If I one day had an inspired action and it just feels like the right thing for me to do even though I don't really know why, it's said to be considered as Hell Yes! and the next logical step.

But what if certain conditions or circumstances make this "Hell Yes!" action feels bad and make you worry about it after a while, can it still be considered as a "Hell Yes!" action and a step you can take?

Here's an example: Maybe you're unemployed and have a few years' of experience and skills. Based on the market rate, people would say you deserve to earn $3000 per month. But because you're unemployed and also want to change industry, you are willing to take a pay cut or even work for free. An opportunity comes where you would be able to work in the industry you want to change to... except the company would maybe willing to only pay you $500 a month just for your basic needs. Even so, you feel that it's a great opportunity, the next logical step and "Hell Yes!".

You just feel like it's the right thing to do. But the problem is, after a while, the people around you would say you are crazy and stupid for accepting such an opportunity, and pester you all day long to change to something else they think you should do. Some of them might even come up with a $4000 job in your old industry for no reason (and ONLY after the $500 opportunity came first, not earlier), but you just feel that opportunity is not right and "Hell No!". Even though this $4000 job doesn't feel right at that point of time, you slowly start to convince yourself to take it because of the money. Then this earlier "Hell Yes!" action (the $500 opportunity) starts to slowly feel like it's a wrong decision, being affected by external circumstances?

I can also think of more examples in all kinds of areas, such as dating - you might think this girl is the right one for you but maybe she comes from a not-so-good family background and your family and friends try to persuade you to give her up, etc.

Basically, can a "Hell Yes!" action still be "Hell Yes!" even if it is being affected by external circumstances? Just that you maybe have to push through and ignore all the external circumstances?

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I like this question, as it's something that I have struggled with in the past.

The other people are just reflecting back any fears that are already inside you. Most "Hell Yes!"s are actually more like "Hell Yes!... BUT - (insert fear or other limiting belief here)". If it was a 100% "Hell Yes!" - if you truly believed, one hundred percent, that you were doing the right thing, then you wouldn't manifest so many contrary opinions from other people. And if you did get the odd person telling you that what you're doing isn't wise, you wouldn't care.

That's why many successful people recommend that you tell few people about your goals before you have reached them - and the people you tell should be the kind of people that will trust you to make the right decision, and cheer you on.

I've made the mistake of telling people about my goals prematurely many times. It can be helpful from a LOA perspective to get negative feedback from others - with some self-reflection, you can pinpoint the negative belief that their words or actions are triggering. But I've always preferred gentler routes. Also, if I am not stable in my vibration (ie. I have doubts or anxieties about whether I can achieve my goal), I'm going to be a lot more easily influenced by other people's opinions:


Finally following the advice about not telling people about my goals is one of the things that I believe has contributed a lot to my success in doing what I love for a living. When I lost my job, I knew that I wanted to be self-employed and make jewellery, but I also knew that most people would think I was deluding myself in thinking that it would work. So I only told a few people, those that would trust that I was making a good decision, and cheer me on. To everyone else, I said that my jewellery-making was just a hobby while I looked for a job. It was scary for me to trust my intuition and go for it as it was, and if I had people giving me negative feedback, I truly believe I would have failed.

Oh and funny you mentioned the job offers - after I had made my decisions to focus on becoming self-employed and not look for jobs, I got more random emails from headhunters than ever before. The jobs were well-paid too. I just had to ignore them!

If it's not possible to keep your "Hell yes!" secret and you're getting negative feedback from others then you just have to do some soul-searching and ask yourself what limiting beliefs these people are triggering in you, and then get stable in your vibration in any way you can.


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@cassiopeia inspired action with limited beliefs.. seems obvious now but didnt get it earlier haha. It's like the action seems like the correct one to do few days ago because you were feeling really great and nothing seems to matter, but because you are unable to feel good all the time, the fear and limiting beliefs start to creep in and take over few days later...

