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It really doesn't matter what you decide to do. All that matters is that you MAKE A DECISION. Deciding to decide invokes the full force of The Law of Attraction.

This is one of my favorite messages from "The Guys", channeled by Ken MacLean on The Interview With Spirit Show ( )

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yes another video that i love, thanks :)

(15 Mar '13, 10:05) ru bis

Once you know the way, you no longer need the path

(15 Mar '13, 10:16) CalonLan

Thanks for the share @Stingray , that was most enjoyable :-)

(15 Mar '13, 11:38) Starlight

@Stingray-Thanks for sharing.

(15 Mar '13, 15:46) Zee

@Stingray "Decisions" Late last night, hrs prior to you asking this question, I was drawn once again to one of your most brilliant & useful of answers (for me anyway; tagged it months ago)

Thanks for the links which provide further evidence to back up the importance of the first step to virtually creating 'anything' you can imagine.

(15 Mar '13, 21:54) ele

@ele - Thanks for linking to that message. I meant to put a reference to it in the original post but then decided :) that I shouldn't overload it with links

(16 Mar '13, 09:35) Stingray

Hi @Stingray, I remember you mentioned some time ago the title of a book that really helped me out, now I can't remember the name. It was something like 'the little book of happiness', or 'rules of happiness' or something of the sort. It was short book written in a poem sort of format. I remember you said you still use the ideas in the book to this day. Do you have any memory of it?

(06 Oct '16, 20:12) Bluebell

@Bluebell - "I remember you said you still use the ideas in the book to this day. Do you have any memory of it?" - I guess if I still use the ideas in it to this day, then I probably have some memory of it :) The book is Prescriptions for Happiness by Ken Keyes Jr

(07 Oct '16, 00:34) Stingray

@Bluebell - Oh, just stumbled across a free copy online :) Since Ken states in his introduction that the book is not copyrighted, I guess it's okay to link to it here. It's worth an hour of anybody's time to read and enjoy:

(07 Oct '16, 03:12) Stingray

Wow, what a gem this book is! Thank you both.

(07 Oct '16, 06:32) cod2

I agree, a real gem. I'm a fan of Ken Keyes Jr.'s work and had never heard of that one. Thanks Stingray!

(20 Oct '16, 04:45) Delphine
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First it sounds like an action first approach a la Tony Robbins. But I think he doesn't say that deciding neccesarily means taking action (correct me if I'm wrong).

It all comes down to having focused energy in everything you do or think (alignment), not split energy.

  • So if you want to eat an apple, just decide and eat an apple. Don't think all the time about the possibility to eat a pear or a banana. Or if you can't take action or you don't want to take action at the moment, still decide that you will eat an apple in your mind. Refuse other possibilities in your head.
  • If you want to be a musician, just make music and refuse other possibilites. Don't think "but what if it is the wrong decision? What if I should do something else? What if I waste my time?". Just decide to be a musician and make music or be a musician in your mind if you can't take action or don't want to take action right now.
  • If you are depressed and you want to feel better, just decide that you want to do everything (take action) to make you feel better or just think better thoughts in your mind. Refuse all other possibilites. Don't split your energy with thoughts like "But how can I do it? But what if it makes me feel even worse? But how can I get attention if I just feel happy? What if life is senseless anyway?"
  • If you want to eat chocolate, but you feel guilty at the same time, it's split energy. Just decide that you will eat it and not feel guilty. Or decide that you won't eat it and stay true to your decision by refusing other possibilites completely.

Most people split their energy all the time. They say things like "I want to do it, but...", "I want to think that, but...". That's the reason I believe why they don't make any progress. They have all those conflicting thoughts that split their energy.

Deciding gives clarity. And clarity gives pure thought forms. Pure thought forms attract pure desired manifestations.


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@releaser99 - Nicely said. I agree, it's all about split energy...Big Guys & Little Guys working together. I tend to think also there is a difference between action-first to achieve something physical (like following pre-determined goal-setting steps) and action-first to achieve alignment - which then achieves something physical - because, really, even deciding to think a better thought could be considered an action.

(15 Mar '13, 13:58) Stingray

"even deciding to think a better thought could be considered an action". That's huge @Stingray! For me this means we take action (think thoughts or do something physically) all the time anyway. And decision making just focuses our thoughts instead of splitting them when we don't make decisions. And therefore we get what we want all the time by decision making. Because what we want is clarity and feeling good anyway. So we could say that deciding is the best tool ever.

(15 Mar '13, 15:29) releaser99

And btw Bashar says "always follow your highest excitement in every moment in time". So what he means in this context is "make always decisions that make you feel better... all the time! Decide, decide, decide... all the time!"

(15 Mar '13, 15:35) releaser99

@Releaser99- Actually i can'not watch this video in my place but you cleared its main message.Thanks a lot.

