In my attempt to manifest my perfect job, I keep contacting different people, sending my CV to several companies and friends and anyone I come across whom I think may be able to lead me to my perfect job. Now, these are actions I take because I chance upon them and I just feel that this might be it, which will lead me to the job. Am yet to manifest what I want, but having done what I felt like doing, I wonder why I have not been able to hit the spot yet? How do I differentiate between what I do/feel like doing to inspired action to manifest things? How do I know if my action was an inspired action or not?

Thanks for the help.

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I don't have an answer for you however I can relate completely. Many times I get an idea and feel sure that this is it and follow my heart, but it all fizzles out. I'm just as confused as you are :-)

(30 Sep '10, 10:27) I Think Therefore I Am

:-)... Hope the below answers help you now..

(30 Sep '10, 11:48) AVBhat 1

Thank you for this question, I have exactly the same question.

(30 Sep '12, 23:51) mskityin
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My own personal rule for when to take action comes from Abraham.

When asked about this matter they quoted the following rule of thumb (from someone else, can't remember who)...

If it doesn't feel like "Hell, Yeah!" then it's "Hell, No!"

In other words, true inspired action is so compelling and irresistable that you almost cannot stop yourself acting on it. It just feels obviously like the thing to do at that moment, even if you don't know why.

If you really don't act until you feel that level of enthusiasm then you'll probably find that you don't really take a lot of inspired action at all. Most of the time, you are just doing other things that make you happy instead while you let the universe get on with doing what it needs to do behind the scenes.

I think the major obstacle that people encounter when waiting for this level of inspiration to happen is that they fear they may be missing opportunities.

But you need never be concerned about that. Even if you miss what was intended to be an inspired action, the Universe has a backup plan to give you another, and another, and another, and another, and another...and so on.

In fact, on many occasions (because I like pushing the limits!), I've actually increased my level of filtering of what I consider to be an inspired action i.e. I've told myself that I won't act until I feel really, really, really inspired instead of just inspired but still without feeling any fear that I am missing anything.

In those cases, either I have actually received an action that was really, really, really inspired, or else I have received the next vibrational match (or manifestation) without taking any action at all.

Never be afraid to play, test and have fun with these ideas. If you are in alignment with what you want then it cannot not come to you. It will find a way even if you try your best to stop it! :)


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That gives me a hope about myself and my way of doing things, Stingray.. Thank you.

(29 Sep '10, 16:16) AVBhat 1

Yep, I agree with @Stingray and Abraham. I am learning to only do things when feeling INSPIRED. Period. Things seem to work out best this way.

(02 Oct '12, 10:16) figure8shape

Inspired action for me is usually when something just pops into my mind. It's not something I ruminate on or try to analyze but rather just a thought that emerges from nowhere and seems at that moment the right thing to do - it always renders a positive result.


answered 29 Sep '10, 14:03

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I agree. That is how I differentiate as well!

(29 Sep '10, 15:14) LeeAnn 1

The thing I would like to highlight about going with whatever pops into your head is that it depends on your state of being at the time. For example, if you are in a generally good-feeling state (which you probably are) then those impulse thoughts will lead to good-feeling results. However, if your state of being is one of emotional disharmony, then you will be inspired towards actions that will enhance that disharmony. Yes, you can be inspired towards unwelcome results. :) So, assessing your state of being when choosing to act on impulse is vital, in my view.

(29 Sep '10, 22:48) Stingray

@ Stingray - Good point :) Although I do have to say that for me personally if I'm not in a good feeling state, I generally don't get those impulse thoughts.

(30 Sep '10, 01:50) Michaela

@Michaela - Indeed. In my younger days, I used to get into a lot of violent physical fights. Usually this occurred after an exchange of rather unpleasant words with the other party, and then one of us would feel inspired to land a blow or three on the other. So I guess this concept has kinda been hammered into my head, you could say :)

(30 Sep '10, 07:15) Stingray

Ok... I think I now get the point. Thanks Michaela, Stingray..

(30 Sep '10, 11:43) AVBhat 1

@Stingray - Not too sure I would call that inspiration:)

(30 Sep '10, 14:44) Michaela

@Stingray - You never cease to amaze me. ...inspired to land a blow or three... as how the concept of inspired action got hammered into your head? Whenever I start to think you can't possibly be human, that you've set the bar impossibly high for us mere mortals, I come across something like this. At least at some point in your existance, you were fallible, human, violent, even a wicked little sh*t. :) ...

(08 Aug '12, 00:47) Grace

... And so, dammit, no, the level you live at is not out of reach, and there goes another excuse for why I can't aim higher. I'm inspired, again. Thank you, Stingray.

(08 Aug '12, 00:47) Grace

@Grace - As I've said many times on this site, there's nothing special about me at all other than having spent so many years making every mistake I could make until I understood the ridiculously simple idea that Good Feels Good :) Everything else in my life just flows because of that, not because of who I am. Anybody can live whatever life they want if they are willing to internalize, rather than intellectualize, that idea. And "a blow or three" is still useful sometimes ;)

(08 Aug '12, 02:26) Stingray
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You will know when it comes from seemingly nowhere and after you FEEL inspired.


answered 29 Sep '10, 13:57

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jim 10

Hi all

Just sharing. Previously my inspired thoughts tends to be volatile when I am in an emotionally negative state. Then I didn't know better and I still acted on it and often made matters worse.

Recently I have started to take note of presence of my guardian angels and I realised that I had inspired thoughts that are humble, warm and positive. Which leads to positive actions. For e.g. I had an argument with a good friend and I didn't agree with the choice she made. The next day I had a migraine due to poor stomach, I wasn't even thinking how to reconcile the situation. I was just trying to be calm and clear my mind (to handle the migraine). I had this sudden thought (saw mental words), told me to say Thank you to my friend for the choice she made. The feeling was warm and I felt no frustration anymore. And I did and we talked it out...

So I guess it is important to have a good emotional state or a clear mind when having the inspired thought so that the action you take will most likely be positive.



answered 01 Oct '12, 23:49

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