Hello friends! Sorry if my english is not very good. If we access versions of reality all the time, including people, we also access versions of Bashar, right? I feel that when I'm at an "x" frequency, he passes information that makes me feel good, then when my mind is in doubt about this same subject, I access another video that seems to be contrary to the first and often different, making me upset. When I breathe and forget, another video appears, reaffirming the first video that did me good and explaining even better that second video that upset me. Bashar, although he is a messenger, is he also subject to the mechanics of reality, just like all of us? Can I be accessing his videos according to my vibration? And are both equally valid? They don't contradict each other, is none more true than the other? That is, there are several versions of the mechanics? If we access versions of everything, is Abraham hicks' truth also as valid as Bashar's? Which truth is more true than the other? Is there a truth behind? I realized that we also access versions of them. What do you think?

asked 15 Apr '22, 19:51

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Hi @theccosmiccandlelab ... everything is energy, consciousness and infinite possibilities ...we all create our own "magical" world lol

(16 Apr '22, 00:20) jaz
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honestly... i don't know. its a big universe with infinite possibilities. I believe every path is actually valid. there are always pros and cons. i dont look at Bashsa and Abe as better than, although they are on a different frequency, sometimes i totally disagree with them. don't forget its us who live here on earth not them. well... that's my perspective.


answered 16 Apr '22, 07:37

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Bashar has implicitly said his transmissions are a multicast.

So of course you meet Bashar's version of transmission exactly where you are in terms of YOUR frequency, just as much as you meet other people's version of them on the frequency you are right now, and now, and now, and so on, as this is only one giant now experienced at different frequencies.

Including this message. You will read it and experience it, and integrate it differently depending on your vibration. And so will other readers.

That's why I have no idea how it will be received and be helpful to you, even though I MY reality, I trust that it does help you, because questions like yours are just question marks asking to be straightened up into an exclamation point :)


answered 25 May '22, 23:28

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