(15 Mar '13, 15:50) Zee

You are welcome @Zee. If you can't listen to it because of your location, try typing that link in to

(15 Mar '13, 17:39) releaser99

@releaser is that a shelter for recidivist donkeys ;-)

(15 Mar '13, 20:26) Starlight

@Starlight Actually here in germany I sometimes feel like one :), because often I have to "hide my ass" because of the rigorous copyright laws here. I can't even watch some Michael Jackson clips. Isn't that ridiculous? He has transitioned long time ago. What kind of copyright concerns or financial expecations could he have now in source heaven? :)

(16 Mar '13, 00:19) releaser99

@releaser99 - "So we could say that deciding is the best tool ever" - Yes, I believe it really is. I think one of the great advantages I've had over recent years is the inability to be complacent because of the lifestyle I choose to live. There's very few days where if I don't proactively make decisions then life will come along and force me to make them:) As a result, every day I experience a flood of life-force. Making decisions really is the "secret" key to so much good stuff

(16 Mar '13, 09:29) Stingray

Thanks @Stingray. It's always fascinating to read your insights. That's another part of the puzzle that I needed. Somehow I knew it unconsciously but now that I can acknowledge it as a concept in itself, I can use it more deliberately.

(16 Mar '13, 19:39) releaser99

@Stingray Tell me about those day when you don't make decisions and how life will force you to make them.

(16 Mar '13, 19:56) flowsurfer
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There is a book on this subject "La Force-Pensée" (thought energy) edited by Servranx. Here are a few in depth ideas it contains that you may find interesting;

In humans it's the manifestation on different levels, of intelligence, memory, organizing force, intuition, intellect, spirituality, sensitivity. It's also the thought energy that gives its' specific properties to human magnetism, properties that can be varied by simple mental orientation. In animals and vegetables, its' what we name species intelligence. In minerals, we can only perceive thought energy under the aspect of material properties.

Thought energy is always linked to the physical and chemical structure of things, to their shapes, to their physical color and their etheric color. By the way that is what allows us to know the profound nature and character of a being, but don't deduce that it's a result of an intimate chemical action, of the shape, of the color. Thought energy is rather the architect, which is a reminder of the old theories of the archaea, a group of single-celled microorganisms(microbes).

update 16th march 2013

Archaea - single celled microorganism, symbol of vacuity, plenitude

alt text


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ru bis

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You cannot really avoid making a decision, you can only avoid taking responsibility for the decision you do make. I've made many decisions (including many that would be classified as indecision) in my life that were not "The Right Path". You can only say any path is the right path if you think any destination is the right destination, in which case the word "right" is completely meaningless. I did not get to where I wanted to be because I found no way to actually make the decision to get there; the paths didn't lead to it, even though I had hoped they somehow would. Interestingly, in life, the destination is always another path so the issue of "the right path" is an issue of "the right journey".

How do you make decisions when you don't know what the real options are? Decisions work through opposition of paths: you decide X or Y. You can decide to be lean or fat because you know there is a path either way and you are either on one or the other. If you are unaware of the path, you can decide to eat something or not but you can't really decide to be fatter or slimmer because you don't know how to make that decision. In that context you can decide to search for a path to lose weight or not but only once you find the path can you decide to take it, or not. You are on a path regardless but you have no decision making power over it because you cannot distinguish between the different paths, you don't know your options.

I didn't get any benefit from the idea. It seems like meaningless nonsense to me. I'll say this again, you cannot really avoid making a decision, you can only avoid taking responsibility for the decision you do make. If whatever path you choose will lead you to the best possible outcome, that means you are moving on autopilot to the best possible outcome just by being alive because making decisions is the defining characteristic of being conscious and you were at some point in your life, conscious and made a decision.

When someone is "indecisive" they are just "unmotivated". What is really going on is that they don't particularly care about the options in front of them (within their field of consciousness). They still make a decision but it's just the path of least resistance, like when you decide which popcorn you will eat first, and then second, and then third.


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there maybe many decisions
but only one path and on
that journey we go either
forward or slip backward


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If you chose a path in life to be like, Ted Kazinski, Ted Bundy, or any other murders, then I wouldn't say that was the right path!

There are absolute right and wrongs in morality.

I think the statement should be, "Any path is right, as long as it is not, illegal, immoral, misguided, misjudged or just outright wrong."


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Wade Casaldi

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wade, possibly there is a right and a left way to view, think about, and imagine on what we perceive, and one way may be more pure in the way we met out justice, for all or for ourselves

(16 Mar '13, 11:57) fred

I agree with Wade. Sociologists have been studying human behavior, and there are absolutes to right and wrong. If I walked naked down Main Street, people might laugh or be shocked, but the Police would take me in, because we as a people have decided that walking naked down Main Street is wrong. Perhaps on a beach in France, this would be okay, but that is also what we humans have decided is acceptable behavior. There are limits, as much as you argue against them.


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jai, yes, we accept the norms of the society where we are and make a living from her. and for that some may say who we choose to let feed off us

(16 Mar '13, 12:02) fred
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