(27 Jan '15, 22:49) kakaboo

@cassiopeia - great answer. My problem is people giving me their opinions unsolicited. Specifically my parents. There really is no space for me to think on my own and they (at least my mother) have no trust in me. They expect everything to go wrong unless they make sure that it doesn't eg by insisting that I find myself a new job as soon as my current one finishes even though I want some time to think. It's hard not to be affected by my mums perspectives as she conveys a great sense of panic!

(28 Jan '15, 02:25) Inner Beauty

Despite my best efforts she always brings my vibration down minute by minute by her negative comments. Unfortunately soon I will be having to move in with my parents while I find new work and get over a health problem ... And I'm really worried that this will get me really down as already a visit from my mum in recent weeks has made me feel hopeless about the future. Her main concern at all times is financial security and she doesn't seem to ever be happy or say anything hopeful or positive.

(28 Jan '15, 02:39) Inner Beauty

Have you tried doing a focus block on your mother? So that you can attract something different from her when you're living there. It does seem like an issue you will have to clear as she is getting 'louder' in your reality. If you dig deep within you will realize that the things that she says that upset you are things that you believe too, that's why they are upsetting. There is a Bashar video that mentions why this happens. If you didn't believe it you wouldn't get upset by it at all...

(28 Jan '15, 06:48) Yes

... If she was saying to you I don't like your blue hair, your blue hair is horrible, you should change your blue hair. (I presume you don't have blue hair) But, in that instance you would just look at her like she was crazy. You would laugh at her and say you are ridiculous. You would laugh it off. If it upsets you and brings you down then you are getting her to reflect to you what you really believe. That's why it hurts and brings you down because on some level you believe it too.

(28 Jan '15, 06:51) Yes

thanks @yes. Definitely agree with you and have been working on myself, but I guess there are some really "sore spots" that keep getting triggered e.g. by comparisons being made with more "successful" people, and though I've made lots of progress, some things do still upset with me ...... but I will keep working on it! Thanks for your support.

(28 Jan '15, 11:37) Inner Beauty

You're very welcome, that's what we're here for on IQ, to support each other. Sometimes all it takes to shift a belief is to recognize the flash points, those comments that cause an emotional reaction and bring awareness to them. I think Stingray called it shining the light on something that's dark. You're doing great so far and it will all click into place one day very soon. Keep feeling good! :)

(28 Jan '15, 11:51) Yes
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Was it not told to you to know thyself and seek the truth so that you may be set free?

you say to ignore all external influence yet in this world if every one is affected by external influence that means that many do not know them self and are not in truth in their soul. even you that are born in this world are under those same influence. at the place of seeking ignorance to not bother your self I would say to you to seek the truth.

are you not in ignorance and divided enough in your own self that you seek to continue this pattern outside of your self.

know thyself seek the truth let all the piece of the puzzle come in place so that you might have a better picture and not be in darkness.

if people are lost in the darkness they might fall in to a ditch.

if a blind lead a blind both will fall in to a ditch.

if you want to unlock your cage.

so find the truth in to your self that is in balance with every other part of you. so that your mind is in balance and that your heart is in balance. let the spirit guide you in to all truth. so that both can become one. and ascend above.


I am telling you the truth no one can see the kingdom of God with out being born again.

water= soul(mind and heart) and spirit. wash the inside of the cup and the outside will also be clean. if ask you would you drink from a dirty cup or put your lips in it? then how can you solve that division?

it takes more then 40 days.

if you prefer to ignore what I am saying it is your choice.

if I ask you do you know where you are going? will you answer: HELL YES?

or will it become HELL NO?

Let there be light. be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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to have a workable plan
beset by a tenth hour
premonition does happen
whether that be intuitive

or brought on by others
the decision is yours to
make, live with or alter in
time as facts shed more light


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Well,like Inner Beauty said these are reflections of fundamental aspects of your overall state of consciousness. All things are solicited from within. Everything is honest and on-the-level I.e. the mental level you are on. If it feels "Hell No!",then it is until you change your vibe.


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