".

But If I do not do the certain thing then the other option would be to quit my job, take no pay leave, etc, and those options do not feel like "Hell Yes" too, so it's a "Hell No" also.

So when put in such a situation, does it not matter which option is better anymore, as all of them are "Hell No" options. And that it is better to just choose one you feel more comfortable with and then slowly ease or remove the resistance around that move ?

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Your job or the vaccine?

(29 Jan '22, 23:25) ele

@ele ??? what vaccine ?

(29 Jan '22, 23:29) kakaboo

boo, my error.

(29 Jan '22, 23:56) ele

ele, it's the corporate world
all on AD, binary
following algorithms

(31 Jan '22, 19:27) fred

... and Great companies have Great purposes.

(02 Feb '22, 13:53) ele

Sometimes when you can't make a decision, it's your intuition speaking.

(02 Feb '22, 15:29) ele
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If there is (a) and (b), and you pick neither it is still a choice so you are choosing not to choose if that makes sense. Could also be "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." You could pick the lesser of two evils & deal with the consequences. But that won't be entirely satisfactory, and can also have morality or persecution involved. So you imagine possible outcomes to each choice, that is not entirely helpful either. Some people pick hard choice because they like the challenge or just believe in opposite of what others believe in. So you may be not be at the level where good things or choices just come to you, your choice now is to continue stating what you desire of life (or god), keep reminding yourself of infinite possibilities, improving your own insight so that you can make appropriate choices. When the moment you describe does happen, ask, "I want insight now" or something like that.


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You could try the Yuen Method... in that method weaknesses are deleted and things like your intuition is strengthened... if you are open to other methods, that is... with this method the pattern is eliminated and you come from more and more your intuitive self and not constantly referring to supposed channelings or asking others what they think (less time wasted). And it won't be "hell" anything, you would KNOW what to do.

(30 Jan '22, 14:23) ingridstjerne257

never heard of the Yuen Method ... thanks for the info

(31 Jan '22, 03:04) jaz

In this case you just have to surrender to the momentum that you are in and pick the easier choice. but maybe before i'd do the task i remined myself that everything is temporary and that it is just a snapshot of my life etc...


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Hi @kakaboo,

I think the answer is in removing the concept of tightly limited possibilities. So perhaps the 24 hours in front of you seem sure to have limited choices, and you need to work with them. I get that. Just two options, both not-hell-yes. But that's just at this moment, or just that day. What about the next day? What if you loosened up that tightly restricted thought just a bit? Like a knot in a shoelace, if you pick at it a bit, it loosens and opens up possibilities.

What if something interrupted that day's expectation? Fire drill. Transportation strike. Someone's kid shows up at work with the family dog, who runs amuk... There are literally billions of things that could happen to disrupt your work day, then maybe you wouldn't have to do this not-hell-yes thing, at least for a day.

You could use "Wouldn't it be nice if..." to get a different sort of day going, or even just a different hour. That has worked for me hundreds of times, it's a good one, because it's lighthearted and easy to imagine, feel the fun of, then let go. Perfect for manifesting "something different", when "everything the same" sucks.

Wouldn't it be nice if... Someone I've forgotten about called with a different option for me.

Something cracked me up so badly that I could barely take any of this stuff seriously.

I suddenly remembered something that would help me change this.

The people who require this not-hell-yes thing of me got distracted by something and the whole thing was delayed, set aside, or evaporated forever.

The perfect solution to this problem just appeared in front of me tomorrow morning! :)

The possibilities are endless, and it can get fun. My latest one was "This is such a dull day, wouldn't it be fun if someone brought me candy lol?" No one ever had before, but someone did, within a couple of hours. What the heck, it's fun. More fun than trying to figure out the best choice between a rock and a hard place.

Or maybe you will have to do it, but it won't seem like a big deal, or you'll find a way to laugh inside about it, or you'll suddenly see it all as an opportunity to get moving to somewhere better, if you open up to possibilities you don't yet see. Or maybe the third choice is to wait for that Hell yes! opportunity to come.

You may not see opportunities yet, but you can certainly feel how you would want them to feel. So have a look at that. Dream up feeling like you want to feel. That would feel good, so go ahead and feel that, as much and as often as you can, and thoroughly enjoy it. Just enjoy feeling some fun and relief, just for the heck of it.

So then maybe you could do the not-hell-yes thing at work, then take a few days off to interview for a better job. Til then, see it til you believe it. See yourself as a person waking up to Hell yes! choices, and look around expectantly for them to turn up.

It's the closing off the belief that there are other possibilities that can make us stuck in the not-hell-yes options. Well, that can make me stuck anyway. :)

Thanks for helping me see how to solve my own dilemma, the reason I came here tonight haha! Dang, IQ is still awesome! :D

Love, Grace ;)


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@kakaboo - :D That's funny. I think it keeps coming up because those fine lines can be hard to see clearly. Being acutely aware of how each thought makes me feel takes practice, and sometimes I get lazy and go on autopilot. Then when I need to make decisions, it's confusing again. The first remedy is always meditation for me. Good luck! Oh I saw another thread that might be interesting for you brb...

(30 Jan '22, 03:20) Grace

@kakaboo - Got it. Makes me believe it's going to work out no matter what I decide. Sure takes the pressure off.


(30 Jan '22, 03:28) Grace

@Grace Yes, there's a clip of Bashar which I came across and constantly go back to it when I have trouble making decisions. But too bad most of it had been taken down and can't point you to it. In that clip Bashar says to a lady that "You always make the right choices, they may not be the choice you prefer, but if you use it that way, then you will get the effect from it that it was the choice you needed to make, for then only you can make other choices" something like that

(30 Jan '22, 03:49) kakaboo

@kakaboo - It's good advice. After a decision has been made, we'll need to work with whatever comes with it. May as well see it as another set of choices and not go back to worry and confusion. I'm also thinking of times when I didn't seem to have chosen well, but things turned out great. We don't know what we don't know.

Overall, it's making fear-based decisions that I personally need to avoid. It's just blasting a bunch of negativity into a situation, and that's never going to be helpful.

(30 Jan '22, 10:50) Grace
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